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  1. I've read through the other posts on the forum and I reckon it's a group of idealisic sixth-formers with too much time on their hands and daddy's sat-nav. My caches were both right by roads/tracks that appear on my tom tom. Most of my others are in the middle of nowhere and require too much effort to get to. I'll leave mine where they are, cross my fingers and wait for this to blow over.
  2. My '138' has gone. I'll be sending a calm and considered email to c1213696 (for what it's worth) explaining that I place caches for people to visit areas of the countryside they wouldn't ordinarily and the purpose and sentimental value of the travel bugs that were in the cache.
  3. I'll pop out now and check my '138' cache. Back soon
  4. Yep, two of mine 'gone' I'll check them in the morning. What next? closure of bridleways/footpaths? losers. Mattyboy
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