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  1. Thanks, I was searching everywhere in the manual and online for "screenshot" instead of "screen capture". That did the trick!
  2. Can someone tell me how you guys are taking screenshots from the Oregon 600? I looked in the manual and online but can't figure it out. Thank you!
  3. Does anyone know how to save or export the trip data? Does it export with the track information to Basecamp? I want to reset it because a trip I took is over, but I want to save the data it captured (total miles traveled etc). Thanks!
  4. Are you able to get install the map in mapsource ? Export it to a local hard drive as gmapsupp.img. Then rename it to something like asiant.img and manually copy to the SD card /Garmin folder I tried it on my PC and it worked just using Garmin Connect on their website. On the Mac it continued to give the error. On the PC it allowed it to install right onto the SD card. It installed a .gma file, a .unl file, and SoutheastAsia_v2012_20.img. Thanks, I was having a mini-heart attack!!
  5. On my Oregon 600t I bought the City Navigator® Southeast Asia NT map for a trip I'm taking. When I try to load it on the Oregon with Garmin Connect, it says not enough space (great, the 600t only has 300MB of internal space). I inserted a MicroSD card that has a lot of BirdsEye images on it and although it now has enough space, it gives a warning that a file with the same name already exists and I will be overwriting it. I'm assuming it is talking about the built in 100k topo, but that is certainly not on my MicroSD. How can proceed with screwing something up?
  6. Can anyone provide a brief intro to geocaching? I looked at opencaching.com which appears to be Garmin's website, but there are no caches near me. Where should I go to find caches and how simple is it to select an area on a map (or city) and just have it download all the cache data? Thanks!
  7. Hi Kolenka, Thanks. Interestingly enough, auto pause was off. I did get the bootup screen when I hit the power button. Today, I turned auto pause ON and did the trip again on a new track. It behaved as expected. When I got to where I stopped the car it beeped at me, presumably to signal tracking was paused because movement had ceased. After an hour or so, I got back in the car and drove off and as soon as I had moved about 100 feet, it beeped again, signaling auto-pause began tracking again. I got to my destination and looked at the track in basecamp and no bee line. So perhaps auto-pause needs to be on or else the unit powers itself down after no movement for a period? I'll try on a longer trip and with a longer "rest" period and see what happens. Any idea how many data points a track can hold? Just driving around for 45 minutes with data interval set to "least" generated 325 track points.
  8. Hi Kolenka, Perhaps auto pause is on. I'm not 100% sure where to check it. The other thing is during my test track, I was actually driving my car and I stopped for about 45 minutes and did not move the unit. Perhaps it detected no movement and went from low power to off. Regardless, it would have been nice if it detected the movement later when I began to go again. I'm taking a long trip soon and want to be able to have it track with the screen off to save battery.
  9. Inside the battery compartment of my 600t it says made in Taiwan. There is also a track recorded from April 2nd that shows GPS coordinates of Garmin in Taiwan. I guess they were testing it at the factory But agreed, Taiwan and Thailand are much better at this stuff than the Chinese. Lots of computer equipment like hard drives are made in Thailand.
  10. By the way guys, this is my first handheld GPS and I love the capacitive touch screen. I played with an Oregon 550 in the REI store and was disappointed. My natural inclination was to "pinch" the screen to zoom in and out and they just did not support it. The fact that I can interact with the 600t like a modern smartphone is wonderful. Truly a giant leap forward and the way of the future. The only other thing I would LOVE to have is a world-wide satellite map. I'm sure that is coming but a long way off. We need larger MicroSD cards and a service that would sell whole continent or nation maps. 5 years away? 10 years? Who knows, but that would be awesome.
  11. Hi Kolenka, I tried today using battery saver to record a track. The screen and backlight turned off after the 30second time limit I set. However, unfortunately when I viewed the track later, it showed a straight "bee line" from where it turned off to where I then powered it back on. So it appears that allowing it to enter battery saver does not continue to record tracks or GPS locations. I guess the only option is to allow the backlight to turn off, but keep the screen itself on (lock mode maybe). Does this sound right? Thanks again!
  12. Thanks Kolenka. I have noticed the little metal thing you turn to open and close the battery compartment seems like I'm going to break it whenever I do it. Seems like too much force is needed. Is there a trick to opening and closing this compartment?
  13. Kolenka, can you provide some basic information for a complete newbie on what recommended options to configure on the 600? This is my first handheld GPS. I don't even know how to do something basic like record a track/trip or whether I should reset trip data when I start a new track. I noticed by default the screen turns off after a short while, to save battery. But then I'm not sure if it is still recording track/trip data or if the unit itself turned off. I have to press the power button to turn it back on. So I turned off battery saving, which then just turns off the back light but leaves the screen on. I guess my question is if I want to capture track data, what is the best way to do it so the screen is "locked" but it is still capturing data? Ideally I want to start recording a track and then put the unit in my pocket without worrying about things changing because the screen gets touched.
  14. What's the solution? I saw you mention something about cut to fit...
  15. Does anyone know if the Zagg Oregon 550 screen protector will fit the Oregon 600 series? According the Garmin, the screen sizes appear to be identical.
  16. My order with GPS City for the 650t just changed from shipping the first week of May to now May 20th. Amazon still has it listed as May 7 through May 21. For the 600t, GPS City has it listed for release on May 6. Looks like more delays! On the bright side, I do have a 600t in my hand as of lunch time today (ordered last Saturday night from REI). I don't know how REI is so far ahead of Amazon and GPS City, at least with the 600 and 600t, but who am I to complain? I kind of wanted the 650t so I would have the camera included, but I may just make do with the 600t. At least it is here in time for my trip, and if I really want to take nice pictures I would need a separate camera anyway for that. Plus the $70 I save can be used for the Birds Eye subscription and some Eneloop XX batteries. Anyone know if you can insert non-geotagged photos into your Garmin Adventures? I guess I'll just have to remember about where I was when I took the photo.
  17. Thanks Kolenka, that is helpful. If a 24k DVD is 1800 tiles of data, then 4000 sounds like plenty of coverage, especially considering the 24k DVDs are based on region and usually cover a few states. I guess the City Navigation would be a no brainer if lifetime updates were included in the handheld devices. Not sure why they would offer that for lower end car only units but not the more expensive models. Thanks again. Hopefully GPS City or Amazon comes through with my order no later than the first week of May.
  18. Hi Kolenka, thanks for the great info. Can you tell me a little more about the Birds Eye tile limit? What does 4000 tiles roughly translate to in square miles (if I'm thinking of this correctly)? Also, since the 24k topos have routable roads, is it advisable to get 24k topos in lieu of the navigation map if I will be using the Oregon 650 for car navigation? I'm thinking maybe that gets me both better topos and driving directions versus only driving directions... By the way, I spoke with GPS City today. They said the 650/650t are looking like they will start shipping April 26th through April 30th, although their website still shows May 3rd as the estimated release date. If you haven't pre-ordered, they said there are still spots available based on the quantity they have coming in. Amazon is giving me a release date of May 6 through May 21st for the 650t. I wonder if REI and GPS City are prioritized as distribution partners ahead of retailers like Amazon?
  19. Hey guys, I've been lurking on this thread for a couple months and just registered. Thanks for all the info. I have my eyes on the new Oregon series; it will be my first dedicated GPS since the Garmin Nuvi 350 I bought for my car 7 years ago. I'm leaving on a long trip to the middle of nowhere and am hoping to get my hands on one before I go. I apologize for the scatter shot of questions below, I know they are all over the place I want to be able to track my trip and share it kind of like I have seen on Garmin Adventures. I guess that means setting up one track and leaving it on for the entire trip? Could this potentially work over a 2 week trip? As far as the 600 vs the 600t, I noticed the 600t has only 300MB of internal space compared to 1.5GB on the 600 -- presumably because the space is chewed up by the 100k topographical map. My question is does the space really matter? I have a 32GB microSD I'll be using with it. I want to load a lot of birds eye satellite map and a driving navigation map. My third question is in regard to the topographical map. Is it worthwhile or does anyone that uses such things end up buying the 24k maps? I heard if you get the topo preloaded it comes with some shaders or 3D info that is cool. I like the idea of having a camera included so I don't have to carry a separate device for that. I'm really happy with the 8 megapixel camera on my iPhone5 and I saw the 650 has 8 megapixels as well. Any idea if that correlates to similar picture output? Or are there other factors such as focal length, zoom, etc that would put the Garmin's camera well behind in quality of photographs? Where can I get a screen protector for the 600 series? I saw someone mention Zagg earlier. Finally, if I got a 600 model instead of 650, I noticed it does not include the rechargeable battery pack or AC adapter. I saw on Garmin's site you can purchase the battery pack separately but have not seen the AC adapter being offered. Anyone know about that? Thanks so much. I have preorders in at multiple places in hopes that one of them beats the other to release, because I'm on a limited time frame before I leave. I'll settle for the 600 or 600t but I think I really want the 650 or 650t (depending on whether topo maps are worth it).
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