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  1. ..and he re-wrote the GPS interface so that Cachemate would recognise my Kirrio/Tungsten E combi. Fantastic support.
  2. I bought a charger and eight 1600 mAh NiMH batts today at Maplins for just under a tenner.
  3. Fantastic service!! Brian Smith is an absolute star. Another great reason to use Cachemate!
  4. I've set a few town centre caches and I specifically use 35mm film canisters so that if/when they go walkies they are cheap and easy to replace and there is no sense of loss. That said, it's still bl**dy annoying though!!
  5. I think it's probably not a good idea to get too attached to TBs, and certainly don't release anything which has particular value to you as a TB. In spite of the generally excellent spirit within the sport there are always people who don't know or care about the etiquette of Geocaching, which along with muggled or destroyed caches make it more or less inevitable that eventually all TBs will end up in that great TB hotel in the sky.
  6. How about organising one on the 17th June next year somewhere in the Harrogate area? I would suggest the Traveller's Rest on Skipton Road is a pretty good location.
  7. We should apply Occam's Razor here: as there is no clearly correct rational explanation coming forward we can conclude that the simplest explanation is that it must be ghosts!
  8. General rule (stated several times elsewhere in this forum): Log not signed, no find. However, in my view this rule can be trumped by the higher function: the cache-setter can define his/her own rules! Therefore I'd say it is entirely at the cache-owner's discretion whether a claim is allowed or not. If it were one of mine and if you logged a DNF and then you were good enough to e-mail me separately to describe the spot and advise me that you thought it had gone; I would first check that the cache had indeed disappeared, and then, if I was satisfied that you had visited the scene of the crime I would e-mail you back to say 'claim it'. But, if someone were just to post a 'found it' without authorisation I would immediately delete the log.
  9. I live near Harrogate and I get that feeling every time I do a 'nearest caches to home' search! It wouldn't be so bad if they were just normal 'box in the bushes' type caches but both here and around West Yorkshire (where I work) there are loads of leading edge sneaky puzzles & multis which would test anyone! Apart from the obvious occasional frustrations though, it is really great to have such challenges near to home.
  10. Your cache, your choice. It's hardly a matter of life or death either way.
  11. I love PC World... Last year I bought a PC for my mother whom I thought would appreciate the peace of mind of being able to physically take the unit back to a shop if anything went wrong. The salesman pressurised me into taking an extended warranty including taking £50 off the price and including a printer and consumables at no extra cost (this was a £499 system). The receipt showed that he had put the warranty through at £50 and discounted the rest. I took the offers, then returned a week later to cancel the warranty (as is my right under the 'cooling off' period conditions), got refunded £50 and kept the pc, printer and goodies!!
  12. A quote from the BBC web site this morning: "As on 7 July, the bombs are believed to have been carried in rucksacks. Three are thought to have been of a similar size to the previous bombs, while the fourth was smaller and appeared to have been contained in a plastic box." How long before our urban caches and caching activity are seen as suspicious I wonder?
  13. Excellent Brian - Now, how does that compare with how many there were a year ago? ( ) 138 in Yorkshire - It look like it is just me then!! I'll have to quit micros.
  14. The recent North Yorkshire Meet had 58!! This was one of the things that prompted my chain of thought.
  15. Maybe it's just me but I cannot remember the last time I found a TB in an 'ordinary' cache. I can think of a number of possible reasons: 1. There are fewer TBs in circulation. 2. There are many more caches around so the ratio of caches to bugs has hugely increased. 3. Everyone is taking them to cache meets or bug hotels rather than placing them in ordinary caches. 4. I'm completely wrong and everybody else is finding them everywhere! Any thoughts?
  16. Oh yeah.. they're definately part of the 'other' list until you solve them!!
  17. Sounds like an audition for a new band!
  18. ..all of the above.. PLUS: for me one of the greatest pleasures of caching is the immense satisfaction of solving a really tricky puzzle cache without any clues or help from other cachers. Unfortunately, I often then don't get the chance to actually locate the container for many months!
  19. With you all the way davester - say it how you see it. Some may agree , others disagree ; but they're just your views and make the whole thing much more interesting.
  20. Rubbish, pointless, idiotic, pathetic and above all unhelpful 'hints' on supposedly easy caches. ps. If it's a puzzle cache or a 3-5 star difficulty then that's a different matter. Oh, and people who take offense too easily.
  21. If you set the dates correctly on pocket queries then you can get all the current UK caches in 15 queries. Which means you can fill GSAK with the entire UK set in 3 days (and keep it updated with regular repeat queries).
  22. I will just second the previous comments: all you really need is Cachemate, GSAK and Groundspeak premium membership. Well, you don't really need GSAK but once you've used it you never want to be without it.
  23. I get mine irregularly. They're no bl**dy use though as all the 'new' caches have had at least half a dozen finds and several notes posted by the time they appear on the list!
  24. I fully agree with you Phoenix, and I always try to give my kids a proper sense of proportion. It seems crazy to me that we don't let our children play with their friends in the local park, but will happily buy our seventeen year old a powerful car for his/her birthday. However, I know that where our families are concerned many people believe they cannot be too careful and will do whatever is necessary to protect them, even if that protection is way out of proportion to the actual risk. So if someone want to follow Globetrotter's example that is entirely their choice and I would never think to tell them otherwise.
  25. 1500!! - Now that's worth a congrats thread . Very well done. (At current rate of progress I've worked out that it will be the year 2038 before I reach that target!!)
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