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  1. Like I said Sbell, YOU LIKE TO BE HEARD! Over 17,711 posts. That was NOT a derogatory statement, just an observation of your post count! If you took it negative, that is your problem.
  2. BlueDeuce, I do not understand your post. You posted 'huh.' There is no question mark, so your post is not a question. There is no exclamation point, so it is not exclamatory. So I looked up the word 'huh' at Merriam Webster.com. Here is what it said, Main Entry: huh Pronunciation: \a grunt articulated as a syllabic m or n with a voiceless onset, or as the syllable ˈhə or ˈhəⁿ, often ending in a glottal stop, and uttered with a range of intonations; often read as ˈhə\ Function: interjection Etymology: imitative of a grunt Date: 1608 —used to express surprise, disbelief, or confusion, or as an inquiry inviting affirmative reply Since you did not use a question mark or exclamation point, it can't be surprise, confusion or an inquiry. Therefore, it must be disbelief. But you did not capitalize it either, so I must assert that you are weak in English Grammar skills as well. So let me simplify things for you. If someone places a Geocache that you enjoyed finding, let them know by posting a sentence or two in your "Find Log." It is called class, courtesy, honor and respect.
  3. Sbell, according to your post count, you like to be heard. My post count shows that I usually don't have too much to say. But let's be honest, if someone goes to the trouble of creating a cache, hiding a cache, posting it on the internet, the least a finder can do is say a short sentence. While I agree that some caches deserve no more of a post than a '.', some caches took weeks and even months to plan. I am in the midst of planning a cache that I can guarantee has NEVER been done before and will be unique, have nice views and be a fun find. When all is said and done, I will have over 100 hours in this cache. Personally, I think it deserves a little more of a find log than a cut and paste "TFTC." While the title of this thread is about writing a story or you are being disrespectful, I think there is a very large MIDDLE ground. More than a TFTC and less than a novel. I basically own the town I live in when it comes to caches. I think every cache in town except 2 or 3 are mine. Some are simple magnetic or lamp skirt caches, others are small container caches, and some are ammo box trade caches. I even have one 5 Gallon Bucket cache here. So I put out a variety of caches, some were easy and some were more difficult. Personally, it is disrespectful to do a cut and paste, short log for a nice cache. It would be akin to having a very fine dinner, excellent service, but because I eat out so much, I just leave a $1.00 tip. The only "tip" a cache hider gets is the "Find Log." Extra good caches deserve more of a "tip" than a simple lamp skirt cache.
  4. Let me expand a little. After you are dead, would you rather have "He found 15,000 caches" or "He was a great friend" on your gravestone? I have been caching since 2002 and have found around 550 caches. Obviously, numbers don't mean that much to me. But last Saturday, my wife and I threw a very nice Christmas Party. We had a Geocaching couple drive 60 miles to come to our party, and we had a GREAT time. Finding 100,000 caches wouldn't even hold a candle to the friendship we created with Don and Debbie, cachers from Farmington, New Mexico. At the party, we didn't talk about "how many", we talked about the FUN caches, the UNIQUE caches and the INTERESTING caches. In this area, we have a virtual cache where the Train Robbery scene from "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid" was filmed. It is a bronze plaque right in the middle of a residential neighborhood, that you would NEVER find except for the cache. There is also a cache at the "Bradford Bridge" where the cliff jump into the river scene was filmed. There is also a cache here in a cemetary that the nearest road is over a mile away. Over 100 gravestones, some with DIED dates in the 1820's. It looks just like something out of a western since there is no upkeep on the gravestone. FUN CACHES.
  5. I treat a cache as a FRIEND. If you meet a friend and just 'snap' your fingers as your rush by, then by all means, cut and past your "TFTC" and move on. If you are in it for 'the numbers', that is your life, a life that lacks meaning if you ask me. In 2009, I have met MORE rude cachers than my previous 8 years, COMBINED. I even emailed on person who claimed to have found my cache but his signature was no where on the log, and he told me off like I was an idiot. To me, people who log finds and do NOT really find the cache are in the same category as those who copy and paste, "TFTC". The Geocaching community used to be a classy, wonderful group of folks. But it is turning into an arrogant, condescending, competitive bunch of riff raff, who cut and past logs because, "I did a one day, 111 power cache run." You know what, I DON'T CARE. I hide fun caches, in fun places, with unique views and places you would not see otherwise. If you are in it for the numbers, then you are missing the entire point!
  6. One circumnavigation of the globe: http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=571765 Look at the map! 27068 miles.
  7. Why is it so WRONG to be offensive? I am TOTALLY OFFENDED that we have such an inept person in the White House. BUT, me being OFFENDED is MY PROBLEM, and no one elses. If I get offended, IT IS MY PROBLEM, not the person who allegedly offended me. So called "Political Correctness" is nothing more than a huge, stinky pile of Bovine Excretement. For every one of you who is offended at that cartoon, you really need to get a life, get something exciting going and stop worrying about some picture on the internet. The strongest AGENDA here is the original poster. He or She got a really long thread going. so I guess they got their jolly for the day. How sad.
  8. 1. Because it is NOT at the listed coordinates. 2. Because there is no log on it. 3. Because the NAME of the cache states that the Black Bee's are a CON. I think I will put a sticker on the back of the magnet that states "NOPE, you've been conned" What do you think?
  9. I have something similar but different in a way, here is the cache: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...99-d5477ddf5c6d Liz's Con: Black Bee's This is a traditional cache, just go to the coordinates, find the cache and sign the log. But I put up a 3 inch by 3 inch magnet on a nearby Qwest Telephone Junction box with two "Black B's" on the magnet. This is the 'CON' in the cache name, but people scratch or scribble their names on the back of the magnet and claim the find. The coordinates do not take you to the magnet, they take you to the actual cache. Both the cache description and the hint say DO NOT BE CONNED. Over half of the so called "Find Logs" on the cache did NOT sign the cache log. I emailed a few of the "finders" to tell them that I did not see their name on the log and you would have thought I told them they were having an IRS audit. They say things like "Why should I bother with reading the cache page" or "I never read the hints, I don't need to", etc.... I don't want to come across as a mean cache hider, but I don't like LAZY cachers either. You might as well carve your name in a tree near the coordinates to the cache and claim the find. SHOULD I ENFORCE THE RULES AND DELETE THOSE 'FIND LOGS' WHO DID NOT SIGN THE LOG? If the cache name says CON in it, it should be fairly obvious that you need to be aware of a CON. What do you gals/guys think?
  10. First off, I love them. Next, WHY is it called a "Lamp Post Cache?" I have a LAMP on my end table next to my recliner. I have a Street Light on my property and the local malls have Parking Lot Lights. I like to call them "Post Skirts". That way, it does not matter what is at the top of the post, it may be a light, it may be a sign or it may even be an antennae. So keep hiding those PS caches, I love them. Most of the caches in my area require a 3 hour drive, a 4 hour hike and two days.
  11. I have had several caches STOLEN by the National Forest Service, and most of them, like this one: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...ef-64c2637b4d13 are NOT on National Forest Land. This cache is on Colorado Department of Transportation EASEMENT land, it is a HIGHWAY PULLOUT maintained by CDOT. So I just replace it and write a letter to the NFS. Another trick that I do is that I place a cache right next to the NFS boundary fence. Three of my caches are less than 10 feet from the boundary fence, and you know what, the land around my caches LOOKS NO DIFFERENT than the land on the other side of the fence. Some one posted that we need to "keep the land pristine for our children and grandchildren". What a load of CROCK! If you really want to keep the land pristine, eliminate the MILLIONS of heads of cattle that roam the National Forest land for 6-9 months every year. Talk about LAND EROSION, SHEESH. Keep the MILLIONS of Jeeps, Motorcycles, and ATV users out. Keep the Hunting Parties out. You ought to see the damage done by a week long Hunting Party of 10 hunters, camping the same spot. They do more damage than 1,000 Geocaches would do in 10 years. Look along the shore of lakes and streams that are popular fishing spots. You will find MILES and MILES of fishing line, hooks, lead sinkers, beer cans, trash and eroded shore line. I find most National Forest personnel to be elistist, arrogant and condescending. A handful are very nice, polite and helpful. Civil Servants, what else can you expect?
  12. I want to know who, or what, killed the horse, poor animal!
  13. I live in Colorado and my parents live in California. When I go visit them, I usually help mom hide a new cache or two. A couple of examples are "The Recession Rolls On" and "Howard Blake TB Hospital." Since I helped hide them, I like to watch them, getting an email about each finders log. BUT, I don't want them to show up on my searches when I am trying to find "unfound" caches around mom's home. Also, I don't think it is fair that I count a "find" for them either. Or is counting it as a "find" acceptable in "Caching Ethics 101?"
  14. As far as I know, I am the ONLY Geocacher in my town, Bayfield, Colorado. There are a handful in the next town over, Durango, Colorado, but even there, there is only maybe 8-10 Geocachers. So I am curious, how many of you are the ONLY geocacher in your town? Do you have trouble finding new caches? Most new caches that I get emailed to me would be over 100 miles round trip if I want to be first to find. Also, I have seen new geocaches take 1-2 weeks before there is a FTF. We even have one that is three weeks old here that has not been found yet (120 mile round trip for me to go there). Or do you live in a city where a FTF is timed in "minutes from publication"?
  15. My first cache was a VIRTUAL, but I had NO IDEA what that meant so I spent two hours trying to find some kind of container. The year? 2002. Although I don't have a lot of finds, I keep the county I live in pretty "cleared" from my unfound list. Only two not found in my county today for me. I can still remember that first virtual!
  16. Here is an example of what one person thinks is not of much useful value but someone else might think is pretty handy. I manage a residential rental in Pagosa Springs, Colorado and on my last trip there, everything I needed to make a light repair was at, you guessed it, THE DOLLAR STORE. Some tape, nails, screws, trash bags, etc... I would love to find a kit of miscellaneous size screws in a geocache, very handy to have around. My parents have a cache that has a "TB Hospital Theme" and many items in it include ace bandages, regular bandages, and other small medical items, not high in monetary value, but when you need them, it sure is nice to have them, ie. it's nicer having a bandaid than blood on your steering wheel! A dollar store type item is good, not for the dollar value, but for the "use value." I also like the Coleman Store idea, the Claire's store idea, the yard sale idea, the army/navy surplus, etc.... I still like my main idea: IF IT WASN'T SWAG BEFORE YOU FOUND THE CACHE, IT ISN'T SWAG AFTER YOU FOUND THE CACHE.
  17. I think what we need is some INSTRUCTIONS on WHERE to get "COOL SWAG." First off, get $10.00 or $20.00. Skip a meal out once a month if you have to. If you can afford a GPSr, gas to drive around, a computer to look up Geocaching.com, then you should be able to get a few bucks. Next, find the nearest "DOLLAR STORE" which goes by several names. The one by me is called "Family Dollar Store" and the other one is called "Alco". Go in there and find a half dozen or dozen items THAT YOU WOULD LIKE TO FIND IN A CAHCE. A small stuffed animal, a tool kit, a bottle opener, hundreds of items to chose from. If you trade, these items will last a long time. A few times you may have to change two items for a really good item, so you will occasionally have to replenish your STASH. Here are a few guidelines to remember: 1. If you got it for free, it probably is not a good trade item (there are exceptions like dollar off Subway Coupons that are still good, etc...) 2. If the item has no meaning to you, it most likely will have no meaning to someone else. 3. If it was NOT a swag item before you found the cache, then it is not a swag item after you found the cache.
  18. One Beer > 10 DNFs Then there is the question, "What is a DNF?" Yes, it means "Did Not Find", but what if you reported the DNF and the CO goes out and states that the cache is indeed GONE. I no longer count that as a true DNF. Is it a DNF if you can't find it, go find other caches, and then come back and FIND it? Is it a DNF if you can't find it today, but do find it tomorrow? If you go out five times, can't find it the first 4, but find it on the fifth try, is it four DNF's or one or even NONE since you found it? I have very few DNFs if you get to erase them if you went back out and find them.
  19. Thank you MissJenn. I figured there was an "automatic" email generator accidentally executed. Now for that cache, it is a magnetic 'eraser sized' cache, 20 foot UP the lamppost.
  20. I just got an email saying my Premium Membership is expired but my profile shows that I am paid through June 4, 2010. Is anyone else getting an email like this?
  21. Just found this one, over 117,000 miles: http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=33628
  22. I know this is not anywhere near the record, but I do think it is neat that I have a bug that has circumnavigated the globe, starting in Durango, Colorado and now resides in Denver, Colorado after having traveled more than 27,000 miles. Here is the link: http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=571765 I have one other one that also has over 20,000 miles on it. How far has your furthest traveled bug traveled??
  23. There have been many threads about whether something is "in the spirit" of Geocaching. Which in turn, evolves into what is the spirit of Geocaching? Originally, it was a five gallon bucket hidden by one person and found by someone else. It evolved into hiding many different sized containers from a BB to a house. Then came the virtual caches, and then the multi caches, and then the puzzle caches. There are Web Cam caches, and benchmark caches. There are earth caches and underwater caches. Caches are basically limited to the imagination of the hider. As for the topic here, PUZZLE CACHES, I can see both sides. Sometimes, a puzzle cache is extremely fun and satisfying to complete. On the other hand, some puzzle caches are created for the SOLE PURPOSE of frustrating the cache finder. To me, this falls into the category of posting 'bad' coordinates, not archiving a missing cache and not having a cache placed at all. The goal should be to still have cachers find the cache. If you do not want folks to find it, then what is the point? The one thing that does bother me is the "PAT" response, "If you don't like them, don't do them." This is not the point of the discussion nor does it answer any question. Are puzzle caches in the spirit of geocaching? Yes, here is why. No, here is why. When you post "If you don't like them, don't do them", what you are really saying is "sit down and shut up." THAT is not in the spirit of GEOCACHING!
  24. Since the admins took away my fun of reading all the humor on the "new law" thread, I want some more humor. Last Week, I was caching after a strong rain and it was on a SLIPPERY SLOPE. Luckily, my wife had the GPS so I was able to grab a pine branch before falling off the 20 foot drop. Dang slippery slopes. Nike's are not made for Rocky Mountain Hiking! From now on, Hiking Boots for me when on a SLIPPERY SLOPE!
  25. VERY GOOD. Very proud of you for doing that work to get it back to the owner. I lost my Magellan on my very first outing, I had not even had the chance to enter my name and address in it, I was just testing it out. To my misfortune, I fell on 14,100 foot Mount Sneffels here in Colorado and the GPS plastic belt holder broke. I ran ads for days online and in the local paper. A person answered me and he said that he met another set of hikers the next day who found a GPS unit and asked him if he lost it. My home coordinates were programmed in it, but I guess those who found it wanted to keep it more than return it. So I bought a Garmin60CSx and programmed my name, address, phone in it before it left the house. A tip of the ole hat to you for getting that unit back to it's owner!!
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