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  1. Looks like you have two situations: 1) Floating in calm water, then grab it again. 76CSX. Not floating in a river then grab it from the edge. 60CSX 2) Not floating in deep water, and lost forever. 60CSX. Floating and find it 76CSX. how about using a lanyard??
  2. I saw on the WIKIPEDIA web site reference for SIRFIII chip that the H2OC DOES have the SIRFIII chip. BUT I am sure that is FALSE reference information as I can find no data to backup the WIKI page. What I do see is that a SIRFIII (like the garmin products) has twelve channels of data, while the Lowarnce has 16 channels of acquiring data. Anyone have other data on this?
  3. Mkae sure you are using the latest USB driver from garmin. Mine was updated for my Legend C via the USB conenction. Works great now. N1KCG
  4. That's good information. Navigator will work on the handheld. I have an Ique 3600 with MAPSOURCE (activated). I also have a Etrex Legend without MAPSOURCE, but Garmin activated it to the MAPSOURCE from my IQUE. Works great. then I just ordered an upgrade to the MAPSOURCE as I was due a free upgrade from Garmin. So effectively i get the latest map sets on both of my devices.
  5. I just found this. Looks like a great bargain for going paperless. found this news at www.Techbargains.com. Palm Z22 Handheld PDA w/ Palm OS Garnet 5.4 $74.99 Free Shipping Circuitcity.com has the Palm Z22 Handheld PDA, featuring a 5" touchscreen color display, 200MHz processor with 32MB RAM, and Palm OS Garnet 5.4 operating system, for a low $74.99 Free Shipping. Tax in most states. good PDA
  6. 1) read my discussion about optimal fast upload of data to PDA. I just started talking about this issue. If you use GSAK you can select just the top 100 caches near a specific ZIPCODE to upload to a CACHEMATE file for sync to your PDA. This should speed things up significantly for the transfer, and also for the working on your PDA. 2) also get the application called BACKUPMAN for your PDA with a SD memory card. Anytime the PDA dies, you just startup BACKUPMAN to restore the data from the SD card, and you are back in business. Of course you need to get a PDA with a SD memery slot.
  7. GSAK outputs a CACHEMATE file directly to my PDA for sync. I am trying to reduce the size of the files transfered to just the top 100 local geocaches at whatever ZIPCODE I am working with. I used to send everything over to my GPS and my PDA, but I am finding that this clutters the database on the GPS or PDA so much that it slows the applications down (applications within the PDA or within the GPS).
  8. What are folks finding is the best optimal fast way to update the data on your paperless PDA or the waypoints on your GPS?? I was experimenting yesterday and found that if I was using GSAK I could sort by the center of the ZIP CODE to the town I was attempting to travel to. Then I can upload only the top 100 from the list. The upload can go to my GPS (Garmin Legend), and to my PDA (Ique 3600). Is this how most people are doing updates?
  9. What do you mean by the Lowrance limits you to 5 SD cards? If I get some 1 or 2 GB cards, are you saying I can only get the lowrance to recognize up to five of these cards?
  10. I am looking at the Lowrance IFINDER H2O Color versus Garmin GPSMAP 60Cx Both have maps. Both have color screens. Both last 15 hours on batteries. Both have good reception. Both have SDcard expansion slots. Lowrance has 16 channel GPS chip while the Garmin has 12 channel GPS chip. Is this a significant issue?? Lowrance has a larger screen than the Garmin. Is this a significant issue? Lowrance unit on Amazon is $100 cheaper (about) than the Garmin unit.
  11. I was looking at the price differences over on Amazon. The Garmin 60Cx is $320, while the Lowrance H2O C is $250. You might be able to win an ebay auction for a H2O Color for $200. Get a color unit. They are worth it.
  12. Martin, This is awesome!! I was thinking of a Prius, but I think you sold me on one if it has such outstanding design technology. I hope Toyota comes out with a PHEV version next year (PLUGIN HYBRED ELECTRIC VEHICLE).
  13. Are you sure?? The advertisements all says 16 channel for the H20C, but the SIRFIII chip devices are 20 channels (I think). Am I wrong?
  14. I have talked to a few people about GPS units integrated into cars. Lexus has them, and Suburu has them. But who has the best integrated vehicle system? Reason I am asking is that in a year I will be wanting to buy a vehicle, and I do not want the aftermarket ones as they are a magnet for thieves. Plus I always like integrated solutions.
  15. 1) waterproof - ness well that can be fixed. Just buy an otterbox, or a waterproof bag. People use PDA equipment on boats all the time. Of course that adds to the overall cost comparison again. 2) batteries - dead too early. That is a big issue. Even using a Palm E2 PDA in full bluetooth mode (need to connect to a bluetooth SIRFIII GPS) might kill the batteries in less than a few hours. I think we all need to be able to use our GPS - PDA combination for a full 15 hours at least (then recharge overnight). 3) Maps and other tools. Here is the cost killer!! Updated maps cost money. I think the IQUE 3600 (with maps) is the best solution. Though getting a Palm PDA TOMTOM map set sounds very very nice (and running it on a cellphone PDA). Too many nice toys.
  16. I know this is a bit of a hijack - but can you tell me what software one needs to install on an M500 to be able to store and browse .gpx cache info from geocaching.com? Also, is there any need for the M515 color version if this is the only use the Palm will get? I've been realizing that printing out and carrying these cache pages is getting to be a hassle. Amazon sells these via third-party sellers - is this the best way to go? Thanks! Usually CACHEMATE software for $8 should do it for storage of cache data. GEONICHE software is more sophisticated for $25 as it can do integrated navigation. Buying a PDA is like any used device purchase. I rarely ever have problems, but when I do it is hard to get it resolved. 50/50 chances to save bucks. Only buy a PDA that has an expansion memory slot, as you will need to store more data, and to backup your PDA settings, with backup software (costs another $10).
  17. So how many GPS units do you have at home? Do you have an extra for relatives to use, if you get them to go out looking for caches with you?
  18. I think you are correct. It is Apples and Oranges comparison. MAPS!! dadgum that is something I did not have on the radar. I was looking at all the things that a person can do with a 60CSX and I think I am heading that direction. If I find a bargain at the $250 price I know I will get it. Right now personally I am using a Garmen Legend C, but the problem in Connecticut is narrow rock wall/canyon/hill areas, and reflection.
  19. Does the GPSlim236 have a SIRFIII chip in it? If not then you should upgrade as teh SIRFIII is teh superior technology.
  20. I can buy a Garmin 60CSX at around $300 or I can buy a Palm PDA (TX or E2) and a Bluetooth SirfIII chipped GPS for around $250 combined has anyone investigated which is the better solution? Hope this is not too technical a question.
  21. I am wondering if anyone has used pocket queries to make a list of the most active cachers in a defined area? I know I can use the GSAK program to somehow make this work, but did not want to reinvent the wheel. Does anyone have the procedure to do this??
  22. Has anyone seen the two new Christmas Garmen commercials? They are absolutely so funny. Did anyone do a capture of the commercials and post them to Youtube yet?
  23. Somewhere I read that pocket queries on routes seemed to not work. has this been fixed? ********** The temporary solution seems to be to run the pocket query to the screen, and download the resulting LOC file. Then import the LOC into GSAC to just tag/flag only your files that are in the LOC (can be done during import). Then you have a list of caches tagged/flagged that you want. ******* I send this list from GSAK to my PDA via CACHEMATE export. I send this list from GSAK to my road mapping software MICROSOFT STREETS & TRIPS via export, and import as travel stops along a driving route. I send this list from GSAK to my GPS connected to my laptop.
  24. Ooohhh the alcoholic killer mushroom!!!! For your beer drinking friends.
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