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  1. Well this week has been just way too busy! So, I decided not to do any sort of lunch thing, and just relax and have fun caching all day tomorrow. Always a treat to just show up and be cacher for the day! See you all soon
  2. All of the parks in Prosser are reserved on Saturday. Any other ideas gang?
  3. I looked at that park as well. I'll chat with the PTB tomorrow and see what would be involved to put together a lunch stop there. If the concession/food prep area is available... could be fun!
  4. Changed my reservation. I'll be there, too. $128.01/2 nights including tax. I just booked our room at the Quality Inn & Suites in Toppenish for $77/night. It is a little more, but the reviews were better and they are happy to meet the Internet Price over the phone if you ask. Some of us are thinking about a lunch stop along the route, perhaps in Prosser? Any thoughts?
  5. Thanks for the mention Travis. The event, however starts at 8am. If you show up at 7 you can help set up... !
  6. Edited the OP, thanks for the period tip!
  7. Good news, Groundspeak approved our event, so it's an Official Geocaching Event: http://coord.info/GC3DZ40 So now you can grab breakfast AND a smilie
  8. Cache Advance is hosting the Sunday 'brunch'; we are setting up in the backyard at the coordinates above (Lookout Lisa's), in Spokane. We're located about 5 minutes north of I90, just across the river. The Cache Cave will be open as well if anyone would like to pop in and stock up on supplies. We look forward to seeing everyone that weekend! Edit to change time from 7 to 8am -don't want to scare the neighbors too early...
  9. I have the same problem on my Asus Transformer tablet, using the istalled browser and Firefox for tablet browser. I can tap on PQs and they appear, but thats all I can get.
  10. Andronicus, Neat shirt! To clarify, our QR Code Talkers are not Travel Bugs, but they are trackable like any other tag or coin, with the exception that ours are pre-programmed and take you right to the trackable page (using a smartphone).
  11. Blueflashlight, to answer your first question: our QR Code Talkers DO have the 'human readable' tracking numbers included on the product, so they are readable by both man and machine. Simply write down or take a picture of the tracking numbers and log it the 'old fashioned' way And to answer your second question, I don't think you're the only one... I met the other one the other day...
  12. This sure looks like fun! I'll be bringing a little bin of goodies/supplies -please contact me if you have any special merchandise requests. I should be at both Fri and Sat dinners. See y'all then!
  13. That looks like a really great product. I don't see anything wrong with the logo on there since it is the company that makes them. Even non-profits like NPR or the Red Cross put their logos on the items they sell. Thanks for the feedback, and for taking a peek. Yes, we like our logo, and yes, it is hard to find any product that doesn't have a logo or some tie back to the manufacturer. The decals coming out today also have the text "QR Code Talker" next to our logo -we'll update the picture once we have a good shot. Thanks!
  14. As the President and CEO of Cache Advance, Inc., I'd like to introduce the QR Code Talker® trackable decals. These unique decals are fully trackable at Geocaching.com. In addition to having their own icon, these have the unique prefix of "QR" too. We have 3 sizes, Small (2.75" x 2"), Medium (5" x 3.5") and Large (7" x 5"). Each QR Code Talker® is uniquely programmed to take you directly to the trackable's own page at Geocaching.com where you can discover, grab, retrieve or place the trackable, right from your smartphone. The tracking numbers are also printed on the decal so they can be discovered the 'old-fashioned' way too. These are made of professional grade vinyl, just like our Vehicle Travel Bugs® that we manufacture for Groundspeak. Thanks for reading; we welcome any feedback and suggestions too! Direct link to purchase here
  15. As the President and CEO of Cache Advance, Inc., I am appalled and shocked to read this thread. We've been in business 6 years and have seen many vendors come and go during this time... So very frustrating to see so many of them go in such a disreputable way. No wonder there is a high level of distrust out there. Very sad
  16. With the CO's blessing, I am planning to bring a little sampling from the Cache Cave for some tailgate commerce if you need any gear or geo-goodies. Looks like the best spot to connect with folks is the parking lot at the Walla Walla Point Park, near Fish Are Friends AND Food (http://coord.info/GC194W3). This also looks like a nice place to stop for lunch and is the jumping-off point for four caches on the route, and has a tentative route arrival time of 12:38 PM... I'll be in Night*Cacher's Black Nitro. I'll also be at dinner and hopefully the pre dinner Friday night too, but not really 'set up'. See y'all soon!
  17. Since I was traveling during last year's event, I'd like to go this year if I'm in the area!
  18. Greetings Cachers! Here is Cache Advance, Inc.'s latest REFLECTIVE Vehicle Travel Bug. We can also make any special order Travel Bugs that you might need, such as a larger size for your travel trailer, or your own TB tracking numbers. TB product found here. Happy Caching! Lisa
  19. Here's a blog post I recently did all about Power Runs and Cache Machines: http://cache-advance.com/blog/?p=291. Hope this helps!
  20. Good Job! I agree. Wouldn't hurt to cross post this on the Facebook page?? Perhaps others will join in.
  21. I don't see why not... Business is business... We have many international customers and are members of the BBB. If there are complaints action should be taken.
  22. As a Geocaching Business owner, I am appalled at how this has been handled over the years, and that he's trying to dupe more cachers all over again. Very frustrating IMHO. Looks like the Facebook link to this forum thread has been deleted too. Has anyone contacted the Better Business Bureau??
  23. Amazing that Michael Jacobus is still trying to keep up the illusion that he's going to publish something again. Has anyone tried to publish a link to this forum on his Facebook Page?
  24. I've gotten a few requests for stuff from the Cave -I wasn't planning to set up at all this weekend, but I'll plan to bring a few things along. If you would like something in particular, please pre-order on my site and select 'will pickup' for shipping and I'll deliver to Moses Lake. Or you can email me your shopping list and we'll put it together for you and bring it along. Yes, this is pre-approved with the CO. See you all this weekend!
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