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  1. Thanks hankpixie, The process is a little different on the 650, you hold down both of the buttons simultaneously then release the power button, and that gets you to the reset screen. been there, done that, doesn't work. BTW, I too do the same with my SD cards. I have also tried various SD cards (capacity and speed), nothing seems to. I know that the device is recognizing my cards because I have my images stored directly to the card, and have no problems with data transfer or recognition. It's kind of like Garmin it playing some cruel digital geocache with me!
  2. Thank you alandb, I have done this in exactly the same order, and I do not get my complete list back (it varies, sometimes I get 8 back and sometimes as few as two). I have also manually deleted the GPX folder's from both my device and SD card and then went into BaseCamp and reinstalled them (GPX or GGZ files) into my SD card, does not work. I removed the SD card and reinstalled some files directly to my 'Device' and still only gives me a partial list (again no more than about 8). When I was in the field and removed the batteries it not only would lose my caches, but it also failed to bring up any of my maps (both the internal base map, and my Garmin 24k maps), that was when the map and compass came out. I like to think I am reasonably intelligent, calm person, this is about when I really started to regret this ______(fill in any expletive that you like) purchase. It's a shame because I really want to like and use the 650. My only hope is to wait and see if someone can figure out a work-around, or Garmin will address the issue in another firmware update, both of which turn out to be a $$$ gamble. Who wants to use a GPS they have little confidence in? It may simply be a defective unit, I will call Garmin again and see what their response is.
  3. Garmin Oregon 650, Help! My geocache list only displays certain caches in the list and not others (I only loaded a dozen or so caches). Whats more is that the unit loses more of the caches as I use the device. I have done both the soft and hard resets with no results. I called Garmin, they took me through the same procedures, same results. They had me delete my caches and install ones only from OpenCache, same results. It does not matter if they are on device storage or an Micro SD card. When I plug the unit in and go to BaseCamp all of my caches show up. Garmin tech could not help, and told me to have a nice day! Yesterday while out on a cache, I went to one of the caches that it would see, found the cache, went to mark it as found and the device completely locked up. Took out the batteries, restarted, and it came up with no base map or my Garmin 24k maps, the unit was completely useless! The Unit has the most current firmware v2.70. I should have known better than to purchase a device that was delayed so long, getting really $#@$#ed with Garmin and this GPS. Anyone else have any of these thing happen? Any suggestions would be appreciated. ps: It's good to be prepared, I always carry a map and compass.
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