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  1. Don't people find some odd ways to say "no"!!
  2. My Palm Tungsten has just given up on me and even though it's in warranty I simply cannot wait the 4-6 weeks turnaround I've been quoted. Whilst looking for a replacement I notice that PC World are selling the Tungsten E as a bundle with Kirrio GPS kit for £250. Does anyone know if this combination is any use for caching? Can you download waypoints in loc or gpx format into it ok? I know its only for in-car use but the ability to see nearby caches is essential. Am I better to shell out an extra £200 for the Tom Tom and T3 combi??
  3. That's disgraceful. 160,000,000 euros is about 110,000,000 quid. Say around £10 per cache (box, logbook plus 2 macdonalds happy meal goodies) gives 11,000,000 caches for 2003. The UK currently has only 4310 caches! Yet another example of the raw deal we in the UK get from Brussels. No wonder Mandy was unwilling to comment. Vote UKIP - British Cash for British Caches!! [Edit - bad spelling or bad typing? you guess]
  4. Whilst I absolutely agree with you there Ullium we have a had the experience of bringing-up twins, one of each sex, which has proved enlightening. We have tried to treat them exactly the same and seeing my 5 year-old son walking off to school dressed as a pink fairy does bring a smile to the face! However, for the most part, and in spite of our conscious attempts to be equal with each, Sally likes dollies, the toy kitchen and pretend housework, whereas Nicholas loves lego, football and trains. I don't really know why this is so; they're too young for peer-pressure to be an issue. Either we are unconsciously treating them differently or perhaps the kids have gone into mummy/daddy role-model mode. Maybe these things are to a degree pre-programmed. [edit - speling (which is another thing women are better at!!)]
  5. Numbers Men Unite!! Simon, I reckon you've been a member for about 7 months according to your profile and have 29 finds. Thats 4+ per month. I've been an active cacher since August 2002 and with currently 71 finds to my name gives me an average of 2.7 per month. Whilst I cannot claim anything like your level of commitment I must surely take the crown as about the slowest regular cacher around. COTM Dibbler!
  6. I've just started doing the 'Nuts About Cumbria' cache which is the first one I've seen of this type. As I have never cached in Cumbria before it is a nice incentive to get out there and a way of filtering which caches to get first. On my first visit last week I managed to get to 2 of the 3 TBs and placed them both back in other caches the same day which seems the best way to go about these (there's nothing more fustrating that seeing the one you need 'in hand'). Although I did manage to break the cache rules straight away by placing one of the TBs 500m outside Cumbria (in North Yorkshire - do it good to see some civilisation ). There's no law stating that you have bag 'em even for the most dedicated numbers guys. If you don't like them leave them. Eventually, you will probably get hold of the TBs in the normal course of cacheing anyway - what's the rush!
  7. I've just passed 2 years and my numbers also make interesting reading: 1st year = 19 2nd year = 37 And I'm still working up to setting my first cache! This has to be some sort of record! Still - the numbers don't really matter do they?
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