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  1. LOOM - you were lucky to 'ave a Loom! We used to have to make clothing out of rocks we hammered flat wi' our 'eds.
  2. I still have my (home built) ZX80! Now worth a few quid I've been told. Not a heck of a lot of use for 'paperless caching' though!
  3. It is only a game kids. Whether a log is valid or not is up to the cache owner and NO ONE ELSE. If your logs are accepted - great. If not - tough; get on with life. I have my views; some deeply held, some not. Here's a clue: if you see this sign: , or this sign: , or this sign: ; then you shouldn't get too excited.
  4. Did a cache yesterday (CGNC5Y) that didn't contain a pen or pencil. Two previous cachers didn't bring their own but both managed to leave a mark. The first somehow managed to stamp a smiley face in the log. The second really showed some initiative: they used one of the swaps (a hotel room sewing kit) to sew their name into the log sheet! Ingenious. So I still say "no excuses!" (Well done Huge!! )
  5. I think that Harrogate Hunter's three should certainly be added: GCH2N7 Harrogate Hobble GCHGXF Ripon Ramble GCK5H5 Skipt 'un Scramble And Weavey's GCHCPW Tumultuous Tumuli. (Spot a pattern emerging here?)
  6. Fair enough. I bow down to your greater experience.
  7. Find a few of the type you plan to set and see how others have solved the same problem.
  8. I have found several caches where the log has either been unsignable (usually waterlogged) or full. In these circumstances I use another piece of paper (I generally carry a waterproof notebook & pencil), sign that and pop it into the cache as a record of my visit. Often I put a few sheets in as a temporary log and e-mail the owner to advise of the situation. So - still no excuses!
  9. Not signed - no find. No excuses. BTW "signed" means put some mark on the log. Doesn't need to be legible or even written; just marked. Edit: I believe that this is also a legal definition of a signature.
  10. Really cool.. I'd somehow missed the original thread so I've gone through the whole process in the last half hour. I'm really impressed with these little tweaks. The thing I love about Firefox is that it works great on my Apple iBook as well as my PC. Love it.
  11. 2.50 which I'm certain is the most recent. I've read somewhere that if you can find an older version and roll-back then it is more tolerant of correction data. IMO the benefits of the latest version (eg via points for routing) would outweigh the benefit of EGNOS though so I probably wouldn't go back anyway.
  12. It looks like my comments on "battery save" mode is applicable only to my unit. I notice that on the most recent manuals Garmin don't use that term and refer to it as "Demo" or "Simulator" mode. Still can't get EGNOS though!
  13. I suppose that technically you are correct. You would also be correct to extend this and say that: "if you were not in normal mode you would get no locational information at all"; so definitely no WAAS correction! At least this is the case with the GPS V. Maybe other Garmins are different.
  14. Palm Tungsten E GSAK (plus premium membership for gpx files) CacheMate. All excellent value and highly recommended. I also use CacheNav as I have a gps link to the Palm but it doesn't give anything that the normal gps gives. No maps, but I've not noticed this is a handicap (I keep paper maps in the car in any case). I also use Autoroute to give me lots of little red & green dots on a printable map.
  15. That statement is actually very misleading: At least with my unit 'battery save' mode stops all satellite reception and is intended for 'indoor use'!! Presumably this is to enable route planning without the unit wasting energy trying to locate all those pesky satellites!
  16. I just wish their units acted with some consistency! Clearly Garmin are capable of making their gpsrs accept the test signals and I assume it's only a firmware tweak to make any WAAS-enabled unit do so. Perhaps they feel that some units are more likely to be used in 'safety critical' situations; I know this range is popular with aviators (with one model, the GPSIII-Pilot specifically made for this market), so shouldn't give any augmented readings until the systems are certified. Shouldn't complain I s'pose - it's a well made and reliable unit which delivers excellent performance under non-augmented conditions and Garmin are generally a really good company to deal with (except, obviously, on this subject).
  17. Here's what I normally (well, often) see on my Garmin GPS V: I'm not complaining about the 15ft accuracy - plenty good enough for caching - but it's really frustrating when you consistently get reception of the EGNOS sats but the unit refuses to accept the corrections. BTW when I took the above photo I had been stationary for about 20 mins and had been 'seeing' the EGNOS sats all day.
  18. That's No 33 on the Garmin Units. From where I am (N.Yorks) I seem to get a clearer signal from No 37 (which is ARTEMIS). I believe this is still only sending test signals at the moment so my Garmin (V) doesn't try to use them . The signal from 33 (AOR-E) seems too irregular to get a good fix from here so I am among the many still to see those lovely little Ds. What I need to find is a lovely country pub with a south-facing beer garden and a clear view.
  19. For all geocaching use it's best to keep the gps set to display "DD MM.MMM" and essential to have the datum set to WGS84. I only switch it to BNG in order to plot the waypoints on to an OS map and then switch straight back. The Heading setting is only relevant to bearings (ie the heading you need to follow to get to the next waypoint) and relates to how the unit displays these. There are three different "norths": True, Grid and Magnetic. If you plot bearings on a map then set to GridE000 (although I'm not sure that this is valid for OS maps - it may be a US map standard). For geocaching it is probably best to have it set to Auto mag as this will calculate and display the bearings (to the next waypoint) relative to the Magnetic Pole which means you can follow these bearings without adjustment using a compass. I'm afraid this is a bit rushed as I'm dashing off to work but I hope it helps and no doubt someone else will be able to give a more detailed answer.
  20. Go check the log - not signed, no find!
  21. Whoa there tiger.. I forgot to mention the most important rule of all: It's only a game.
  22. Hmmmm ..... Just a couple of observations: Item: Slytherin first placed his in the A1/M62 bug hotel at Ferrybridge. Item: Rule 4 clearly states: "Place it in the nearest cache to your own home.". I realise that Slytherin described this home area as "the Great West Yorkshire Cache Desert" but was there really no nearer cache to Birstall? :D I smell a Steward's Enquiry... Now I've just got to disqualify the remaining 12 that are ahead of me!!
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