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  1. I know I have read this topic thread before but I can't find it today when I want to order a personalised stamp. There are some great ones out there and I was after a recommendation. Thanks. Edit to add I must change my picture!
  2. I have sorted it this morning with help from the TB owner. Thanks for your advice.
  3. I have just logged a TB into the wrong cache and despite deleting the log it still registers it as there, when it isn't. What do I do?
  4. I use a bumbag type for gps, camera, pencil, car keys, swaps etc with the baby in a back pack....whoever said they looked like a pack horse is in good company.
  5. As far as Rutsons lovely list looks, East Sussex is not yet taken so I'll do that if that OK?
  6. I read about a lady who cached as a hobby in Prima magazine and got onto the site. The fact that there was one hidden in an area I knew really well had me gripped. It was my birthday that weekend and my hubby bought me my Garmin and off I went to find it. I have since thrown out the magazine and have no idea who the lady was...but thanks!
  7. Mine was waiting when we got back from our new year hols. Took it up to my nearest owned cache. Slack? It's final destination is Italy. Thanks for a nice opportunity. Hope we all learn something about Diabetes. Mars Bar anyone?!
  8. Errrr.... if the puzzle still points to the old location, how will anyone find the cache? It's easy to change the puzzle to give new co-ords
  9. One of my caches has recently been muggled and completely vanished. The co-ords of the box are found by solving a puzzle. My question is: am I allowed to change the location of the box while leaving the puzzle at the same location and therefore not altering the listed co-ords. I am only thinking of a 100 yard change in location to prevent another muggle. Is this considered OK? or would I have to resubmit the cache listing?
  10. The gadget show on 5 now is about GPS if you are interested (mon 19.30!!)
  11. Not wishing the worst on this cache owner...this thread just got me thinking that perhaps we should carry "Cache Donor Cards" so in the sad event of our death our next of kin would know we want our caches to go to those who need them!
  12. As I was sorting the stuff I have gathered as swaps I figured a lot of it would suit this sort of cache: http://www.samaritanspurse.uk.com You can't log it online but just think of the joy of the FTF! I know it is more off topic than on but I couldn't resist letting a few more lovely peeps know of this great cause. Thanks
  13. You could have a trampoline at the bottom of the hole to jump down then you would come bouncing back up!
  14. These simple actions will surely be of use to the wider caching community and I urge you to adopt them. Maybe I should make a public information film.... You should make a film that can then be used in evidence when that detactive constable arrests you and ties you up in a straight jacket!
  15. This woman is going bowling not caching. Those shoes are a give away.
  16. I (Fiona) am 29, Eliza is 0.5, Florence is 35 (dog years, 5 in human terms!)
  17. Even though I have only one cache of my own I am constantly spotting possible spots for new ones. I scouted the area where mine is for ages looking for the exact site and yesterday I found a really good one not 30ft from where mine is! I have loads of ideas for new caches but with Eliza I just don't get the time for placing them......must make more effort! (note to self: fit baby around caching not caching around baby!) (link to thread on cache obcession)
  18. DING You can have it as you are part of the answer yourself. The oranges used to make it are green in colour so it was originally green but some bright spark thought blue would look nicer when mixed as green looks a bit sludgey! Tip: nice when mixed with orange juice, coconut milk and malibu (not that I am encouraging drunken cachers, heaven forbid!)
  19. What is Blue Curacao and why is it blue? (well it is a pub quiz!)
  20. When placing my first cache I found this so confusing. I couldn't believe that such a professional service, as I believe the Groundspeak site is, should rely on me to code for the waypoints. I could put anything I liked in there if I thought it made sense! Daft! So I agree that a set should be agreed to follow. My trouble was made worse by the fact that, by chance, none of the caches I had found before placing my own, had any additional waypoints (I guess coz they were set up before the requirement) so I had nothing to follow.
  21. It is a challenge not to return to a chache that you DNF. They can have you lying awake at night getting more irrate about where it could be (stupid really coz you are never going to find it in your bedroom!). There is a micro near where I live that I went to 3 times, 3rd time with 6 helpers and a metal detector to find it. Total searching time about 2 1/2 hrs, 3/4 hr with the metal detector!! I learnt my lesson though. It is best not to wind yourself up and don't go looking in the first place for the type you don't like (MICROS). What you don't know doesn't hurt you.
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