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  1. On June 21 we a big envelope off via air mail to Australia...have been watching this thread ever since but there's no confirmation yet that it's arrived. We're keeping our fingers crossed!
  2. WOOHOO - we just got back from a long day of hiking in the beautiful Canadian Rockies. Great weather, excellent scenery, wildflowers aplenty - and this is like the cherry on top of the sundae, the sprinkles on top of the cake, the extra cheese on the pizza. What a great way to end the day! Thanks SO MUCH for our very first mystery geocoin. Can't wait to tell the GeoKids. Hmmm...how to pay it forward....
  3. No mystery coins here Would be great to win one Thanks for payin' it forward!
  4. Two possibilities that I can think of... First, the activation code was retrieved by someone who wanted to have it in hand but then never used it to activate the geocoin on gc.com. If this is the case, you'll get a message that the activation code has already been retrieved when you go to www.geocoin.club/codes. You would then have to e-mail the folks at the geocoin club for the activation code. In this case though, I think it's quite unlikely that person would put out an unactivated geocoin without the code as trading swag. Second possibility is that there might be a little hiccup in the gc.com database. I mention this as a possibility because a few days ago I received an email from someone having trouble logging one of our activated coins. I could see the coin listed on my Travel Bugs (Mine) page and if I clicked on it there I could see its profile & mission, past logs, etc. But if I entered the tracking number on the Trackable Items page I'd get an error message. It's working fine today. Maybe wait and try again in a day or so?
  5. Envelope on its way to you, via Landsharkz. Wishing you a very successful event.
  6. WOW!! We received a HUGE package from grodan&fiabus on Monday and were overwhelmed by the contents. Our GeoKids had a great time checking everything closely and I enjoyed reading the notes which drew the connections between Sweden and Canada (Calgary). Karin and Bjorn obviously put a lot of time and effort into assembling the contents for our special package. Thank you so much! Sorry for the less than stellar photo - some lighting challenges with this one. Please note the Lego sets, some hockey-related stuff, the polar bear postcards and teddy, the (hard to spot) Atlantic Geocachers "First Cache in Canada" geocoin, Calgary stampede-related items, etc.......
  7. We'd be up for this and our addy is in the book. But we have the same question - what if we don't have one of the coins on the next participant's seeking list?
  8. It's fascinating to me to read through this thread from top to bottom and watch how a fairly simple sketch evolves into a beautiful coin design with so much collaborative feedback from the geocoiners' community. The artwork looks great and I can't wait to see the enamel colours. Terrific job everyone, especially Ble68!
  9. Our summer mission package arrived a couple days ago, but I waited to post until I had a photo to go with. We'd like to send out a great big THANK YOU to keewee for the parcel with 2 coins (Nero v2 and keewee's geotag), the fridge magnet and the little kiwi bird! We had great fun with this mission. Thanks to all who participated and to the organizers.
  10. I went to 10 stores looking for one particular item to include in the package we're sending out, but it's the wrong time of year so I finally had to get really creative to locate that item. I echo earlier comments - this has been a tough one. I used google, Wikipedia and even signed out a NZ guidebook from the library in order to research this one. Anyhow, the package is finally put together and will be in the mail tomorrow. Hope the sled dogs are ready to mush!!
  11. Just wanted to say that our last incoming envelope arrived yesterday from the UK, so we've now received all our trades and have seen confirmation that all our traders were received on the other end. Thanks again for organizing Katja - we really enjoyed the whole process.
  12. Arf2-D2 is an active member of the pathtags community and has a few cool pathtag designs. Love the Rw-D2 based pathtag in particular!
  13. Joranda is a busy person, aiming to reach 4000 finds by the end of this year. From the photos in Joranda's gallery, it looks like he enjoys hiking. If he doesn't have his Earthcache Platinum Masters pin, he should, as he's found 35 earthcaches in 5 or 6 states and has set up 6 of his own. He's got every icon I've ever seen, including a Mega-event, locationless caches and Project APE cache. Fun contest...thanks!
  14. Phew..... I can breathe a little easier now as all outgoing packages are confirmed "arrived".
  15. Sorry - it's been a busy weekend and I just saw this note. This will be my first post with photos in the forums, so I hope it works (fingers x'd)...
  16. Jellyfish kindly gifted us one of his personal coins - we "met" him via pathtags. When we asked him, he said he had a total of 250 minted - 100 silver, 75 copper and 75 gold. They have a custom icon and "PC" tracking numbers.
  17. If anyone got an extra of this one and doesn't have the first coin in the Cache Aid series, I have one to trade (your choice of finish - BN with white or gold with green) and would be interested in a swap.
  18. We received packages from 2golfers and TokyoBlossom this week; thanks to both for including your signature items along with the coins. And we saw forum posts about a couple of our outgoing packages, so we're almost done. Only one still incoming: Jan and the Percey Boys (coming from overseas) Only one still outgoing: BloodyBeer
  19. Our lists are getting shorter! Looks like UKTIM, BLOODYBEER and -ELEANOR- are still waiting for packages from us. Since we received mailers today from WHITBY and UKTIM, we're only waiting on three more: TOKYOBLOSSOM, 2GOLFERS (saw your note about the May 17th mailing date - thanks for the info) and JAN AND THE PERCEY BOYS. We'll post updates as they become available...
  20. E-mail sent with link to our trading list...we have a couple of morpho butterflies, a dark rhodium tranquility available for adoption, etc., so hopefully you see something of interest.
  21. Hi Pete - I'll pop a trio of micro coins in the mail to you this week...hopefully they get there a little faster than the Math Trade mailer!
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