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  1. After the upgrade to Google Earth last week I was looking at some old haunts which have now been upgraded to high quality satellite images and I came across this: It's at N 52 33' 34.64" W 0 23' 8.67" (I've used DMS as that is what Google Earth likes). What's going on here??
  2. Not if you are following a magnetic compass! To answer the question: It is easiest if you convert to decimal degrees, then: Lattitude is easy, just replace N with S (or vice-versa) For Longitude you have to replace W with E (again or vice-versa) and subtract the degrees from 180.
  3. So which way will your compass point??
  4. I don't see the point of FTF prizes. For those that go in for FTF-chasing (is there a word for this?) surely the prize is the FTF itself. I'm willing to bet that most areas have one or two cachers who pretty well mop up every new cache that comes out within a 10 mile radius in a matter of hours (yes, I'm thinking of you Robin ).
  5. Do I detect a hint of paranoia???
  6. Hate chatrooms - I always feel like I'm intruding on a private conversation.
  7. I find those GPS thingy's really useful for navigation.
  8. In this cache pylons are the principal (indeed only) feature!! I don't want to be accused of self-promotion so I'll repeat here what I say on the cache page itself - "I really wouldn't bother doing this if I were you".
  9. Along with telegraph poles, sewers, railways, bridges, motorways etc etc etc. Everything can be a target to someone. My advice is stay indoors. Although ROSPA do state that the majority of accidents happen in the home.
  10. Just another quick 'pro Garmin' post. I broke the serial connector pins on my 'V' and returned it for repair. It cost me £20 which I thought was fair enough and it was returned within one week. The guys on the phone were extremely helpful throughout. The model itself has been totally reliable and an excellent 'all rounder', being used for road, air and marine navigation as well as fell-walking, Geocaching and as a replacement for my trusty London A-Z. I've had it for more than 3 years and wouldn't part with it.
  11. What on earth is the point of giving every cache you do 5 stars?? Seems to me to defeat the object of the ratings.
  12. Just posting to try to get my numbers up. []
  13. Nope. It's every bit as boring in reality as it looks on the map!!
  14. Joined Friday 23rd August 2005 (1161 days I reckon). Found 131 (average of 3.45 per month or less than one a week). Set 5 ...famine or famine for me then!! Finding these boxes has extra pleasure due to rarity value for me - and DNFs hurt all the more!
  15. Whilst it's a pity to lose that particular cache, which I believe was innocent in intention, I agree that the line has to be drawn somewhere and this one was on the wrong side of it. Right decision Eccy..
  16. In my view humour is never out of place. I just feel there's some sort of vote going on here!!
  17. Oooh - combining my two pet hates: bad grammar and 'congratulations' threads! Good job I'm a laid-back easy-going kind of guy or I could get involved!
  18. I'm surprised you're surprised by this result Forester. I would have thought that given a large enough number of readings taken over a significant period of time the 'average' inaccuracy overall would tend towards zero. In fact it would not surprise me if the average co-ordinates you have calculated are more accurate that the OS ones. As far as the practical value of these readings is concerned I think it gives us 2 vital pointers: 1. on any given reading you've only got a 50% chance of getting accuracy of better then around 3m; and 2. The more readings you take and the longer the period of time between them the more accurate they are likely to be when averaged.
  19. North Yorkshire - 352 caches, 349 logged. Does that mean that there are 3 FTFs out there for you HH??
  20. I seem to recall from a previous thread that there is a difference between how Magellan and Garmin units take 'average' readings. When I save a waypoint on my Garmin V there is a separate function labelled 'average location' which then starts taking one second readings and updating the position from these with ever-improving accuracy until I say stop. I believe Magellan units somehow do this without user input but I'm not sure how.
  21. Isn't that the point.. "replacement or fix". I understood that the choice of which is theirs not yours. BTW, I'm no lawyer so would love to be told I'm wrong here!!
  22. Three years caching and I still don't feature! I think when I started there were only a couple of hundred cachers in the UK.
  23. The vast majority of people's internet access is via some form of Dynamic IP Address allocation so that wouldn't really solve the problem.
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