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  1. The device is


    Whistler WPGX-635 GPS Nav System w/3.5" LCD Touch Screen


    Never heard of Whistler GPS, have no idea of map accuracy, have no idea about data updates.


    Remember that WOOT is a buy, with no return possible (usually).




    Supposedly NAVTEQ technology included (is that MAPS or is it GPS sensor??)

  2. What I, and others, would like is for Garmin to establish a separate setting for Custom POIs in Map Setup > Points in addition to the present settings for Map POIs and User Waypoints. This would have the advantage in that one would be able to reduce all the clutter caused by all the McDonalds, Pharmacies, Real Estate Agents, Hardware stores, ATMs etc and therefore be able to see YOUR own Custom POIs.


    (V3.1 had the Custom POIs lumped in with User Waypoints - that's what Custom POIs really are - and then v3.2 moved them and lumped them in with Map POIs - a retrograde step.)


    The Beta version of POI Loader works just fine. I've been using it since day 1. Recommend it to everyone.


    If in V3.1 they are lumped with WAYPOINTS then that could mean they were stored on internal memory to the GPS?? So in V3.2 they are now stored on the memory card?


    This is a question!!

  3. Lets say I am in a traffic jam. I have a GPS which can do autorouting. The GPS DOES NOT have a "route around" function. Also say that I have a map.


    So what should I do to get out of the traffic jam?? I was thinking.


    1) Since you are stuck and waiting, first set your GPS to navigate to your final destination.

    2) Take the nearest exit off, and start driving in the general direction of the same travel you where before, on side streets.

    3) After you think you have gone far enough from the previous traffic area, activate navigation.




    I think there are flaws with this method. As an alternative


    1) Since you are stuck, set yourself to navigate to the nearest gas station, off the nearest exit.

    2) Ask them where the nearest next on-ramp is around the traffic problem.

    3) Program your GPS to get to your final destination, and head in the general direction of what the gas station attendent says.


    any quicker more efficient ideas?

  4. FYI according to Garmin, in a conversation I had with them earlier today, other significant differences between NT and Non NT versions.


    NT was designed to be used with the in car systems, and the outdoor units do not have the same indexing abilities using the NT compression system. The information is all the same, however you cannot allegedly perform a find nearest querry using NT on an outdoor unit, or search by name (if i recall the conversation correctly). They STRONGLY recommended i get the non NT version for my 76 CSx.


    Anyone have an update on the search limitations? Or processor performance when using the NT version?


    BUMP the message. I have not seen any further discussion about this matter.

  5. Are there any other good CHEAPER programs other than City Nav V8 that work well with the Garmin?


    Older versions (if you can find them, and unlock them) will work on your GPS. Some of the very old data maps have no locks on them at all.






  6. Xer0piggy -- have you done any research on sources for POIs and how they work with the 60CS? I downloaded a few (Duncan Donuts listing) for the GPS, but really I am more interested to what people have found for POIs to place in their 60CS.

  7. So kinda Day3:


    Low and Behold, there is topic concerning MS Streets and Trips right there (although for a different brand unit). In it a poster (thx cacheoholic!) mention's using Garmin's "spaner" to connect his 60CSx to the PC with the USB cable to make it work. So I go back to Garmin's website and type in a search for "spaner" using their search function. No luck! Maybe he typo'd it cause "spaner" looks odd. I try "spanner" with 2 n's and still NOTHING!. OK, it's Google time. God bless those IPO millionaires! Their software actually works. Even Garmin's website software is crap. A "google" search of "Garmin Spanner" comes up with a link straight to the Spanner download!!! A Garmin website search of "spanner" came up with NOTHING. THis does not reflect highly of Garmin's programming expertise. Here is the "spanner" program if you haven't got it: http://www8.garmin.com/support/download_details.jsp?id=1627


    I install it and voila! Presto magnifico, a USB to virtual com port redirect. Of course, Garmin can't simply call it or even describe it as such (even though that's what it is). They have to call it "Spanner" as if that means a dadgum thing! In addition, according to the description for it: Spanner allows you to use your GPS 18 USB...yada, yade. WTF is a GPS 18? I don't know and the manual doesn't say. According to the website, its a GPS receiver only. The software/driver sure wasn't linked to the 60Cx in any form or manner. And yet amazingly, it works (as it should being nothing more than a USB-serial redirect).


    I don't know if the program has an issue with old USB files in place, or was just screwed up. Either way I knew how to get around it, but someone not as well versed as I am with computers will have a helluva time if this USB update program is as big a piece of crap as I believe it to be.


    Now I don't know if MS Streets and Trips is any better than Metroguide on the PC, but it does look a helluva lot nicer on initial 2-min random button click testing. But this is an apples to oranges thing since its an older version of Metroguide versus a brand new versio of the MS product.



    I have to agree with you 100% about the Garmin web site and the disorganization, also that no one knows that you can do this USB to SERIAL port redirect of the NMEA data with the 60CS (now obviously I will be able to do this with my 76CSX too!! - THANK YOU SO MUCH!!)


    Also look at this FAQ for the 60CX which tells you about much of what you have mentioned

    60CX FAQ


    The GPS 18 is the cheapest way to get a GPS new from Garmin with UNLOCK codes and maps via CITY NAVIGATOR. The GPS 18 is $100 at Amazon.com and it includes the UNLOCK code, plus of course you get a free extra for your other device. The GPS 18 is a "mouse GPS" (It looks like a mouse) that connects to your USB port and you place on your dash or on your rooftop.


    And you are correct about the screwed up USB software driver install. I just did this work last night, but ended up installing the old driver, as I did not think about the WORK AROUND you mentioned.


    Do you mean 12? Are you sure it comes with maps?


    www.walmart.com has the garmin I3 (yes the I3 which is the color unit) on sale. The I2 is the black & white unit. The unit includes CITY SELECT on DVD. If I do not like what I get, then I drive over to Walmart and they take it back, full refund at the local store (even though I bought via mail order).


    The Garmin I3 arrived. It has CITY NAVIGATOR NT V8 on DVD in the package. This is perfect. The 76CSX will work with the second UNLOCK code that Garmin includes with the I3. Just had to register everything on the Garmin web site.

  9. Looks like the SD card is now only a 128 MB card instead of what I listed originally. But still works great!! And the cover case is a Krusell custom case!!! (these are the folks that know how to make cases).


    This PDA can play movies and music. Can put the IPOD to shame.


    I am very interested though in what you believe is different between City Navigator and City Navigator NT. I was told by Garmin that both CN and CN-NT have the same level of detail; however, City Navigator NT is compressed so it won't take up as much space on the GPS unit, and they tend to use CN-NT on newer models.


    On my Legend C (Color with no card) I had internal memory of 28MB. It could just barely store all the roads in Connecticut and Rhode Island. I was using CITY SELECT (now called CITY NAVIGATOR) version 7. When I select map sections under MAPSOURCE I was getting very small map sections to select for upload to the Garmin (literally 1/2 the state of Connecticut at a time - seemed to be the size restraint. The city of Boston had four different map sections).


    Now I upgraded to a 76CSX with a 128MB card. I registered CITY NAVIGATOR NT V8 with the 76CSX (extra unlock code due to my wifes Garmin I3 registration),and I selected the whole southern New England at once. This is at least eight times larger a map section to upload, all at once. The NT version is compressed somewhat, and can be handled by my unit, so it is worth the upgrade for me.


    Just be careful that your unit can handle the NT version of CITY NAVIGATOR. And if you do not want to wait for the DVD from Garmin you can always try TORRENT download of CITY NAVIGATOR NT if you can find it. You just will not be able to UNLOCK unless you have a second code.

  11. I admit, it does take some getting used to the Garmin menu system. However, I have even more trouble with my cellphone menu than GPS menu. If as you say, Garmin advertises it as being easy to use without any land navigation skills, then that is downright irresponsible. You can't rely on electronics. That's why I have a CX and not a CSX. I never go in the woods without a regular magnetic compass. That's what I will trust to get me home if my GPS ceases functioning. I've been using the same compass for 20 years, and it never lets me down. It stays in my pocket when the GPS is working, so I don't normally need it. But it's there if I do. Therefore safe GPS use requires SOME navigation skills.


    If you plan on going cross country (leaving the well worn trail, or if you get confused at trail intersections) then yes always have a compass, and a cell phone (turned off so your battery will not be dead when you need it), and a flashlight, and a whistle, and water bottle. In North america the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, which will get you a very rough direction. In my 30 years of hiking without GPS I have never been more than a mile off, but I always seem to follow well worn trails, so I admit it is not easy to get lost.

  12. The user interfaces of the "cheaper units" like the Garmin I3 that my family purchased recently are much more user friendly. A scroll wheel and push to select, makes a lot more sense than the touch screen in a car. I see this every day in the hospital as we have both a touch screen, and a scroll wheel on patient vital signs monitors.


    Touch screen gets dirty from people putting dirty fingers on it all the time. Scroll wheel takes longer to work, but gives you time to think about your selection as you are working the selection.

  13. It is a good idea to get the SIRF chipset as your placement of the GPS in your car could result in some blocked reception for the older model. But, that said I just bought a Garmin I3 via walmart online for less than $200 for my wife. It is supposedly lady friendly (meaning user friendly). We will see.

  14. Okay I just bought a Garmin I3 GPS which includes a map DVD. So I am very interested in this situation.


    According to a friend who bought the I2 (I2 is black & white, while I3 is color) he was able to load the maps on the I2 and on his 60CSX for no additional cost. There is a difference between the CITY NAVIGATOR NT software and the CITY NAVIGATOR standard, so now I am a little confused about what this friend mentioned, when they said they were able to get the extra "free" UNLOCK code for their 60CSX.


    If this does not work for me I will be returning the unit to WALMART per the best "no questions asked" return policy.


    Look at POST #4

    Look at POST # 18 too


    This post says they used the second unlock code for their 60CSX for no extra cost.


    Look at this garmin web site


    Garmin Maps compatability tool


    It literally depends on which specific GPS that you have, and whether CITY NAVIGATOR NT or the CITY NAVIGATOR standard will work. Play with the selection of MAP and you will see the available list of compatable GPS change at every different map selection.


    Garmin tech support may have thought you said 60CS which is different from 60CSX. It is an easy mistake to make.


    Thanks for the tip on the 'work around' for the maps. I haven't paid the 100+ bucks yet as I was hoping to come across something else. After many nights searching for hacks for Garmin, it seems they have a pretty tight control on tying hardware to software. $100 is the end of the world, but it's still $100.


    Try buying a Garmin I3 (best KISS gps for car?) for the lady in your life (Mom, sister, GF, etc.) as it is $200 at Walmart. You get the maps via this purchase, and you get the browny points with the lady. If you do not like it then Walmart has a 100% refund, at their store (no mail in required). At least that is what the sales rep said on the phone.

  16. lol...you didn't did you!!....weren't you going to get the legend cx? i still can pretty well guarantee you that after a couple of months i'll be back to the legend CX again!! Always happens!!


    Just remember if you activate the maps to the 60CX then you loose that UNLOCK code forever to that unit. You will not be able to UNLOCK maps on the LEGEND CX without a new code.


    Do you mean 12? Are you sure it comes with maps?


    www.walmart.com has the garmin I3 (yes the I3 which is the color unit) on sale. The I2 is the black & white unit. The unit includes CITY SELECT on DVD. If I do not like what I get, then I drive over to Walmart and they take it back, full refund at the local store (even though I bought via mail order).

  18. Wait wait WAIT!!!!!!!!!!


    The 76CSX will charge the rechargable batteries while INSIDE the unit?



    This has been discussed before, and IIRC, the unit will NOT recharge your batteries while plugged in to external power. The purpose for having different battery types is so that the meter will work correctly.


    Did not think it could. Just everyone's comments maybe me think that Garmin actually "over designed" the GPS with some extra technology. Glad to see they are focusing on GPS and not on power (except to reduce power consumption).

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