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  1. No, I don't see any need to have finds only from a certain date forward -perhaps if these weren't endangered species; but as they are I think any legitimate find on the web cams included will count. Now if I could just hear something back from the reviewers... this will get published!
  2. Woo Hoo! Congrats everyone! We've been busy in the Inland Northwest...
  3. I just tried to pm you my bookmark list again - am I sending the link right? Yes -got it! Am updating the page now -I must have missed your first send -so very sorry . This puts you in second place in counts, not that anyone is counting...
  4. I've updated the challenge page and stats -please let me know if your count is wrong, or if you would like to join in!
  5. Hey that is awesome!! I will put a watch on it. I am just awaiting feedback on my final for the challenge... so if all goes well it should be published this week... sorry for the delay -please stand by...er... cache on!
  6. Very glad to help! I would like to attend, and am interested in carpooling from the Spokane area... anyone around Spokane (or at the event) need a navigator and or cachemate mate? For some reason folks don't like me driving at Cache Machines...
  7. Here's a Spokane Event coming up: Fiesta de Caro Hola amigos! It's time once again to enjoy the last dog days of summer at one of our favorite caching grounds, good ol' Camp Caro. In celebration of Mexico Independence Day (a few days early), we'll be feasting on Mexican food in between playing geo-games and catching up with one another. Time: 11:00 - 2:00; the feast will be ready around noon Date: September 8, 2007 Where: Camp Caro in the Dishman Hills What to bring: Lawn chairs, beverages, your GPS, hiking shoes, and your smiley geoface The Inland Empire Chapter of the WSGA will provide all the fixins for tacos and burritos, and dessert too. There will be activities for the whole family to enjoy
  8. Thought I should mention that I got the approval to send my email to the front desk person about a week or so before the event; I then sent the email (inline text and as an attachment) with a friendly 'thanks' about 3 days prior to the event so it wouldn't get lost. I didn't receive any calls prior to or during the event -apparently the letter was sufficient!
  9. Hi Travis -sorry, just noticed your question! I had a research assistant that worked for me and also was doing an internship with the Spokane Police Department... I wrote up a letter, and she found the contact (Front Desk) for me at the PD. Basically, it was emailed to every patrol officer, and also the sheriff (county). One of our organizers also dropped off the letter to the Airway Heights PD and talked with them. This worked really well, and we heard from quite a few folks that the notification saved them a very awkward explanation! The only drawback is that I am on record now as the 'official geocaching contact' for Spokane and now get calls when there are bomb scares that could be geocaches!! Here is the copy of the letter (you will of course want to change links and details to your event): ----------------------------------------- Attention: Spokane Police Department Spokane County Sheriff Department RE: Spokane Cache Machine Geocaching Event Date: Saturday April 28th, 2007 5am – 8pm From: Lisa B*** Spokane Cache Machine Committee Member Greetings, I am writing to inform your departments of a rolling all day Geocaching event that will take place from 4am to 9pm on Saturday April 28th throughout Spokane City and County. This is an organized event where participants will be following a set route (see attached) to find geocaches that have been previously hidden. We start the day as 1 large group. Then the group caravans on to the next cache. The group tends to fragment after the first few caches, though. Most participants carpool, but we do expect many vehicles to park near caches throughout the event, and participants to be moving along from cache to cache. This is not a race; participants do like to try to get as much of the route done as possible -hence the early start and long day! We know that Geocaching activities can appear suspicious by the very nature of the game; therefore we want to be sure that your departments are made aware of our planned event activities throughout the area. We are expecting 200-300 participants for the day. Our event begins at the WSU Riverpoint campus; the WSU Campus Security and WSU facility managers have been notified and approve of our event. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. I can be reached via email at ***insert your email and phone here!*** Sincerely, Lisa B*** Event Web Page: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...35-dc656419bae1 Geocaching definition: Geocaching is an entertaining adventure game for GPS users. Participating in a cache hunt is a good way to take advantage of the wonderful features and capability of a GPS unit. The basic idea is to have individuals and organizations set up caches all over the world and share the locations of these caches on the internet. GPS users can then use the location coordinates to find the caches. Once found, a cache may provide the visitor with a wide variety of rewards. Route Overview: ***insert screen shot of whole route*** Main Spokane Route Overview: ***insert screenshot of main city route***
  10. Awesome! Great to see Oregon so well represented I am contemplating a trip to Boise in about month... might try for a few in section 7 and/or 8 along the way! Have fun everyone!
  11. I have updated the bookmark list with all the great information that folks have been sending me and posting here -thanks! Still working on my learning curve with some software, but I should be up to date shortly with the current standings. Enjoy!
  12. Looks like the cache is over a mile away from the lookout... I have contacted the owners to be sure. I am thinking that would be too far away to count if my map (topozone) is correct... 'fraid the cache is too far away to count for the challenge, but I'm sure a very excellent anyway! Thanks to the Menaces for confirming the location
  13. Holy cow! Thanks!! I was so worn out from the WSGA campout that I am just returning to the forums tonight for a bit, and will then do some major updating in the next two days. Keep em coming!
  14. I am interested in purchasing cans also... perhaps as many as 50+ if the price and quality stays the same. Perhaps I can help organize a TRUE Eastside purchase and distribution (got a kick out of Hydnsek's post about being on the east side as I remember driving for about 4 hours west to get to her neighborhood). Any other Inland Empire folks or near I90 route east of the cascades interested in this as well??
  15. It sure is fun to share one's passion... Well, we are now up to 52 caches in the bookmark list, starting from 43. We lost one (did not meet qualification) and then gained 10 more in just a day. Thanks everyone! There is also a companion thread for this challenge at the Idaho Geocachers Forum.
  16. Whiskey Butte -I'm intrigued! Did ya know that Whiskey with an 'e' means that it is Irish, as opposed to Whisky (no 'e') that is Scottish, also known as Scotch.
  17. Wow -y'all have been busy!! Way to go everyone! Cheers!
  18. I'll second that! Way to go T&K! And I'll third that!! Cheers!
  19. Looks like the cache is over a mile away from the lookout... I have contacted the owners to be sure. I am thinking that would be too far away to count if my map (topozone) is correct...
  20. It was a long shot at best. I have Verizon and it said I was in the extended network with no bars so when I did try to call I couldn't connect even though it tried. Bummer!! I'm so sorry I know what a little car trouble out caching is like... can really ruin your day if you let it. Sounds like you were lucky, actually! Maybe time to just kick back and do some grape tasting?
  21. Huge congratulations to Mr. Gadget #2 for completing the Washington State Forest Fire Lookout Challenge!! I have added more lookout caches to the Idaho bookmark: GCZ0VJ PackerView (Packer John Mountain) GCK52N Gold Fork Lookout Thanks Newlifelawn for the intel! I will update the map probably next week as I expect more lookout caches will be brought to my attention over the weekend Happy hunting!
  22. Thorn Creek Bald has been added to the list. It was built in 1933; it is a L-4 cab and yes, is still staffed! I should add here that cachers do need to be quiet and use common sense when visiting staffed Lookouts. These folks are working, and they need their rest too!
  23. Thanks! Couldn't have done it without your help. Yes, I always love reading logs to my caches, and I am very much anticipating these!
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