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  1. Better to carry and not need it, than to need it and not have it. Concealed carry makes EVERYONE safer. It is that simple. I don't carry just for myself, but carry for the safety of others. I carry a 9MM Taurus PT111.....
  2. USAR 1987 - Present Currently an Instructor (92F Petroleum Supply) Service to me is not about the money, but about giving back to the greatest country in the world. I learned land nav the hard way; compass, protractor, miltary topo map, etc.
  3. And I guess calling him "little Georgey" shows a lot of respect for the Commander in Chief of those "self-sacrificing soldiers" of which I happen to be one. Completely uncalled for.... SSG Dru C Reeves USAR
  4. I use the 'Sterilite" containers for all my caches and they do quite well. The trick is to prepare them correctly. First they are spray painted camo and next I install a rubber weatherstrip seal around the lip. This makes them quite watertight as I have yet to have one fail through snow storms and HEAVY rains. You just have to spend a little extra time on preping the containers...the best part is they cost me $.89 ea at Wal-Mart!!
  5. Almost everyone I talk to about caching, I meet on the trail. I never try to hide what I am doing because nearly all the people that are out hiking share many of the same interests that we (the geocaching community) have. There are many logs about people "hiding" the activity. Share what you do and be a salesperson for the sport.
  6. Geocaching is my time to be alone in the field. I have a 50 hour a week job, a member of the US Army Reserve and a wife and four children. MY time to be alone, no stress, etc.....
  7. I ran into some panties on the second cache I ever found. It was in an area that locals like to party in quite a bit. It was still warm outside and I had all four of my children with me (three girls and a boy). Never been there before, so I had the kids stay back a little while I scouted the area out to make sure it was clear! I'll have to bring my wife, minus the kids, when it gets warm!! My two favorite things at the same time.....
  8. 15 Years in the Army Reserve. Currently a SSG serving as a Petroleum Supply Instructor. Have served as an NBC Specialist, Combat Engineer and now a Petroleum Supply Specialist. Seen and done things I NEVER would have done in the civilian world. I don't do it for the money, just for the satisfaction of knowing that I help protect the greatest nation on the face of the planet. SSG Dru C Reeves Cape Girardeau MO
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