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  1. I would call Garmin's tech support. Ask to speak to a senior advisor as the entry techs don't have any idea what they are doing. There should not be a problem with the size. I have a 16gig card in mine and it works.
  2. Did you download the map from the Garmin website to the card through the device? If so it is locked to that device and can't be used on another one without re-downloading it through that new device. I went though this with mine.
  3. I just purchased a Monterra. I spent a better part of a day trying to transfer gpx files via USB. Then finally about the 6th tech at Garmin told me that the Monterra will not communicate with a Mac without another program. The program that needs to be downloaded and installed is the "Android file transfer". After installation of this program I can transfer gpx files... You would think Garmin might mention this somewhere... Maybe I missed it. I just wanted to post in case someone else has a Mac.
  4. I received mine this week and so far I have seen very few bugs. I loaded 5000 geocaches very quickly. I love it so far.
  5. I would highly recommend Parallels for Mac to run Windows. It works very well and there is no reboot.
  6. Is there a character limit on the field notes you enter after you find the cache. Mine seems to have one and I want to make sure it is not a bug.
  7. After you have selected to route to cache, go to "Where To" and select change route activity.
  8. Great.... that worked. Thanks for your response and help.
  9. I don't know what file to download... that is my problem. I looked all through the GPX folder and can't find anything.
  10. I opened the "Current" file in GSAK and it contained all of the waypoints I was looking for???? I will try the other files in the GPX directory.
  11. I just bought a new Oregon 550. I had an Oregon 400 previously... I need to transfer all of the waypoints I had entered on the 400 to the 550. I found out on the 400 that the "Current.gpx" file holds the waypoint info. I copied that file to the 550 and they don't show up. Any help????
  12. How many geocaches will the 450 and 550 hold?
  13. I am trying to get this done, but I am finding it very difficult to find caches close to me that I need. I think this is one of the toughest challenges that is available because of this. What do you think? Just curious how many of you have completed this challenge? I have 66/81 done. My Profile
  14. Try this page... it has helped me out a lot.
  15. I try and try and try to switch mine to "Off Road'. It beeps like it did it but when I look at the map it is still showing "On Road" directions. The only way I can get it to work sometimes is cancel the route, then go through it all over again. As far as canceling the routing.... my unit seems to do this if I drive past the cache in the "On Road" routing mode.
  16. I find mine doing that also... it has been since I received it. I also have a problem with mine not switching to "Off Road" sometimes when I am traveling to a cache in the "On Road" mode.
  17. You will see all of the near caches on the screen. The zoom level will dictate how many you can see. I think if you zoom out past 5 miles the geocaches won't be displayed any further. You will be able to see all the near caches to you and then select each of them with your finger. Once selected you can choose to navigate to that cache.
  18. I own an Oregon 400T and an IPhone. I have had zero trouble with the Oregon in the sunlight. I think you have to cell subscription because it uses the data to place you on the map and to find the geocaches. I love my Oregon... it has changed the way I cache for the better. I am thinking about upgrading to the 550 because it can take pictures and hold 5000 caches.
  19. I have downloaded and installed a State/County map for my Oregon. I can easily see which County I am in to aid in the completing the County Challenge. My question is.... does anyone know of a Delorme Map that I can install on the Oregon to aid in the Delorme Challenge? Thanks.
  20. The Geocaches are in the GPX files that are in the GPX Folder. Those are the ones you should delete.
  21. Does anyone know how to tell how many geocaches are loaded on the unit? I know when it has too many it gives you an error, but how do you know how close you are to the threshold?
  22. I am afraid of using something that would turn the entire screen cloudy. Has anyone used this?
  23. Has anyone removed a scratch from an Oregon screen? If so please tell us how and what were the results.
  24. twinjayhawks

    Mac users

    I have purchased Parallel Desktop but have not installed it yet. How does it work and would you recommend it?
  25. Yes, it should show the Hints, Description and recent logs. It works very well.
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