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  1. I would also like this feature listed immediately to the right side of the screen, where it is visible rather than scrolling down. Also - I prefer the "profile badge" on the top of my account, but that's minor. The PQ preview in Google maps seems to working again - thanks! Is there any way that GC.com can send a friendly reminder if a cacher has had a trackable for more than a month? Just a standard message... not personalized. I've noticed that some trackables go unmoved simply because the cacher forgot about them. Sending an e-mail would be a nice added feature. Just a thought. Keep up the good work!
  2. I didn't see this bug reported, so I thought I'd mention it. I've tried using the "change coords" log type to update the numbers on one of my caches that needed replacing. I've tried it using Firefox and IE, on 3 different computers. Once I enter the numbers in the requested fashion, enter a brief comment, and hit submit, the system tells me "this type of log requires coordinates." I just entered them! Any hints on what I may be doing wrong? Or is this a minor glitch. FYI - I have changed coords on another cache prior to the spring update. Thanks a bunch!!
  3. Previous to the June site upgrade, it did show the date you were going to attend an event. Raine, can you go back to this method? It doesn't do us any good to show the date we RSVP'd, only the date the event is going to be held. Thanks!
  4. Size of the cache is included in a PQ, if specified. Thanks... I'll see if I can tweak my PQs!
  5. A bug that I know has been reported recently... I'm attending a mega-event this weekend, but it still doesn't show up on my "I'm attending in the next 30 days" list. Hmmm... Hope this bug can be fixed soon! Also - is there any way to add the size of the cache to pocket query downloads? It's great to have the hint and date last found in my GPS, but I'd love to know what size cache I'm looking for. Many times, I'm looking for a micro, but don't know it right away. Thanks!
  6. I didn't see this bug mentioned recently. I'm attending the MWGB within 3 weeks, but it isn't listed in my "Will attend in the next 30 days" file. Hmmm... Also - any chance you can add the size of the cache to pocket queries? It helps to know what you're looking for on the road! Thanks much and keep up the good work.
  7. I like where it is now - directly beneath the title of the cache. It makes it quick and easy to find! Thanks for the upgrades... but I noticed a couple of things. One, which has been mentioned before - what happened to the "X number of people watching this listing"? 2nd - Can you repost the link to USPS to look up zip codes on the main search page? It was very convenient! Thank you!
  8. Quite true... it might be nice, down the road anyway, if the cache owner could scramble any photos that were spoilers. Just a thought!
  9. Oh! Good idea! Looks good! I'd love to see that happen.
  10. A bug - granted, a minor one at that - that I've found is when viewing the cache page, the title and description are half-way down the page! Users have to scroll down, past the new "info" box to see the title, coords, and waypoint. Can the "info" box be listed under the title, with the title being at the top of the page? It just seems to make more sense. thanks for the upgrades, though! Keep up the good work!
  11. Ok... I discovered that you must enter the JP... number for the travel bugs, not the TB... number as used on geocaching.com. Thanks for your help, though!! Photo uploaded!
  12. Are you trying to upload a contest picture or just a normal bug picture? I haven't tried to upload a contest picture myself but in going to the jeep page and selecting "Upload a Contest Photo Entry" I'm not seeing a place requiring that you enter the tracking number. "Twin Peaks (UT)" Green Jeep Travel Bug , correct? For regular photos you can post a new log or select [visit log] on an old posting and then you will see the option to 'upload image' Otherwise you'll need to tell me where you are entering the number. Thanks When I logged the jeep find (or placement, in this case), below "log your find", was the Upload a contest photo entry link. After clicking on it, I typed in my personal info... name, phone, etc..., clicked submit, and the next page asked for the tb number for verification. It sounds as if I may be able to skip this, right? Thanks for your help!
  13. I have a question - I'm trying to upload a photo of a jeep I received in the mail and put in a cache. When I type in the TB number, it won't let me finish it. For example: if the number was tb11jep, all I can enter is tb11je - it leaves the last letter/number off. Any clues? I've only been caching a few months and thought maybe I missed something. Help! Thanks!!
  14. The best swag we've ever gotten must have been the 512 mb SD card - perfect for our camera and our GPS! In fact, I think it went right into the GPS. My 2-year old daughter would say that her favorite was a slightly used baseball, which she tosses around with her father. She spotted it in her first find!
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