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  1. Walmart has the Garmin I3 on sale right now for I think $189. This will give her a car GPS while giving me maps for my 76csx. Best situation so far.
  2. Right now I am thinking of getting the Garmin I2 for the wife for a birthday present ($175), then I will have the software to use with the Garmin 76CSX.
  3. That is a bargain!! I just cancelled my order for a 76CSX at least for now. I will see if I can get one used that includes CITY SELECT or CITY NAVIGATOR activation and DVD already. The Garmin 18 deluxe gives you a PC with UNLOCKED software for doing route navigation, as this GARMIN is just a sensor. I do not think I can use the extra UNLOCK code from the bundled CITY SELECT (aka CITY NAVIGATOR) to activate and install maps to my external stand alone GPS (like a 76CSX).
  4. This isn't a source, but if you're looking for a low cost Garmin that includes maps that can also be activated on a second GPSr, you might look at the i2. I bought the i2 for ~$199 last July (you can find it for less now). It came with CN NT V7 on DVD with a free upgrade to V8. I initially activated the maps on the i2, and then later used the second activation on my 60Cx. Thanks for the good information!!
  5. just found that CITY NAVIGATOR comes in the NT and the non-NT versions of software. this is getting a little crazy with licensing methods. It seems very easy to buy the wrong map set.
  6. now I find that CITY NAVIGATOR is available in NT technology and non-NT technology disk versions. talk about confusing!!!!
  7. Wait wait WAIT!!!!!!!!!! The 76CSX will charge the rechargable batteries while INSIDE the unit? First issue: Is everyone certain of this??? I have never heard of a device that would charge up the batteries in the battery compartment directly. You always need to remove the batteries and put them in a charging device separately. Second issue: Also I was thinking that everyone needs to check that the correct voltages on these aftermarket chargers will be supplied to the GPS. Some chargers change the voltage at the cigarette lighter plug to something way less that connects to the actual device (12V to 3V sometimes). well if it is working I can not argue with that fact.
  8. It looks like I will be shopping for the best source for a bundled Garmin GPS with included new unit UNLOCK code for the included GPS. The map set I am looking for is CITY NAVIGATOR V8 DVD but I will settle for the older CITY SELECT V7 DVD. Does anyone know if the Garmin NUVO has included map software? Or does anyone know of another configuration that has included map software?? I need to make sure that this would be a brand new unit, with unused YELLOW unlock certificate, that can be activated, so that it will give a second code, in addition to using the unlock code with the original unit.
  9. This is what I am looking for 1) City Select or City Navigator software with a used GPS, as long as the spare UNLOCK code is still available. 2) Stand alone City navigator software with unlock code available. email offroad1994(at)gmail(dot)com (above email address used to reduce spam robots - just change to the correct format).
  10. Bumping this to the top again, as I made some significant changes to what I am offering.
  11. where did you buy one and what did you find? I might be looking for the same device myself.
  12. I am selling my Garmin IQUE 3600 palm PDA (with built in GPS). It is going with all accessories. 1) City Select DVD maps (unlock activated - and I will give you the code) and the DVD and the original yellow certificate (no spare code, but original works fine) 2) software installed: a) BACKUP MAN FILEZ c) CACHEMATE d) CACHENAV e) PLANISPHERE f) TIDE TOOL g) WAYQUE h) MIMEE i) CETUS GPS j) BEJEWELED2 k) BUSKER and lots more 3) All power cables, and USB cable, and and external battery pack, custom case (the best one that fits exactly, custom stylus (with built in pen) 4) Glisson "like" external magnetic antenna 5) 1 gigabyte SD memory card. 6) Garmin car mount and auto navigation kit 7) Internal Battery is the enhanced DOUBLE POWER battery that allows the charge to last twice as long. I am looking for a fair price for it, but I will beat the average EBAY price for this item. Else I will try to sell it on EBAY (listed on Amazon for $299 right now). I am thinking somewhere around $200 depending on offers I get.
  13. This is like reading a great book: Normal Guy tries to use extremely complicated gadget to do a new hobby!! I think there should be some FREE course put on by fellow geocachers on OPTIMIZED use of your GPS. ********** Just to emphasize the issue with electronic maps. Garmin has three different maps sets on three different CD/DVDs, each with several revisions. METROGUIDE CITY SELECT (no longer being sold by itself) CITY NAVIGATOR How much you spend to get maps, is in direct relation to how much of a techno-geek you are (or how frustrated you get), because you will need to understand all ways that these maps can be used in all license configurations to get the best bargain. Bundled versions of each of these map CD/DVDs could be coming with your GPS, or you might need to buy them separately.
  14. look at my discussion about UNLOCK codes. You found the same information I found. Great write up!!
  15. Also just found out there are three different versions of map software for Garmin, and each has a few different revisions depending on how old they are. METROGUIDE CITY SELECT CITY NAVIGATOR So, combined with how many bundled GPS are available used and new. It looks like I have lots of options.
  16. This is your only legal option. This violates the Garmin licensing agreement, which indicates that unlock codes are not to be shared between multiple users. While you could technically do this, it's not legal. In other words, while you could "split the cost" of the software with a friend and each get one unlock code, doing so violates the Garmin license agreement. I see many "vendors" selling CITY SELECT or CITY NAVIGATOR (DVD by itself in "sealed" package) on ebay that include the unlock codes. I could even buy a bundle package of a GPS and CITY NAVIGATOR with that extra UNLOCK code. Many options to try. And lots of time to consider saving some dollars.
  17. okay I changed my post to call the product CITY SELECT NORTH AMERICA V7 DVD as that is exactly what it is.
  18. 1) Original purchased Garmin IQUE 3600 that includes CITY SELECT NORTH AMERICA V7 DVD with two unlock codes (one for the IQUE and one spare-free) 2) Bought a Garmin LEGEND and used my second unlock code. (Looks like unlock code is perminantly linked to the serial number for the unit; and maybe your user name; and maybe even the original source DVD) 3) Sold my LEGEND, and effectively sold my unlock code (did not realize that was happening). 4) Bought a 76CSX brand new, but no unlock codes available. Should have bought a used 76CSX with the unlock code already installed for CITY SELECT NORTH AMERICA V7 DVD, and saved myself $75. Options: A) Send the 76CSX back to the company I bought from for a full refund (WALMART online in my case, so they will do a refund - just eat the cost of shipping). Then buy a used device with unlock code installed. (effectively a used unit with UNLOCK code assigned, is more valuable than a new unit) Try to load maps to my SD memory card for my IQUE and see if the 76CSX will read the card. Not likely, but could be the same. C) Spend $75 for two additional unlock codes. D) Ask someone to sell me their second unlock code for something less than $75. You own it and you can sell it. Else buy CITY SELECT NORTH AMERICA V7 DVD with unused unlock codes off of ebay.
  19. You know I wonder if this will work with my existing Garmin IQUE 3600 (a PALM PDA) and my SD card for the IQUE. If I put everything on the SD card, can I then use this SD card in my Garmin 76CSX and have the maps work. Effectively a "work around" to allow the maps to be used on two devices, without unlock codes. Well eventually I will try, but I have doubts it will work.
  20. If I had known this situation was going to happen, I would have bought a used 76CSX with MAPSOURCE CITY SELECT already activated. Maybe LOWRANCE is better than this?
  21. Here is a warning. I just got an email back from Garmin. They are saying that the UNLOCK code I used to link my MAPSOURCE MAP CD (City Select North America V7) with my Garmin Legend is now GONE!! If I sell the Garmin Legend. I can not retrieve my MAPSOURCE CITY SELECT unlock code, and use it for a new unit. Effectively for every GPS that you buy from Garmin, you need to buy MAPSOURCE CITY SELECT again (can not use your old code). ********** On top of that I wonder if the person who bought my old Garmin Legend can use my old unlock code, if I sent them the MAPSOURCE CITY SELECT CD, or if there would be some block for that too. ********** This all sounds like very poor customer service on Garmins part. Maybe we all need to consider Magellen units or Lowrance units?? Do I have this wrong??
  22. I looked at all the options and the best for me was to purchase via Walmart online. They are an authorized Garmin online dealer, and the had the best shipping rate combined with the 76CSX price, and my Walmart credit card (wanted to buy over time via payments).
  23. bought 76csx at Walmart online today for $380 shipped second day. Walmart is an authorized Garmin dealer, unlike many that have been mentioned as sources for GPS units.
  24. I think of the 76CSX like a supersized IPOD. No edges to catch on anything. This is the unit I will be buying if I can find someone who will give me a "bargain" price on one. All I am finding is the standard price of $330. No one else has anything better than that for a price, and several vendors have this price. You would think some smart retailer would through in a 1GB SDmicro card to sweeten the deal to get people to buy from them, instead of the competition.
  25. I was thinking about picking up a 76CSX today, if I could find a local retailer that would accept and do a sale with an ONLINE price match for the item. I guess that is wishful thinking? I have local stores of most of the big retailers available nearby.
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