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  1. The Idaho Forest Fire Lookout Challenge is now published and ready for cachers to tackle. To complete the challenge, cachers must find/hide 50 caches total: 4 caches at lookouts (or their remains) in each of 8 different sections of Idaho, and 18 more to add up to the required 50 caches. Please visit the cache page for all the details. I would like to say a HUGE thanks to The Navigatorz for all their help, suggestions and such a cool idea for a Lookout Challenge. This Idaho challenge is based on their Washington State Forest Fire Lookout Challenge with their permission. I am sure that there are more lookout caches active already that I have missed -please let me know and I'll add them to the bookmark list. I look forward to tracking all those taking on the challenge
  2. Yes, I missed this one too.... I had heard some rumor about something well-rounded... tried a search or two and didn't get any results so promptly forgot about it. Thanks for starting a thread -might have to take a peek at my current placement. Great idea for a challenge! Congratulations Hydnsek! Sounds like you have had a fun time with this challenge and are now head and shoulders above the rest of us!
  3. The preliminary Mini Cache Machine around Port Townsend is available! Be sure to check out the WSGA Campout page for the bookmark list. There may be a few last minute changes -we'll have handouts available on site. Enjoy!
  4. The preliminary Mini Cache Machine around Port Townsend is available! Be sure to check out the campout page for the bookmark list. There may be a few last minute changes -we'll have handouts available on site!
  5. Hmm... that's an intriguing idea! I'll have to look into that some more. I hate to admit, but I am a little clueless about Waymarking and it is about time I get up to speed! Thanks Snowwolf75!
  6. Sure wish I could help on the local accommodations... Just to let you know, we had over 250 at our Dinner here in Spokane! I know there was a lot of pent up demand by the time our machine ran and Spokane is a larger area, so perhaps numbers will be lower for this one.
  7. The strangest thing happened to me today -I went out today to hide the final for the Idaho challenge that I've been working on. I had just hidden the cache and was putting my pack back on to hike out, and took a minute to look around... and what do I see?? A forest fire! About 15 miles off in the distance, just starting up! I grab the cell phone, but no coverage -darn... well my hiking companion (not a geocacher, but very dear old friend) was further back down the trail, and her phone had worked at the trail head to call home. I scamper to our meeting spot, and neither of us has cell coverage -darn again! So we beat feet all the way to trailhead, and wala! She has coverage again. We punch in 911, talk to the sheriff's office, and turns out we are the first ones to call the fire in. It was quite helpful to them that I knew my coordinates, and that I could describe about how far away the fire was from me and in what direction, so they were able to project the location. I don't know what is happening now, may have just been a little brush fire but there was a good amount of smoke -there isn't any news about it here in Spokane yet... So chalk another one up for lookouts!
  8. Ohh.. Something that I'd like to do. I'll start throwing a list together... The Steaks After a few hours Hopefully it'll be published. GC12V50 is its GC Code. The Steaks Whoa, what just happened? I've sent you everything and the listing did NOT get published so the hate mail can stop. The way that I read it was that it was open for someone to do. Sorry for the misunderstanding. The Steaks I am sorry for the misunderstanding as well, and thank you very much for the email and phone call. I will be starting a separate thread for the Idaho Forest Fire Lookout Challenge shortly -just gotta run off and hide the final and finish the write up. Huge thanks to the Navagatorz for all their technical assistance We will now return you to your regularly scheduled Washington Forest Fire Lookout Challenge Forum!
  9. OK folks, I plan to get this new challenge organized and submitted in the next few days. I'll post again as soon as it is approved. Feel free to continue to post any ideas/thoughts/suggestions!
  10. Ohh.. Something that I'd like to do. I'll start throwing a list together... The Steaks After a few hours Hopefully it'll be published. GC12V50 is its GC Code. The Steaks Whoa, what just happened?
  11. Hmm... it would be fun to put together a Fire Lookout Challenge for Idaho...
  12. I have a signed copy of that book -got it at Ray's Museum here in Spokane. I thought about hiding a cache there, but wasn't sure about the burden to Ray... perhaps I could find a way to do a small one just outside with his permission... The museum is open to public, free, and he loves to give personal tours -it is in his backyard! There's even a restored L-6 there that you can climb into and get a bit of the feel of actually living there. I highly recommend making a visit if you are in the Spokane area. Just be sure to call ahead to make a reservation. Cheers!
  13. Hide the final in Spokane! Well... perhaps... Seems I've done a lot of driving over the Cascades to finish up challenges and such... so I suppose a little reversal is in order.
  14. Just to help visualize where the Webcams are in WA:
  15. I just pulled a PQ of all the webcams in Washington state, and I only got 14; 2 of which are currently disabled (including mine, which will be up and running as soon as the brick is re-laid underfoot!) Would folks be interested in doing this sort of challenge, or should these grandfathered caches just wither away quietly?? They are: Phatboyz...Go Dogz by bilbo19 (GCH3NT) University of Christi by GEM's (GCH6MJ) Pullman Cache by Durango! (GCHJ7A) Welcome to High Point! by Fledermaus (GCJ16C) Bavarian Village by That Vast Right Wing Conspiracy (GCJHC9) U-District Webcam by Lookout Lisa (GCJRHX) (currently disabled) Fishing for Cachers by Co-Pilot (GCK3VC) Morton LoggerCam! by That Vast Right Wing Conspiracy (GCKA5Q) High Five over Eye Five by Seth! (GCKVR5) Spruce Goose - Port of Entry by Shunra (GCM9HK) Clinton Ferry Terminal Webcam by DiverVan (GCN1PX) SR 520: NE 51st St. by GeoBlank (GCP7H7) Engine, Engine number 9, Going down the Lacey Line by ohjoy! (GCPE3A) (currently disabled) Whitman Webcam by Happy Bubbles (GCQANH) Thanks for your feedback in advance
  16. Has this cache been adopted out yet? If not, I would be willing to take it on. I was just there a week ago and all was well with the cache. ARRRR!
  17. Thanks Travis -these are great suggestions. I have just acquired a copy of MapPoint, downloaded a new PQ around Port Townsend, and will be hammering out a draft route just around PT here shortly (provided I can figure it all out!), to be posted on the WSGA Campout page. I am sorry this feels a little last minute after talking it up a while back... work and life got really busy but I just couldn't let this fun idea slide!
  18. Well, there are 2 issues here: 1. If it is a required option to fill in how many you are RSVPing for, it will get done. Default could be "1". 2. The other issue is that it is really ...er...tiresome to comb through 100+ logs to find where in someone's log they mention how many are coming, and then to add them all up! Oh, and to subtract when they back out, and add in Uncle Joe when he's coming along with 'Team so-and-so' at the last minute.... So that aggregated count at the top of the page would be very helpful and save a lot of time. Thanks for the feedback! Lisa
  19. As a Geocaching event planner, I was happy to see the addition of the count of types of logs on each cache page. However, for events, many geo-names really mean more than one (married couples, teams, whole families, cacher and 'friends' and such) and planners really need to have as accurate as possible headcount as events draw near for ensuring enough room, food, etc. I just hate reading through all the logs to try to figure out when someone says 'we will be there' just how many is 'we'?? I would love to see an option in the 'Will Attend' log type of a dropdown or something similar to designate exactly how many you are saying will attend. Then with those numbers, a total count at the top so event planners can see at a glance just how many are planning to attend. I suppose on the flip side of that attendees will need to be able to update those numbers if say uncle Joe is visiting and wants to come along too. Just my 2 cents worth -thanks for reading! Lookout Lisa
  20. We have done the APE cache with our dog. We actually just tied a little LED light or something around his collar to keep track of him in the tunnel. This would be a nifty doggie accessory for this hike. I was planning on bring some runners' safety lights (as swag). You're welcome to use one. Thanks! I think I just might take you up on that
  21. Yes. From the Iron Horse State Park website Pets must be on a leash and under physical control at all times. Pets are not permitted on designated swimming beaches. Thanks!
  22. Hope this isn't a silly question... are dogs allowed on this trail? I have a well behaved Border Collie (excellent protection on the trail for when I'm out hiking/caching alone day or night) that is just dying to come along. Oh, and my 77 year old dad is pretty good protection too, and he'll probably be near the front of the pack on this adventure! (He and my mom were recently dubbed the 'Bionic Couple' on a hiking trip to Machu Picchu.)
  23. If I hadn't completed the WDC challenge and am now watching my gas budget, this would be a no-brainer for me to accept! Perhaps the multi year plan... thanks for the idea though
  24. I would say NO to edible a Dog Treat Cache! But I would say YES to a 'Dog Themed' cache! In fact here's an example of one of mine: Dog Days of Summer
  25. If I provided a Radio Flyer Red Wagon could you tow me behind you? Ya know, while this creates a whimsical image, I'll bet it could be done! If you bring this little red wagon we could all ride in it! If that one is too big, how about this one?
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