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  1. I received a message from GC.com at 3:31 today to inform me that my new cache (Bishops and Monks) had been approved and listed. Within 80 minutes Harrogate Hunters had seen the cache, visited it and logged the find on GC.com!! The Owner notification of the log was timed at 4:50. Come on Robin - give someone else a chance!!
  2. Let me know when you're away and I'll make sure to set a couple - give someone else a chance for FTF!! Well done Robin.
  3. As least you were looking for the right cache - even if it was with outdated co-ords. Here's my red-cheek moment: Log All the worse because I was trying to introduce a muggle to the joys of Caching. Still haven't had chance to get back & do it properly.
  4. I'm sick of seeing this thread at the top of the list. Can you lock it now please Ian??
  5. oooooh - 996 SP?? Come on, come on - lets get another biggie out of the way...
  6. None of the above - but thanks for the relief from the interminable CTs Alex [].
  7. A few people now have mentioned that they know of caches which have been trashed by people who logged onto the gc.com site. Is there any evidence of this and was any action taken against these people.?
  8. I have a few caches which are in high footfall areas (town or city centres mostly) and I have set micros in these specifically because I think they might be compromised. Easy job to pop round and re-set them and no problems with TBs or goodies going missing. As has been pointed out the easy answer if you are concerned with non-members finding (and deliberately trashing) your cache is to make them 'members only'.
  9. I don't think it would make a scrap of difference. I would be extremely surprised if the people who do this have ever heard of Geocaching yet alone visited the web site and planned the sortie. Much more likely is that they have just stumbled accross a box of stuff hidden (although perhaps not well enough) in a wood.
  10. I use the Kirrio and TE combi. Whilst it's OK for in-car use it cannot be used outside the vehicle so is only of limited use for geocaching. I think Phoenix might be mistaken - the TE uses an odd usb connection which is not generally compatible with any 'off the shelf' gps unit (that I've found at any rate). I had to ask Brian Smith to basically rewrite Cachemate and Cachenav to work with this particular combination (which he did - highly recommended for Palm users). Also you cannot use bluetooth with ViaMichelin as bluetooth is not built-in to the TE (only available as an SDIO card) and you need the slot for maps. I bought the TE and Kirrio/Via Michelin combi for about £200 and to be honest I'm glad I didn't pay any more. Summary: Tungsten E: fantastic. Via Michelin: OK, but buggy, fiddly to use and slow. Kirrio hardware: does the job. Better by far to get a T5 kit-out. Hope this helps (though, I suspect not a lot).
  11. Is that a North Yorkshire record or are we being more ambitious?
  12. A nearby cache had been muggled a few times by local youths who actually signed the log and put the cache back! Of course, this situation was never going to last and eventually it was trashed. I found the log book and returned it to the owner who obviously (and probably wisely) decided not to replace it and it's now archived. I think once a cache has been compromised it is only a matter of time before it disappears.
  13. Sorry - I'll try to make this much more interesting: Congratulations Klaus23 on your 554th posting.
  14. After an earlier thread praising the storage space on Gmail for PQs I have been using it for the past couple of months and was getting a little worried that my 12 Weekly PQs were rapidly filling the 1 gig allocated. Now I find that I have double the space . Enough for well over a year's worth. PS. I still have 50 invites for anyone who wants one (just e-mail me via my profile and I'll send an invite pronto).
  15. This is surely the worst in Britain! It probably ticks all the boxes - micro, nothing of interest in the area, drive-by etc etc. (Could I be accused of 'Cache Promotion' by saying this??)
  16. It would appear not!! I'd move if I were you.. Sorry its not much of a reply but I just hate to see a lonely thread!!
  17. I use a Garmin V with mapsource City Select. The basemap on the V isn't really any use for practical purposes. I think of it as a schematic - more London Underground than Ordnance Survey! Mapsource maps are great though - pretty much always spot on.
  18. After more time than I'm going to admit to I have finally registered my copy of GSAK!! I sold some computer kit on ebay this morning which left enough in my paypal account to finally 'do the decent thing'. I don't know why I'm posting this other than to underline what a fantastic piece of software this is. I don't readily register stuff unless it becomes indispensable (the last one was CacheMate). Warm & fuzzy indeed!!
  19. I bagged the original Cuckoo Cache last year. It was inspired, being both a travel bug and a cache in its own right. So with one find you logged two caches and a tb. I suppose it could also have held other TBs within it! Now that would have been one for the numbers men! Now in New Zealand I think.
  20. Though I don't have any evidence for this I would imagine that the vast majority of caches do not have the landowner's express permission. Many are on public land but most will be on some form of private property. Just because it is located on or adjacent to a public footpath or bridleway doesn't mean that the land is not privately owned. Come on then, own up.. how many of your caches have full permission?? (Open question).
  21. Some progress seems to have been made - note how long this thread has been "allowed" to continue.
  22. For some strange reason Mrs S bought me this for Christmas.
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