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  1. Same Problem here, Updated from version 1.6 and no maps either. tried to reïnstall version 1.6, but that doesn't work either. I've contacted the helpdesk, but but no response yet. Maybe this will help everyone. I just bought eXplorist GC it came with v1.8 and after taking it out of the box and doing the initial set up I logged into Magellans web site and done the v2.15 update. No problem with down load install but after my first GC hunt went and bought a different unit from garmin because the were no "maps" just blank scene behind the compass. So now I have been messing with magellan's digital globe and filled the GC's memory up and then could figure out how to remove digital images. So if all else fails hit the "RESET" button next to the usb port, then went to reset factory defaults in options. It must have reset the maps because now I have maps and roads in the unit. Hope this helps.
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