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  1. I have had very good results from Duracell AA Rechargeable NIMH 2650 mAh battery's in my 60CSx. I buy them at Wally World, they are around $11-12 for 4 battery's. On a full charge I get many, many hours of use out of a pair. My recommendation is to use a good quality battery charger that slow charges rather than a fast 15 minute quickie charger. Good luck, Barefoot One & Wench
  2. I just bought mine from here, best price I could find on the net especially with 3 day free shipping. http://www.pcnation.com/web/details.asp?item=6G0170 Barefoot One & Wench quote name='superduty1' date='Feb 18 2008, 08:29 PM' post='3326023'] Where is the best place to get a 60csx right now? Walmart.com has the best price I could find?
  3. Wow that sucks . I trust you went out and retraced your steps to try to find your Geocaching bag. I hope you didn't have your GPSR in the bag , or have anything of real value in it. Maybe you could turn it in on your home owners insurance if you had a lot of valuable stuff in the bag. I can't imagine loosing my kit in the woods , I'd be sick I have a few expensive items in my kit. I wish you the best of luck and maybe if you go back out to where you might have lost it you can still find it. Barefoot One & Wench
  4. Very nice, Maxpedition gear is sweet . Is there enough room for all your gear?
  5. Interesting observation, but I'm not to concerned about any nut job panicking and calling out the national guard thinking I'm a terrorist . At 60 years old I hardly fit the description especially with my hiking staff by my side. Drawback with this, is you're liable to set off some nut case thinking there was a terrorist with a bomb strapped to him. (YOU!) they'd see all the bulges, never mind the Groundspeak logo pin. The backpack or book bag is a basic idea.. I've seen quite a few kids getting on my bus with one that's a single 'Sling' type, where the strap is worn across the front, going from upper left to lower right. I still use a standard 2-strap soft pack myself.. carrying GPS, PDA, A couple of ready-eat meals (for long hikes, I bring lunch.) , swag, pen, flashlight, spare batteries. (mainly for the GPS, but actually had to refuel a mini cassette recorder on one cache. Talk about Mission Impossible flashbacks! This tape will self..de..s.t.r.u....*click* Oh-Crap! ) (stop laughing JAMM!), a plastic grocery bag (for CITO), and a couple of hand-warmer packs. (it's winter, and COLD!! )
  6. Interesting how many different ways there are to carry our gear. This is the kit I use now. I use to use a backpack, but it got to heavy to carry and was uncomfortable plus in the summer it made me hot and caused me to sweat alot. This gear is army surplus and very reasonably priced. Much more comfortable and enough pouches to hold all my stuff.
  7. Hi Jim, Interesting I'm going to buy a 60CSx very soon myself and had the same question. I called Garmin's tech support with a number of questions one of them was yours. I was told a 2GB card will hold all of the Map Source City Navigator Maps, I would assume it would hold all of the TOPO also. You can call Garmin @ 800-800-1020 to check it out. Have fun with the new toy . Barefoot One & Wench
  8. Thanks for your hard work. This will help me in my decision making process to buy or not to buy, I'm on the fence right now. Barefoot One & Wench
  9. I would also like to hear if the update allows you to view the icons on the map overlay. I'm not talking about POI's or waypoints. I want to know if the icons can now be viewed on the map if you load the caches through GSAK as regular old geocaches????????????? I've received two e-mails from a Garmin techie over the last week informing me that he is able to view the icons when he loads caches directly from geocachingg.com. Now I assume he only loaded a single cache by clicking the "Sent To GPS" tab on the site. If that is the case, would he be able to view the cache description or the hint? In other words, the techie is saying that all of you who are not able to view the icons on the map overlays are doing something wrong. Another Garmin techie I spoke to on the phone last week said he was aware of the problem and that a firmware update would be offered to fix the cache icon/overlay issue. Which of these techies is full of it?? I have loaded the updates to the firmware and chipset. After reading your entry I have now loaded an individual cache and it does not show the treasure chest. What it shows is a blue stick pin. I can change the icon to the treasure chest. However, when I route to the cache it still shows the stick pin at the end of the route. My treasure chest is still on the map also. Did the Techie happen to mention how he was able to make the cache icons appear on the map?? What do you think?? Of course not. I'm sure he just ended up with a blue stick pin and has no idea what I'm trying to tell him. If you load an individual cache directly from gc.com, does the cache description and hint promulgate to the Colorado. Have you tried to load a bulk GPX file through something like GSAK? If so, are you now able to see anything (even blue stick-pins) on the map overlays in geocaching mode? I have loaded GPX files, the cache descriptions, logs and hints all show up in the Colorado. Which is really cool by the way. I have also loaded caches as poi files through GSAK with the custom poi icons so caches do show up on the map. Currently I have about 5000 on the unit's main memory. The nice thing about this is that you see the cache type when looking at the map. That is what I hope we end up with from Garmin. When I view a poi file I can see a shortened name of the cache Tr? not sure what that means but it shows up on all of them, shortened cache size, difficulty and terrain and the gc number but not cache description or logs. There is a search specific for custom poi files which is nice. I have not done anything else through GSAK because I have not used it for much other than the poi work around. IMHO, there should be no need for a POI work around. The cashe type specific icons should show up on the map. You should get the full name, full cache description, hints, and logs. That is what the Colorado is supposed to do, that is what it can do, and that is one of the things they need to get fixed. From your mouth to Garmin's ear...we can only hope!! Celtic Cacher, you are 150% correct IMHO. I wonder if Garmin in all their wisdom would have still rushed it to market in light of all the bugs in the Colorado if the CES wasn't when it was. I personally doubt it. I have held off from purchasing a Colorado because of all of the afore mentioned problems and at this point in time I'm not sure I will purchase a Colorado. Maybe I'm being unfair, but IMHO when you bring such an advanced piece of electronic gear to market it should be right, at least more right than this unit has been. It's a darn shame. I've been using a Garmin GPS V for a number of years and I don't recall many firmware updates for it. The GPS V is a dinosaur and maybe nothing as sensitive as the newer units, but I still can find the caches with it. Barefoot One & Wench
  10. It will work with a 4gig SD, but not a 4gig SDHD (although people have reported using them). Basically, just assume that 4gig is the max storage. What about the internal memory will it overflow to the SD card if the internal memory is exhausted? Marky, thanks for the help. Barefoot One & Wench
  11. I need some help with a few questions, maybe someone can help me. I was thinking the 400t was going to do it for me, but after considering it comes loaded with the topos I'm not so sure and I know I could also install City Select in the 400t. I have always used City Select North America (V7 now) in my Garmin GPS V and before in my 3+. Since I have a TOPO set (I'm not sure what version) I loaded the Eastern US it into my GPS V. As I expected I didn't like it for a number of reasons one being no street names or road number designations. Also I don't need to know the contours or elevations. So I'm thinking I might be further ahead with the Colorado 300 and just load my own maps into it, weather it's my City Select NA V7 or V8 if I want to buy it. My question at this point is how many maps of the City Select will the 384 MB memory in the 300 hold? If the 384 MB memory won't hold all the maps I want to put in and I install the SD card will the SD card then hold the overflow that the internal memory won't accept? I'm wondering how big of an SD card will the 300 work with, will it work with say a 4 GB card or do I have to go smaller? In any case it will probably be awhile till I buy since I think Garmin needs to work out a lot of issues that the Colorado series have IMHO. Thanks in advance for any answers, Barefoot One & Wench
  12. WOW, A $600 unit and it needs a lube job already, sounds crazy to me . I think Garmin should have kept this puppy awhile longer and got all the bugs out of it. I think it will be awhile till I'll be buying mine . Barefoot One & Wench
  13. How about Devcon high strength two tube clear 2 ton epoxy. http://www.devcon.com/devconfamilyproduct....79&catid=27 I think you should use a small grinder or something to rough up the inside surface of the cap so the surface is roughed up for the epoxy to stick to with your attachment of choice. Another idea would be to epoxy a small container say a film canister to a strong magnet and the magnet would stick to the inside of the cap, provided it was a steel cap. Barefoot One & Wench
  14. I'm still not QUITE sure I exactly follow - but, if I'm understanding you, I think the answer is "yes": The 400t will have the entire US topo maps, pre-loaded. So - if you added your City Select maps into the unit, as well - you would have both available to you, and be able to switch between them, depending on your purposes. To your second question: I definitely use the City Navigator maps most often, but it's not at all unusual for me to toggle over to look at to Topo map if I'm out on a hike, and terrain may be relevant. This was even with the old Topo maps, prior to the DEM shading - which, as I've noted elsewhere, I think makes a HUGE difference on the usability / information conveyed by the map. So - you might still use your City Select maps for most of your caching - but (at least with a 400t), you'll always have those topo maps available. This may be a pro, or a con, depending on your perspective and use cases. Well, I am convinced, at this point, that Garmin will release multiple firmware updates in the not-distant future - just based on past experience. However - if you're in no hurry to get a new unit, you can certainly just "wait and see" what happens. I was perfectly content with my 60CSx - but couldn't WAIT to get my hands on this new unit, and put it through its paces. One final point: There IS a workaround that allows geocaches to be seen on the map - at least when they're sent as waypoints. No need to do the POI thing - though I've definitely been experimenting with every possible way to send data to the unit. That is - until I encounter somebody else holding one, and finally try the "wireless transfer" bit. I'm learning more by the minute. SnoWake, I think the light is seeping in, thank you. So the 400t will hold both types of map sets TOPO and City Select and you can just switch them back and forth to which one you want to use. I suppose this would eat up most of the internal memory and I wonder how much memory would be left for Waypoints and Cache pages. Although if you put an SD card in you would be able to regain a lot of memory, if I'm understanding how the memory works. I suppose by the time I'm ready to buy the 400t with all this education from people like you I might be able to operate it. Thanks to SnoWake and IndyJpr for their help . Barefoot One & Wench
  15. If you're asking whether the Topos will overlay nicely on your City Select maps so that you will now have contours, etc. ON your City Select maps - the answer is no. One will be on top of - and block the view - of the other. You would have to use the "Select Maps" menu to turn off the top one to see the other. Hope that helps. Thanks IndyJpr, Your explanation makes sense, but what I wanted to say and did not state properly is the following. The way I have my old Garmin GPS V set-up is with the county's that I cache in loaded into the V and these are county's selected from my City Select maps. I misstated what I want to do when I get the 400t. I was thinking that with the county's I have set-up with the City Select I could overlay this onto the TOPO in the 400t and still retain my current selection of county's that are in my GPS V. Tell me if I'm thinking correctly, I would already have all the county's on the TOPO map set that is already installed in the 400t and then when I import my Waypoints(Caches) they would be on the maps. I guess my confusion is with the fact I have always used City Select maps for caching and have never used TOPO maps in my GPS V. Another question, will the TOPO map set do me as well as the City Select maps for caching especially when I'm Caching in urban or near urban areas for street locations? I'm just trying to get my mind wrapped around the 400t to see what I need it to do for me. Lastly with all the chatter about the 400t's short falls and lacking necessary firmware updates at this point in time it may be awhile till I purchase one to give Garmin a chance to catch up. The one crazy thing that I see is that no Geocache icons appear on the map, you have to POI them, strange that Garmin would overlook this basic option. I hope this jumble makes sense so someone can put me straight . Thanks, Barefoot One & Wench
  16. I have a question about loading additional map sets on top of the already installed Topo maps in the 400t. Can you load your own selected county maps from your your state or adjoining states into the 400t with the topo maps already installed as the base map? I'm using Map Source City Select in my PC now and thats the map sets I have selected to use in my Garmin GPS V. I hope I've explained myself correctly . Any advice will be greatly appreciated, Barefoot One & Wench
  17. With so much chatter about the new Colorado series, I'm surprised that no one has brought up the differences between the three models . I've done a very simple comparison and all I see is that the 400C and 300 both will hold 1000 Waypoints and 1000 Geocaches, while the 400T will hold 1000 Waypoints. The price difference between the models which are from REI I don't understand . The 400T is 599.00 and it holds 1000 Waypoints, but not the 1000 Geocaches that the 300 holds @ 499.00 and then the 400C is @ 599.00 and holds 1000 Geocaches and the 1000 Waypoints. I suppose I have failed to do a very in depth comparison, but I could not find any real difference and some how I feel there must be . In doing just some very basic reading I'm not sure what the function of the 1000 Geocaches does in the 300/400 series, in as much as does the unit act as a pocket PC and store a basic cache page as you do for paperless caching? I remain confused, any insight from a more learned Colorado owner? Barefoot One and Wench
  18. Hi Aberrix, Is the City Navigator 2008 NT loaded on the Toshiba 1GB Micro SD card or loaded into the 60CSx memory? Since I don't own a 60CSx I'm not sure you can load the City Navigator into the units memory or only into the SD card. Also when you load your county maps of your home area do you load them into the units memory or into the SD card? Thank you, Barefoot One & Wench
  19. alphawolf88, Check out this link for your ant. http://cgi.ebay.com/Amplified-GPS-Antenna-...1QQcmdZViewItem Why buy used when you can get a great price like this? I've bought a couple of these antenna's from them and they are first rate. Keep on caching, Jeff
  20. Sorry your PM never came? I PM'ed you testerday as well.
  21. CheshireFrog, Thanks for the reply, I'm still thinking things over. Jeff of Barefoot One & Wench
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