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  1. Cool topic. I was thinking the same thing at one time. I suggest looking with other people who know what they are doing FIRST before you go look.
  2. Micro, Nano, Pico - I hate all these small caches, mostly because I can not find these things. I can hide 25 micros in a space of 25 feet by 25 feet. And you NEVER EVER EVER find them. I just have a hard time with the point of doing this. I like the big caches that I can place a travel bug in, and extra things. LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION is the reason why of caches, and it seems like micors ignor that.
  3. Looks like I can do this all via GSAK. I just run two qieries with only a SINGLE attribute set. The resulting two pocket queries can be MIXED at import time in GSAK to give me a list of caches that are common in both lists only. Long way around but it works.
  4. Yes LAST 10 and my new cache should be listed in the LAST 10 as in came out on July 17th. If you're talking about this page, it only shows the last 10. If you're talking about this page, your cache is listed.
  5. I asked about this same issue in May in the ATTRIBUTES discussion here (found that old discussion string with no answer). This should be a simple fix in the POCKET QUERY generator code.
  6. I put up a new Hybrid (letterbox) cache and it never shows as a new cache for my state. Most likely because it is a letterbox cache, and not a traditional cache. Are only traditional new caches shown on the STATE new cache page?
  7. I did this also. I set up a pocket querry and then just did the preview to see the latest caches. I never get the instant notifications in any consistant maner.
  8. When I do a POCKET QUERY and I select several attributes (like 24/7 or NIGHT or POISEN PLANT) to use, I notice that I am get all the attributes ANDed together. So I get everything with 24/7 on my list, and everything with NIGHT on my list. What I should be getting is only the combination of NIGHT and 24/7 combined. This makes no sense. Has this been fixed?
  9. If after we reach our five daily pocket queries, can the system be set up to allow the purchase of five more for reasonable fee. Like $1?
  10. Yes this is a known issue. What you were asking was for caches that have the 'boat not required' attribute (which can't even be set!) when what you want is caches that don't have the 'boat required' attribute. The whole search by attributes was not very well thought out. I have to confirm this problem. ATTRIBUTES needs to have some work done on it.
  11. Ellteejak

    Pda For Caching

    wow, lots of money spent on a PDA!! with all the extras. Dell axium, bluetooth GPS, software!! Looks like well over $500 worth of stuff. Well I cant argue with that, as people like to spend money (better than cigarettes or gambling). So how long between recharges does the axium last while you are out hunting caches? Maybe five hours? I am still saying that with a cheap Garmin Geko for $100 or less, and a Palm IIIxe PDA, and Cachemate (can live without GSAK, even though I recommend getting it), ****you are paperless for $150 GRAND TOTAL!!****. If you already have a GPS then you can spend as little as $30 to be paperless to get a Palm IIIxe (which lasts a month on lithium batteries!!!!). P.S. I just bought a Krusell case for my Palm IIIxe, and it makes the PDA look terrific, while protecting it!!
  12. I bought a used Palm IIIxe for 420 as a backup PDA while caching. It is now my primary caching PDA. Pop in a lithium AAA battery set and the thing wil last two months!! get a ink pen stylus, and you have a built in pen for writing logs.
  13. Ellteejak

    New Palm

    I would get an Ique 3600 for about $250. GPS built in. Nice unit.
  14. Ellteejak

    Pda For Caching

    Okay I have two PDAs. One is my expensive "geeked out" one that works great. Garmin Ique 3600 for $250. The other is my no frills basic PDA for caching, and never caring if I break it Palm IIIxe for $20 (yes, only $20). The $20 one works great, using 2 Lithium AAA batteries, I expect maybe two months on the batteries, literally!! It can store about 1000 caches and notes (about what most GPS can store). It has a back light. I bought a Stylus that has a writting pen built in. Forgot to mention I am using cachemate software for $8 and GSAK software for $15. You need these two softwares!!
  15. You can get these adapters on ebay. some search like "palm AA battery adapter" should work
  16. Ellteejak

    Ique 3600

    The PITA factor is in full force if you do not get an external antenna for your vehicle. You need an external antenna. Buildings,hills, embankments, and the other electronic devices in your vehicle all will screw up your radio reception without one. So get one for $20.
  17. Ellteejak

    Ique 3600

    Red90 converted me. BUT.... be prepared for some technical learning to use the IQUE3600. I have had it for two months, and I still have new things to optimize on it. As for the battery... You MUST keep the device cradled in your car to keep it charged (car kit), and you must get an external antenna (mag mount thing). You can use it without the cradle, but the battery will not last long when out walking (about an hour or two worst case, if you are reading and looking at maps and directions). I had the battery upgraded and it works even better. Yes you are going in over your head, but you MUST GO OVER YOUR HEAD to learn how to properly use this technology. The GPS direction technology IS NOT bullet proof. You can and will get lost with it. With practice and optimization though you can get 10 caches a day, on a bad day (CACHE and DASH less than an hour types). Okay, I am new to this. If I get this, am I going over my head? I want to cache hunt, but my wife is direction disfuntional and I thought it would be good for her car too. I had the e legend for a few days and it was okay but needed a better map so I went looking on ebay and found the iQue that was loaded with a map and had a car kit for $60-70 more so I thought why not? We will use it on vacation driving and on occasion for a location in town but we really want to get into this geocaching game even though we struck out 3 times in a row. I did a search and there were some good points and mostly bad thoughts on the battery life but not much on the use for the "common man".
  18. Needed: 1) Hardware to run a mobile paperless geocaching application (like cachemate) for a long time (like two or three weeks on batteries) 2) Must have some non-volitile memory (can not be erased for a few MB, and at least 8MB total for running applications). 3) Must have variable alarms with calendar 4) Must be able to link to OUTLOOK calendar 5) Desired to have a USB connector; but required to have the standard PALM connector too/also for NMEA connections to GPS devices. 6) Must be cheap (under $30) Found: 1) Sony Clie SL10 – monochrome version 2) Palm IIIxe – monochrome 3) Palm M130, M125, M500, M505 (some have SD card slots) 4) Handspring Visor (color has more capability, but less battery life?)
  19. bump. Hope someone else can give further comments on their cheap PDAs.
  20. Well said! I guess that is the point. FTF is FTF, and nothing changes that handle. Not trying to start an FTF hater club, but rather to put us back to the caching roots. Then again if you are not into FTF then just ignor the whole FTF thing completely. I like that idea. Just ignor FTF until you accidentally become one.
  21. When I select to use the ATTRIBUTES to search for specific caches in the POCKET QUERIES I get all the ATTRIBUTES combined. For example if I am looking for a cache that has the two attributes NIGHT and 24/7 (both) I can not get this from my pocket query search, because the search results will give me all caches that are 24/7 and all caches that are NIGHT combined in one large list. What good is that? Can this be fixed with a selection of AND or a selection of OR just above the listing of all the ATTRIBUTES? It is great that you can turn them on or off via the NOT symbol What I want is only caches that are NIGHT and 24/7. Not all 24/7 caches are NIGHT caches, but all NIGHT caches are mostly 24/7. Do you see the issue?
  22. I was thinking serialize them (cacher #1 cacher #2, etc.) and make the card unique for each cache. Okay someone could come along and steal all the cards at once, but why would that matter? They are unique for the cache, you can replicate them, they cost nearly nothing (how much does perforated inkjet printer card stock, and lamination sheets cost?). You could even replace the "card momento" by sending a SASE to the cache owner, to ask for a replication. The owner could check his/her cache actual log, and his/her cache web page log, and then send back a replicated card. This kind of removes competition a little from the FTF issue. It gives a memento for the find. It also serves as proof of completion (not debated that on this discussion).
  23. I have been reading in the media about the death of the PDA. People will be using: 1) Cell phones (like blackberry) 2) Media players (like ipod) 3) Small full computers So this is good for cachers!! We can start to take over the PDA market with our need for PDAs while paperless caching. I here that the cheapest PDA you can run CACHEMATE on is maybe $30 including shipping. That is some very cheap paperless caching.
  24. Well I kind of think that caches are for people to have fun to do at their leasure and not a racing game. I wanted races wouldn't I go for the wilderness running community, or other cross country or orienteering communities?? So lets see if I can set off a movement for the FTTF community. FIRST TEN TO FIND. Maybe get people to put laminated cards (something cheap) in thier caches, to collect. Maybe this is a lame idea, so let me know you COURT OF PUBLIC OPINION folks.
  25. Well this is a significant event that seemed to get buried in the depths of the forums and on the geocaching web site. POCKET QUERIES now let you pick your attributes. So for the CACHE & DASH folks you can select just the LESS THAN AN HOUR ATTRIBUTE and your state, and find just the caches that can be done quickly. This would help to build experience with finding caches quickly. Also helps you see the variety of caches and variety of locations.
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