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  1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mandarin_Duck greetings from austria (and not from china) :-)
  2. schau dort vorbei: http://www.lagc.at
  3. may i suggest the following: 1 enter "seefeld austria" in the search field at the geocaching.com page 2 press enter :-) 3 enjoy a list of geocaches in and around the specified location or do it the easy way by using the following link: here and there and everywhere
  4. A friend and I went to Jordan in 2008 for a kind of guided tour for two :-) and we really enjoyed the work the driver did for us! The pros: no hassle at the numerous miltary and police check points along the dead sea and elsewhere, no hassle with finding a petrol pump, no hassle at the hotels with getting a comfortable room or at the ticket offices. Of course you pay for it but you get quite some comfort in return. and the perhaps the most important thing: you can enjoy the car ride itself and enjoy the nicer pubs and restaurants :-) The cons: you pay for it. Maybe you should contact an travel agency experienced in Middle East travels beforehand.
  5. You're welcome OzzieBear! Btw, we'll be in the area too. Starting with February, 6th., theplank team will be on tour in Syria, unfortunately just for one week ... Should you go to Petra and I'm quite sure you will have a glance at it :-), try to fetch this one more or less at the end of the valley: http://coord.info/GC282A we did it in 2008/02 and/or this one definitely worth the short hike (at the end of the valley and then up the hill): http://coord.info/GC1QGRP (hidden after our journey) even if you don't find the cache, you'll see the end of the world (simply great!) Enjoy your trip and keep on caching!
  6. there is a simple reason for your problem: you need some other files too, not only the *.img since you probably downloaded openstreetmap maps, I suggest that you 1. go there: http://garmin.na1400.info/routable.php 2. make your choice what maps you really need to download 3. enter a valid email address 4. wait some minutes, hours, ... 5. follow the instructions given by mail it worked perfectly for me and should do so for you too :-)
  7. You definitely don't need maps in order to cache neither in Egypt nor in Jordan.
  8. It is not (only) the problem of the cache descriptions but the fact that only a small fraction of caches hidden in Hungary are published on gc.com, the vast majority is published exclusively on gc.hu. There are even caches in Austria and probably in other countries too, which are published on gc.hu solely and not on any other (international) platform. Finding a traditional with an hungarian decription should not be the problem as long as you are able to get the basic information that there is one ...
  9. just try out the Hungarian geocaching site and you probably*) will see ... *) as long as you do not speak Hungarian
  10. Hi xaraphim, Since you are obviously interested in rwandese caches, please allow me a just a little suggestion allowing you to fetch two caches in more or less the same time: http://www.opencaching.de/viewcache.php?wp...amp;desclang=EN greetings from vienna, austria Wolfgang aka theplank
  11. question #1: as simple as that, no question #2: why not, as long as you have the coordinates. and you should have the coordinates travelling with a gpsr not asked for: the string search is done only in the cache's title and not in the description too greeting from vienna, the plank
  12. Last try, then I shall give up! Nice greetings from Austria (Blue sky , 12°C )
  13. theplank

    GPSr ?

    the "r" in GPSr definitely stands for "receiver"
  14. Okay, obviously nobody seems to care about my little wish ... Maybe I should ask Father Christmas to fullfil it Nevertheless nice greetings from Austria (Blue sky , 3°C )
  15. Hi Sakis, I never would dare to request the Greek community to write in English. I just proposed not to start a topic with an English topic title and then, from the first contribution on, write in Greek or Greeklish. If I see an Greek or Greeklish topic title I simply don't open the thread, that's all. I never doubted that and I had many occasions to enjoy it. You and your country are so privileged, we are freezing here in Vienna (5° C). Nevertheless warm regards from cold, clouded and damp Vienna The Plank
  16. Hi Greek friends! Since I am interested in what's going on in your great country, I even own 3 caches on Paros island, I enjoy to have, at least from time to time, a look in the Greek forum. So please allow me just one wish: Could you please begin a topic in "at least" Greeklish when the contributions are (expected to be) written in Greek or Greeklish? As I don't understand neither Greek nor Greeklish threads with english topic title but written in Greek or Greeklish are somewhat frustrating for me. Warm greetings from Vienna, Austria Wolfgang aka The Plank
  17. in addition to the more or less few caches on gc.com i can offer you the following two on www.opencaching.de http://www.opencaching.de/viewcache.php?ca...amp;desclang=EN (virtual) as well as http://www.opencaching.de/viewcache.php?ca...amp;desclang=EN (film canister on site) should you need further help with the german interface just call for help. greetings from vienna, austria
  18. theplank

    what is?

    derived from harry potter, the non-initiated people
  19. just one out of a bunch ... greetings from austria the plank
  20. Erik88l-r does a great job here in Austria! He is understanding, reliable, fast, offers a helping hand ... In simple words: a great reviewer
  21. simple question >> simple answer: no need to change anything (if you are lucky not even the spoken language, but that's another question ...) hope you enjoy your stay in germany the plank from the country near germany called austria :-)
  22. have a look here greetings from austria
  23. hi, try the citadel. easy access to the citadel and thus to the cache. the citadel is worth to be seen. greetings from vienna - austria
  24. Sometimes morse code is simply there, at least in Austria. Give Graz, the provincial capital of Styria, a visit and do the Schlossberg 2: Durch & Rauf!. Have a look at Graz (sorry, german or should I say 'austrian', only).
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