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  1. Go into your account or on your quick profile, there a list on the right hand side of the screen. Look for notifications... click it and set up how you like. It's under Premium Features.
  2. According to this, it comes with maps just not highly detailed maps. http://gpstracklog.com/compare/garmin-handheld-gps-comparison-chart Which is probably better as you can add the maps yourself. There's a few websites that you can download free topo maps and such. Just do a Google search and they should pop right up.
  3. Thanks for all the useful information guys! I looked into the Maps4me website. Seems like a good deal, I'll definitely have to take advantage of it. I think I'll have to change my notifications too. I set it up when I first became a Premium Member, I was so excited to get new cache notifications I didn't look at what else was available. Lol. Good to know that if I were to load a PQ over what I already had on the GC it would just overwrite it and not give me duplicates. Thanks for all the help, I appreciate it.
  4. Thanks for the quick reply! I usually use my smartphone and the app to log my "Found It" or my stupid DNF. I tried to use the GPS to type out some field notes but that tiny joystick makes it impossible. I figure I'll use that if I have no signal or my battery is completely dead. I use Vantage Point to assist in planning out a good day of caching. I can get pretty accurate mileage and also use it for tracking. But your definitely right about old data being bad data! I came across 3 GC's that were archived and 2 others that were down for maintenance. Thanks for the advice. It's greatly appreciated.
  5. So I'm still a newb to my Explorist GC. I downloaded 1000 geocaches to the unit and have notifications set up for new caches within 100 miles of me. Up until recently, I've just been finding from my original 1000. As I find them I delete them from my GPS so they don't get in my way. The other day I added a new PQ to the GPS of just new caches. Today I took a little trip and decided to do some caching while I was out. I came across several that were on the GPS but a cross check on the App, I discovered they must of been archived. I wasn't happy but continued. So what's the best way to keep up to date? Obviously running a PQ will keep me up to date, but what about Vantage Point? Will I need to delete the old PQ then download the new one? Or if I keep the old will VP delete duplicates? Is there a way to replace PQ's from the GPS without losing my Lifelong count? As a side question... Is there a website to get free maps for the GC? I found one that gave me free maps of Hawaii and a few National Parks but how about States or sections of the Country? Thanks All!!
  6. I wanna ride my kayak down the mountain Nothing would make me happier... Geocaching.com forums need a "Like" button! That's an EPIC burn!! Lol
  7. Spencer_320

    Galaxy S2

    I have the Galaxy S2 with a prepaid carrier, Boost Mobile. Accuracy on my device is pretty good. Better usually than my handheld GPS. I learned from a previous phone the best app to get a good GPS signal is an app called GPS Status. If I'm having trouble locking down a signal, I turn this app on, let it do it's thing then run the Geocaching app. The phone's GPS will pick up quickly after that. Download the app (free) and play around with it.
  8. Thanks! I've been trying to figure out how to do that!
  9. What do you consider a bunch of money? I recently bought a brand new GC on ebay for $76 including shipping. I know there's a seller on there that has refurbished GC's for $80.99, free shipping. Or just do a search for the GC and "watch" some auctions... B4 I decided I wanted a GC I seen a few go for as low as $60. Hope this helps a little.
  10. Spencer_320

    could we

    You could buy the Geocaching.com app from the Google Play Store. The map on the app is a google map. That's probably your best bet. Other than going to Google Maps and making a flag entry for every geocache you want to grab. It would be very time consuming and you'd miss out on the hints, pics and recent logs... but definitely doable. The app is a little expensive at $9.99 but definitely worth every penny. As far as Google making a dedicated GPS. I haven't heard or seen anything related to that. They make a killing on their maps so I wouldn't see why they'd want to get into the GPS business but, anything is possible, maybe give it a few years!
  11. A few months ago, I found a brand new rifle on the way to a cache along side of a railroad tracks. The rifle was a .50 Muzzle Loader, still in the box and never been fired. Still trying to track down the owner. Not too easy to do.
  12. Sorry if this is in the wrong forum... please move if its incorrect. So i guess the Android app just uses Google Maps. Is it possible to load that to my Magellan GC?
  13. I've been geocaching the past few months with my Android phone using the geocaching.com app. I love this app and especially the map. Is there a way I can get this map to my Magellan eXplorist GC? Or does anyone know what the next reasonable alternative would be? I have updated the GC to the newest 2.15 software that allows for map upgrades. I'm still new to the GC and maybe after I've been using it a while I'll be used to it but right now... not so much. I miss all the streets showing up so I can tell how to best get close to the Cache. Thanks and any help would be appreciated.
  14. Instead of turning off the GPSr, then unplugging it, try this instead.... Once your finished doing what your doing to the GPSr, go down to the tab under "Computer" to which ever drive the Magellan is associated to, in my case its the "G" drive. Using your mouse, right click on it and use the "Eject" option. After a few seconds you'll get a pop-up saying "this device is safe to remove now" Unplug the USB and you shouldn't have any problems.
  15. Still have the GC for sale? How much if you do? Thx!
  16. My son and I have begun geocaching a cpl months ago and my phone has taken a beating so Im looking for a used Magellan eXplorist GC. Needs to be in good shape, with everything working. I know I can get 1 on Ebay for just around $80 so Im trying to see if I can get one a little cheaper than that. Have a limited budget at the time so cheaper is better. If/when I outgrow the unit, Id be more than happy to pass it along at a fair price. Thanks.
  17. Sold yet? If not, can u just post an ad here without the Craigslist Ad?
  18. Awesome!! Thanks for the replies. Looks like the Garmin is the way to go!! Sorry, I tried to do a search but cause of a bad connection on my phone, it kept timing out waiting for a response. Thanks again all!!
  19. Im still kind of new to this great sport (2 months-85 finds). I've been using my phone so far but ready to step up my game and get a dedicated GPSr. I want a unit I won't outgrow in a couple of months but still on the cheap side. I can find the eTrex 30 for around $250 on Ebay and was seriously thinking about getting it, but the price is a little steep for me right now. So I researched a little more and came across the Magellan eXplorist GC. I found a refurbished unit on Ebay for under $100, which fits my budget. My question is which is the better option? Can the eXplorist do most of the same things as the E30? Can I download maps to the eXplorist? What can the E30 do that the eXplorist can't? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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