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  1. Earlier today I was reading a post by Jeremy and found out something I did not know. Jeremy is a veteran. <BR><BR>Now call me shallow if you wish but knowing someone served, in whatever capacity, in our nation's forces gives them a little more credibiity with me when it comes to what they say. It sort of says they've walked the walk, not just talked the talk.<BR><BR>Does service make you a smarter individual? Does it make you better than other Americans? Do you deserve to be pampered and praised? Nah, none of the above, but it does show a certain dedication and experience that "may" be lacking in others, and in my humble opinion, it is their loss, not mine.<BR><BR>So I was wondering how many others might have served and not bothered to mention it, maybe because you don't really think it's any big deal, or you weren't in for that long, etc., or it just never came up. I think it would be interesting, at least to me, to know who has served in the military, and where, and in which service. (and yes, before anyone gets smart alecky, the Coast Guard counts...sheesh) icon_biggrin.gif<!--graemlin::huh:-->.<BR><BR>No politics, no "support the troops", no pro-war, or anti-war, just state your service and maybe when you served. My roots in Geocaching come from my service in the military, where I was first introduced to GPS technology. So it does tie into our little sport, at least for me.<BR><BR>My service was spread over the years 1975 to 2002. I served on active duty in the U. S. Navy for four years (Electronics Technician), two years in the Texas Air Force National Guard (Security Police), 13 years in the Texas Army National Guard (Armor Crewman and Armor Officer), and six years in the Army Reserve (Staff Officer). In there somewhere I managed to have a total of 23 months where I wasn't in for one reason or another. I retired from the Army Reserve last July mainly thanks to a detached retina in my left eye that makes me inelible to be deployed, so there you have it. My reserve unit was activated in January and is at Fort Hood as we speak.... and I'm missing it, sigh.<BR><BR>So, that's all that's needed, no chest thumping, no bragging, just state your service and when it was and allow those who care to, to just say thank you for your service. <BR><BR>I certainly thank you, that's for sure.<BR><BR> icon_biggrin.gif<!--graemlin::D--> icon_biggrin.gif<!--graemlin::)--> icon_biggrin.gif<!--graemlin::blink:--><BR><BR><A HREF="http://www.texasgeocaching.com" TARGET=_blank><IMG SRC="http://www.texasgeocaching.com/images/texasgeocaching_sm.gif"> </A><BR>"Trade up, trade even, or don't trade!!!" My philosophy of life.

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