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  1. Oh my - the can of worms I have opened. FWIW, I think I am just going to go with an incredibly well hidden cache, and save the potential politics and problems.
  2. Oky doke - thanks all. I think I have enough to work out what to do here. Gonna have a ponder, and get the cache out there first, and see how it goes.
  3. Hehe, Too true Gitchee There wouldnt be logs in the decoys if I were to do it - just a laminate paper making it obvious it was not the cache. Its already sounding too much like hard work
  4. I hear you Gitchee - I was thinking of the decoys being within 4ft of the hide.....I mean *real* close. Although only 2 replies, I think there will be a divided audience on this........... EDIT: Love the frowning wood - now thats funny.
  5. I think I have managed to create a somewhat tricky cache to find, but I wanted to make it a little "different". Would it be daft/silly to put "decoy" caches in the "most likely" places for a cache, and in/on those caches put fun messages "close, but keep looking", or "Did you really think we would make it this easy" etc etc - the actual location is going to be, I hope, somewhat unique! Would you be irritated or amused? Any thoughts appreciated/welcome/ Cheers J
  6. And this link may help too http://support.google.com/maps/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=18539
  7. From google itself - works for me. Find coordinates faster and add temporary coordinate labels using the following Labs features. With Google Maps Labs allows you to you can try out experimental features in Maps. To get to Maps Labs, click Maps Labs in the footer of the panel to the left of the map. If you're signed in to your Google Account, we'll save your Labs preferences so you don't have to re-enable them next time. LatLng Tooltip To get the coordinates of a location, point your cursor to the location on the map then press Shift.
  8. Hi all, Relative noobs here in South London - near Croydon. Happy to meet experienced cachers, and other noobs too
  9. Can we use a codebook to convert it to numbers, then use the fibbonaci system to randomise them, and then post the output? lolz
  10. Someone may want to correct me on this, me being a noob n all. After today, I think my "irk" (and I am willing to be educated/corrected) is a single cache wiping out an entire area. I have gone to place a cache today, and an entire beautiful area, with ponds, woods, grassy areas etc is completely non hideable due to a "church micro" just across the road. There are so many good hiding places there for a decent sized, fun cache, but a micro puzzle in a church graveyard ruins it. Likewise, there is a massive bit of open woodland not far from me, with enough room to hide at least 5 good caches in (adhering to the saturation rules), with lovely views, and a good fun time to be had with kids etc etc, but there is a single multi waypoint puzzle cache wiping out the entire place. Just seems a little limiting in my view.
  11. I have a magellan explorist 310, and a Samsung Galaxy Note - I get better results with the Note The kids get to use the magellan now, as its waterproof, well actually, kiddy proof!
  12. We were similiarly disheartened our first time out too - but research on the caches before going out does make for happy children - we had our best run on the hills next to Eastbourne (not a million miles from you, and a fun day out!). Go look at my log, and you will see the ones we found - rivendell was our first ever find - very satisfying, and set us off on a happy note with plenty more successes that day.
  13. One month in, I am at 21 finds, with 5 DNFs. There are 2 in particular that I cannot do, but I will get them one day. Due to caching with my kids, I do a lot of research prior to going out with them - I generally look for caches with swaps/trades, and I also look at the last date found and if there were many DNFs recently - there is nothing more demoralising for a 6 and 8yr old than a series of DNFs! That said, There are a few I go after "for me", the one on Eastbourne Pier being one - I see that as a true challenge to find, and one day I will succeed! Sounds like you are having a blast all the same - and thats what its all about!
  14. Yup, Got it, replied to you Thanks ever so much for the help.
  15. Absolutely nothing in my inbox bar the first ever validation email. Nothing since. So really confused. To save mucking around, I have added a different email address - will see if that "solves" it. Cheers again.
  16. Inherent problem here then - not had any emails from anyone about anything! I do not even operate a spam folder, so something is afoot! Will report back Thanks for the help.
  17. Hi, So since being a member, I have sent 3 messages to other members - assuming at least one replied, where would I get that message? I cannot see it anywhere - I may have not received a reply (I would have hoped that I would though!) Cheers J
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