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  1. We all know what would likely happen anyway if and when a city denies permission for all caches on City property. I don't think there are too many cities that would/could dedicate the resources necessary to keep tabs on and gather up every offending cache on a perpetual basis. I think they wisely see the value in allowing caches placed on City property as much as possible. Speaking from a professional standpoint, the last thing we want to do is worry about how to regulate geocaching and the proper placement of caches. Remember, most City property is public property. Talk about trying to herd cats! Now, speaking as a future geocacher, I have seen in this past week in this forum the means of "policing" ourselves. Trust me, most problems are better off handled "in-house" if at all possible. Not every municipal official out there will want to be as understanding to the geocaching community as yours truly! Semper Fi Watercop
  2. If all this hoopla results in one new cacher enjoying this hobby/sport/obsession half as much as I do, then it's all been worth it. I'll be happy to mentor this new cacher in the Pablo Mac tradition of fun & adventure. Geocaching is but one of many great uses for a GPSr, grasshopper. Watercop, we share a lot in common. Semper Fi back to you, brother. I don't have a clue on the formatting aspects of this forum. Just want to say that I'd like to take you up on that offer Pablo Mac!
  3. The Muggle Speaks, I'm the City Official who found and confiscated the cache in question. My concern in confiscating this cache was twofold: 1. The cache was located on City of Albany property that is part of the municipal water treatment plant. Therefore, in order to access this cache, a person had to violate Federal trespassing laws as applied to the protection of municipal drinking water supplies. 2. Liability. Once the City was made aware of the cache, we had an obligation to the citizens of Albany to protect the City from any liability in the case of an accident. Because I was not informed of the cache's exact location, I had to create an account on this website to access the clues leading to the cache. After the finding and confiscation, I immediately contacted Pablo Mac and informed him of the situation. He was polite, cooperative, and even apologetic. In short, a true gentleman. I made the cache and its contents available for him to retrieve at his convenience. On a side note, I'm probably in his debt now for turning me on to geocaching. Now if I can just explain the purchase of a new GPS to my wife! Bill Palma y Mesa City of Albany Environmental Services City of Albany, OR Office (541) 917-7600 Ext. 4616 Cellular (541) 979-1707 Fax (541) 917-7615 bill.palmaymesa@cityofalbany.net SEMPER FI
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