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  1. When using the geocaching dashboard, it will always try and point you to the nearest cache. This can be a problem when trying to navigate to coords of a multi or mystery cache that you input manually. The way I have found around this problem is to put in your new coords, hit go, then when it takes you to the map screen, hit the back arrow and choose the compass page instead of the map page. The compass page will direct you to the new coords you entered
  2. Another thought is you may have another map enabled as well as your new city navigator map. This second map may be covering up the city navigator map so you can't see it. Try disabling all other maps except the city navigator
  3. Sounds like they were logging caches to get souvenirs and yhen deleting the logs. The souvenir will remain even after the log is deleted. Groundspeak must have gotten wind of it, and locked their account
  4. There are 2 boxes you need to type codes into when activating your trackable. Your problem might be that you are entering the activation code into the box that is meant for the tracking code
  5. The lot has been sold to one lucky cacher.
  6. I've gotten a lot more interest in these coins than I thought I would. I currently have someone interested in buying the whole lot. Thanks everyone for their input and offers
  7. This seems to be my best option. I have had several offers on individual coins, and if I'm unable to unload them in one lot I will sell off the ones I have offers on and do some grab bags on the rest. I appreciate everyone's feedback and offers so far and will keep you all posted.
  8. Thanks for the feedback so far. I am still on the fence on whether or not to part with them, but I can post a list for you all to look at and hopefully get more advice. That being said, I think I would prefer to sell them together as a lot instead of individually. Like wmpastor said, I may not make as much on them but it would be hard for me to work full time and sort hundreds of packages in the evening for shipping. Here is a link to a google document with all my coins. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AsG7kQCW-9DIdEp0dHlpRk5DdXZaUS1kQVVjdTdFZXc&usp=sharing
  9. Hi all, I've been a long term lurker to these forums without many posts but thought I could use some expert advice. I've recently had some expenses come up and was debating on if I should sell my geocoin collection to help with them. The reason I ask is many of them are special to me and would be hard to part with, but I would be willing to do so if it would cover the bills. I'm sure I could come up with another solution, but this just seemed to be the quickest one. I have about 225-230 trackable and unactivated coins in my collection. Would it be reasonable to expect around $2000 for them? I realize that some are obviously much more valuable than others, I'm just looking for a ballpark figure. Also, if I were to sell them would it be better to list them individually or in one big lot? Any comments or input would be appreciated Edited to add a link to my coin list: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AsG7kQCW-9DIdEp0dHlpRk5DdXZaUS1kQVVjdTdFZXc&usp=sharing
  10. When setting up that trackable, choose the option "this item is collectable". Then move the trackable into your collection. People can now only log discoveries on it.
  11. I'm located in Montana if you're still looking for someone
  12. Just another thought I had. I know I've seen Google Play cards for sale at different stores that allow you to purchase them and add funds to your Google Wallet. I have not used one myself, but they appear to be similar to an itunes card. You could give that a try
  13. I believe you should have the option to have your purchases charged to your cellular bill depending on who your provider is. I have Verizon and know that they allow you to do that
  14. I noticed someone reported a similar problem in the "Bug Reporting" forum It seems there is a compatibility issue when using IE10 as your web browser. Try using a different browser and see if that works for you Edited to remove broken link. Can't seem to insert the link at this time, its early and my brain is a little slow. I'm sure some kind soul will be along shortly who can post the link
  15. When I taking coordinates with my 550 they are stored in the gpx folder along with the gpx files for caches. I don't know why it does it that way though. I can usually tell them apart because the waypoint I took is numbered along with the date I took it for its file name.
  16. Voted Since I don't have a FB account I used my wifes, Brie Shatto
  17. My mailbox has been happy lately, but my wallet not so much...
  18. I believe they mean the physical menu button on your phone itself, not a menu button in the program
  19. While this is a coin instead of a TB it still has a fun mission to accomplish. http://coord.info/TB2VQJB This is a place we have always wanted to visit and we are actually racing it to see if we can make it to the destination before the coin does. We are still a couple years away from being able to make the journey, so its still possible that we could be beaten there
  20. Is that the one with an acorn on one side? If it is, I have one I might be willing to trade. Send an email through my profile with a list of your traders if you are interested. I don't remember the metal it is but can check when I get home in a few hours
  21. Those are really cool! Is there a site where we can order them from?
  22. The best thing you could probably do would be to message the owner and see what they would prefer. As a trackable owner myself I wouldn't mind you holding onto it for a while if you sent me a message with your intents so that I knew you weren't just hoarding it. Everyone is different though and they may want it dropped right away. There's no harm in asking what they would like
  23. Another thing to consider is that while the owner may be inactive, there may be other cachers who have that TB on their watch list to follow its travels. They might be disappointed to see its travels stopped just because the owner no longer caches. I would encourage you to attempt to repair it if possible, and if not, to place it in another cache as it is, as long as it doesn't pose a saftey risk for others. I realize it shouldn't be your responsibility to take care of other people's belongings, but think of it as paying it forward Edited to add: You could then add this TB to your watch list and enjoy following its travels
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