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  1. During the crazy time of COVID-19, in the communities I have seen a lot of discussions regarding the desire to have an online cache event type. The attendance log-book would have to be electronic, and there would have to be some special rules regarding the location of attendees. The cache type would also have to be something other than a typical event. Is this something worth pursuing or would it remove the 'geo'-location from geocaching?
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    If you can make it, join people at an event tomorrow: https://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GC71NN9_wrqgt-37-picnic-in-the-park
  3. Have a look here, https://www.geocaching.com/profile/?guid=8aacc140-b6b9-4184-8261-9bfa148cd997
  4. Thanks, we'll find the material and post it again
  5. Huh, yet another interesting calculation. could you perhaps identify their 'first afican cache' to calculate the top ten?
  6. You know you're right, events are being published nation-wide... so, what's your question?
  7. I fnd it difficult to understand that large and virtual has more average finds than others when there is none and fee new ones of these sizes, so I find these graphs very interesting. Thanks for these! A difficult question; could you 'guess' the distance travelled from home to find virtual caches? I wonder if the high numbers are from international travellers.
  8. Could you produce the same graph but for 'placed' instead of 'found'?
  9. That must be the KZN event. Or is somebody else also more prepared than i am?
  10. Thinking up a question is not easy! So why is 14th March next year mathematically interesting? Bonus points if you say the most relevant time.
  11. Fier


    Begin to 28 Aug 2007 (998) To 16 Mar 2009 (999) To 22 May 2010 (999) To 19 Mar 2011 (994) To 17 Dec 2011 (996) To 29 Aug 2012 (992) To 15 Mar 2013 (990) To 17 Aug 2013 (970) To 29 Dec 2013 (984) To 17 Jun 2014 (998) Onwards (98) 11 queries even when ignoring over 500 of the GPS trail caches (march 2011)
  12. Fier


    You got me thinking: There have been a fair number of extra archived caches, so now is a good a time as any to update. I used to go by province then date because of the old limit of 5 pocket queries in a day. But I wonder, as I ignore 400 of the GPS caches, can I still fit everything into 10 queries (the new daily limit?) I'll open gsak later today.
  13. Apologies for being quiet on this forum. We will postpone the hike to early April and we will tone down on the other activities. The tracks would be great, but I did end up plotting on a paper map so I'm comfortable with our plan now.
  14. OK we are on! Weekend of 21 March. There are at least 6 people who want to try Greys Pass. There may be more who will stop over at Keith Hut and not try to hike further. Also there is a crowd who will do day hikes. I have not put much focus on those activities yet. If you want to join the organising please email me directly. Also we need to book entry into the reserve and I have an agreement with a mountaineer to guide us, we'll need to recompense him. So please email me your intention if you have not done it here or on FB.
  15. Tarisma, will you be trying again with us? Any chance you took a gps bread crumb trail as you went?
  16. How about an event at Keith Bush camp - when have we had an event with a terrain of 4?
  17. Those of us in JHB - we can get together to do the westclif stairs. I have no disillusion that some people will find the hike to Keith Bush camp enough of a challenge. There may only be 5 of us who attempt Champaign’s Castle - and then we may choose to skip Ship's Prow. If there is less than 5 people I will feel uncomfortable regarding safety. After some discussions we believe that we should avoid the Easter break. This means that we will not align with the school holidays. However, we need to be cognisant of leave days. Therefore I propose the weekend of the 21st March. Thoughts?
  18. I saw some hikes on their online map, but I have nothing on my old version of their CD. It won't do any harm to ask. But I will also contact some people who live in the area and ask if they have some electronic tracks. (They have extensive maps of the paper kind, but not digital...)
  19. I have lots to say, but where to start? For now, I'm just trying to compile a list of interested people's direct email addresses. I agree a meeting is required - I think that screen sharing will be necessary for the route planning. I also think it's important to plan a big hike (the big attraction) and arrange other group hikes for the same time period. I am not looking for a 3 or 4 night hike - I'm aiming for a 1 night hike that is made easier by camping out for 2 nights. If Ship's Prow does not meet that constraint, then the geocache on the pass can be left for another daring group. Another way of saying this is that this adventure has a primary goal of being fun and the close secondary goal of finding the geocaches. To those who have shown interest: I've sent you an email, please let me know if you want to participate in a skype planning session as RickZA suggested.
  20. Yes, they are all (incorrectly!) lumped under Continental Africa in my list. So there must be 200+ on the small islands. I can't find any country on the mainland 'Continental Africa' including Madagascar that I have left off my list. This is tricky business trying to be accurate with stats even when I expected my error margin to be less than 50.
  21. At present, we are thinking we would choose a location as base camp and we would have a few activities. The big activity is to hike up to Ships Prow - that would be an overnight hike. But there are plenty shorter hikes one can do. I'm looking for GPS tracks for the trails. So far I have only found a paraglider's track - which would be fun but does not help us on this trip. Anybody have hiked the routes and saved their tracks?
  22. I doubt we'll reach that milestone in the next 3 days. I have some caches on my ignore list, so with some averaging my count indicates that we have reached 9850 active caches in the last few days. Interestingly, across the rest of the continent we have another 1500 (1493 if I have it right) active caches.
  23. There are a few people who are interested in taking a drive to the Central Drakensberg and hiking overnight to enjoy the mountain and possibly pick up some tough caches. More sane people may choose to make a relaxing holiday of this trip and when hiking, stay on the shorter paths returning to 'base camp' in hours rather than days. Firstly- who is interested. Secondly- let's organise the trip.
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