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  1. Just as the title says. Works great, please PM me any offers.
  2. I have an etrex H. Please PM me if you are still interested.
  3. Totally agree. I've thought about buying a nice garmin to use instead of my iPhone, but I would really miss the geocaching app. I like that my phone has satellite maps. The same feature on a garmin requires a subscription. Even topo maps are pricey. That's pretty lame. With my phone, I can find multiple caches on the fly and even log them from the site. Like you said, battery life sucks, but I've never been "in the field" long enough for it to become an issue. I can hop back in my jeep and charge my phone while driving to another cache. If I could run the geocaching app on a garmin, I'd go out and buy one tomorrow. I use a garmin vista h as well as an iPhone. You can input the coordinates on the go, sometimes useful if you have a friend without a GPSR. I have an extra for sale If your interested. Perfect condition. Just pm me.
  4. Hi, I have my Vista H for sale. Works great and comes with USB plus all the manuals and a compass too. Im asking $100 or best offer. May include free shipping in the US with the right offer. Send me a PM or reply to this post. Dont ask if it is still for sale as I will post on here if its sold. Tootles SassySnorlax
  5. Please pm me if you have one for sale!
  6. What do you mean by this? Do you mean the ability to update in the field while caching? No GPS that I know of has the ability to interface "on the fly" with the internet. I mean to say that I would use my phone to get the cache data and then be able to put where I need to go in the GPSR. Does that make sense? Do you typically have to load all the info into the GPSR by computer?
  7. I downloaded the geocaching app a while ago and while it has many great features that I really like, the GPS on my phone is ALWAYS off by at least 30 feet. So i'm wondering, is there a receiver anyone would suggest? All I really need is a bare bones, no thrills GPS that will give me more accurate location. Just something that I can put coordinates into and have better accuracy. I dont need anything else in the gps as my phone has all the other features I could ask for. I am looking to spend under $100 as all I need is the barebones receiver. Any suggestions? Also, I would need the ability to input the coordinates on the go rather than download them if possible. (I honestly dont know if this is standard or not) So far I have seen most people suggest the eTrex H
  8. I feel like we should come up with something that is just so inconspicuous that it cant be mistaken for something offensive or gang related. Something like scratching the left side of your head with index and middle finger or rubbing your nose with pinky........... Something where your both like this http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lpfdieHtY51qii6tmo1_500.gif
  9. Someone in the forums has suggested some bizarre dance in such situations. Of the 5, 000, 000 (?) cachers on the planet, I think he and two friends like the idea. Ha! I was thinking more along the lines of just putting your hand by your side and using the American sign language G...
  10. The other consideration is cost. A single pokeman card didn't (?) sell for $10-20 plus shipping. A complete set of 67 versions of 12-12-12 coins would run well in excess of $1,000 at retail. If monetary is not a factor, I'm sure you could spend a thousand or more per month worldwide just on 'new' releases. Develop a taste for past coins and it could put a serious dent in ANY wallet. PLEASE!!!! It's PokeMON, not pokeMAN!
  11. My fiance and I were picking up a few caches today and we were wondering how many other seemingly normal people were really hunting for geocaches. I have never actually spotted anyone looking around for one. We were talking about how there should be some sort of hand signal you could discreetly make as you pass by other people to see if they are on a hunt too, something that wouldnt look particularly weird to someone whos not looking for it. Does anyone know if people already do this or would be willing to try to make this a thing?
  12. I listened to a podcast by stuff you should know. They made it sound really interesting and I have been doing it for about a year now.
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