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  1. I must say thank you all for your replies. It gave now a somewhat more understanding of your thoughts and ideas around the subject and I made mine now as well. Ill go for micro. In the description Ill always mention its containing log only and as for hint Ill give a 'well camouflaged' hint.
  2. The bear cache has no hint ,because its a bear and its open in a very remote place. Its on the side of the hicking track, noone would find it unless you loolinng for it. Also the cache name is called 'Little bear' but in Norwegian 😅 When you see it , ypu know thsts it. Om the stone cache its in a small headland which is reacheble half of the time during time water. The hnt for this one is 'fits into the inviorment, well camouflaged'. At this locarions its only some grass and stones. In the description for this caches it says that its only containing log. I listed it as micro.
  3. I have 2 caches. The box with the log itself is micro and only contains the log. But is hidden in a small 25x15 cm concrete bear. And the other one a 20x10 homemade concrete stone. Would you choose this caches as micro or like regular?
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