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  1. I just keep thinknig about the movie "Tango and Cash" (appropriate)


    Cash (Kurt Russel): You don't know anything about electricity do you?


    Tango (Sly Stalone): No


    Cash: As long as you're only touching one wire and you're not touching the ground, you don't get electrocuted.




    Cash: Right?


    Tango: I don't know


    Cash: I don't either...

  2. I will preference my comment by saying that I did the series in question. (That is I am assuming since I can not go to you link for some reason).


    Actually, I can't either. I'll have to fix that link, but anyway.


    Again, I wasn't dissing the series specifically, and I probably will do some or all of them at some point, it just seemed excessive to me...Like "I need to place X number of caches and I need a place to put them" I personally, probably wouldn't have done that, but I guess that's why there are more cachers out there than just me... :)


    Here's what I like about the series


    1. It's a cool concept. I like the idea


    2. I respect the fact that the placer researched and actually placed that many caches and agreed (implicitly) to maintain them.


    3. It's good that even though nobody (presumably) can get to the link.....We all knew what I was talking about...:) If it brings more people to our fine city, then I'm all for it. I'll get that link fixed sometime soon...(Edit: Just realized how ya'll might have known what series this was....(sigh)...I'm an idiot...



  3. Getting paid by the hour or salary? If it's salaried, I'd suggest skipping those micros in the woods...




    Incidentally, I was being qualifed for one of those "getting paid for you opinion" surveys (the legit ones, not the banner ads) and they asked me what my hobby was. First response - Geocaching.


    Dead air...."Huh?"

  4. Now I know why I DNF'ed all those caches. If they just hadn't blown up that satelite I would have found them all! B):)


    But did anyone listen to the audio on the video "it was later discovered a seventeen foot crack in the rocket was reponsible for the explosion." Seventeen foot!!! :) Now who missed that?


    That was my big question.


    Engineer, "Hmmmm.....I think....Yes....I think maybe okay."


    I'm guessing he's not in the union anymore.


    Did anybody else get a kick out of the phrase, "We just had an anomaly in the launch vehicle..."


    ANOMALY????? I'd call that a big freakin' explosion! Anyone else like going out of the 4th of July to watch the anomaly displays?



  5. Richard Reid was foiled because fellow passengers thought he was acting suspiciously.


    Richard Reid was an idiot who thought he could ignite C-4 with a box of matches and a corndog MacGyver style. They don't make holes deep enough for people like him. And thanks to him I have to take my shoes off at the airport now... But I see your point.


    Viginance is a good thing. And I agree with your point about the private citizen. It is important to keep an eye out for suspicious activity, and when in doubt, err on the side of caution. The London threat showed us that a small container of liquid can do a lot of damamge and with shrinking electronics, detonators can be miniscule. 1" x 3" may be a bit extreme, and authorities should keep in mind that, like real estate, terrorist activities are about one thing - Location, location, location.


    You think if 4 planes crashed into a Walmart in Pittsburgh, we'd have as many troops overseas as we do now? Now i love the lashed prices as much as the next guy, but Jeez...


  6. That article was very positive. Usually in these situations they have quotes from the police about how we should not be playing games like this. The entire article was more about the postives of geocaching. No mention of CITO's.


    I agree, a strikingly positive article about a potentially negative event. This reporter deserves big time props for doing thurough background on a normally page 20, "under the fold" article. And we get some publicity. Rock on FL!


    I've never done any of that series myself (I'm about 45 miles SW of Chicago), a lot of the area that it covers is very picturesque. Lakefront, upper-scale communities, parks, mansions, etc. No doubt, some of the caches are placed in less than stellar areas, but that can be said of any sub/urban cache.


    I don't see any problem with the series myself. The number hunters - who are a legitimate part of the geocaching community - certainly like it. And I have no doubt that someone doing any/all of the series would see some really nice areas in the process.


    Here's my question to you: would you have any objection if these were all individual caches set by a variety of people, instead of being part of a series? Because the only thing that really sets them apart from a random collection of sub/urban micros is that their names are similar.


    Good points about numbers hunters and individual caches. I don't know. it just seems very, i don't know, impulsive isn't the right word, but it's the best I can tihk of on what little sleep i got last night. I'm going to try part of the series to see if it interests me, maybe the containers or hiding methods are clever - they'd kinda have to be. Many of the places I could see being very busy. I guess it just seems like saturation with no real goal, except to be chaches with that theme, which to me seem redundant. Just my 2 cents, I s'pose.


    I was just curious to see other people's reactions mostly.


    Of course if I mentioned they were all micros, the torches and pitchforks would be out in a heart beat....oops...



  8. I don't want to get into any names here, but this map shows the caches in ONE series in north-side Chicago Suburbs -

    This link - http://lh3.google.com/mgbmusic/RU4QLVvPABI...k/bob%20map.JPG


    Granted the series is an interesting concept, again I don't want to name it, since I am kinda complaining about it, but that just seems like a lot of caches that don't really bring us to any interesting locales or anything, just numbers for numbers sake and the .1 mile rule really eliminates a number of possible cache locations over a good part of the city. Thoughts?




    P.S. Sorry about the size of the pic... :D:D

  9. On saturday I started to have stomache pains at 3. Eventually the pains grew to the point where I couldn't stand upright. Around 4:30 I was taken by my mom to the ER. There I was diagnosed with apendicitus. (excuse me if I spelled that wrong) By 11 I had my appendix in a jar heading to pathology and me heading for recovery. Now the doctor says I can't do any physical activities for 6 weeks... what a bummer.


    Well, hopefully this'll make you feel better - My wife and I just had a baby, so that'll definitely cut down on the free time. Being in a cold-weather environment (Chicago) I don't anticipate caching again until after the holidays - babies take a lot of time and cold weather+baby=not cool. I know I'm an over-protective wuss, but still...We should form a support group...



  10. With my son being a solid 2 weeks old yesterday, I'm justy wondering when is "too young". I'm thinking Guiness here folks!


    At two weeks, he's definitely too young for Guinness.




    My wife is 4 months pregnant and she caches with me. Does that count? :unsure:




    I meant the book of records, but touche,


    If your wife is anything like mine - not for long...

  11. I know of a geocaching couple who stopped off to find a cache on their way home from the maternity hospital. The pictures of their daughter in a baby carrier, together with GPS and cache container, were priceless!


    Now THAT is an early start on geocaching.


    Holy crap....well I guess I lost THAT race...


    Speaking of which for those of you with youngsters out there - what would be the best type of carrier to go along on a cache hunt - back pack, front rider, side sling? Any input?


    --MGB +1

  12. 1. An iPod sized or slightly larger PDA like device with...

    Got it


    2. A 3x4 inch high resolution (1280x1024) display

    Got it


    3. A 100GB or larger HD with 4GB or so of flash memory and perhaps 1GB RAM to reduce the HD activity

    Don't got it, but will 2gb do?


    4. A high quality sound system with ability to output no only stereo to headphones but also HDMI and 5.1/7.1 though the later features are less 'necessary'

    Got it...maybe not to that degree, but...


    5. Ability to output HD video to onboard display and also output it

    Don't got it.


    6. Cell phone features

    Got it


    7. GPS features with baro altitude and compass

    Could have it, not with Baro, but...


    8. PDA/Handheld PC with flipout keyboard capable of marrying all the above features and do -- MAPPING and moving maps at that

    Got it...


    9. A 6MP digital camera feature would be nice also but not absolutely necessary

    1 MP, w/ 2x zoom, but...


    10. WiFi and Bluetooth comm.

    Don't got WiFi, but Bluetooth


    11. OK, why not sat radio (Sirus/XM)

    Not even close....but what about movies?


    12. High capacity battery (LiIon) with ability to swap out fresh one without tools.

    Got it...I think...


    I could imagine having a single, multi-function connector, to handle power, USB2(HS), video, audio and data.

    Got it..


    Palm Treo 650. PDA, Cell phone, Web, Bluetooth (w/ optional Bluetooth GPSr), Full color display, 2GB SD card, Full Querty Keyboard, MP3 Capability, high quality sound....


    My last toy before having a baby...I use web for paperless. The GPS, I have, but not often, and it conflicts with the Paperless cacheing, so I use my Rino110 for that.




    Edit: Messed up the quotes..

  13. The point is that so what if somebody won the contest...the REAL winner is the first corporate sponsor of 'caching, Daimler Chrysler...We fall all over ourselves to find the white one or the yellow one or the green one and next year we will do it all over...and everytime we find one the little icon shows up...did you know that is a trademarked icon? the 7 slot grill design is a company registered trademark...this from a Mega Corp that will sue plastic model makers for using the name "Jeep" and will make them pull their product even though the model is of a WW2 General Purpose(GP) vehicle, 1/4 ton...The funny one is I went to the dealership where I bought mine (yep I own one...one of two in the family...three if ya count the Ex) and asked if I could plant a cache behind the lot in the woods...THEY KNEW NOTHING ABOUT GEOCACHING and about DC's advertising ploy...they were surprised when I showed them the Green Jeep TB I had and commented that "We don't even make that thing" (The Rescue was a concept vehicle from 2005/2006)

    I hope who ever won the contest likes the prizes...nothing can compare to the prize that DC sees every time just ONE of us goes..Hmmm..maybe I should look at a Jeep...


    Ok and??? Like it's a surprise that not everybody in a company knows everything about what the company is doing??? Maybe I'm disgruntled b/c of my work, but for me, every day is a surprise....what's new today?...when i go to work.


    Yes it's coporate sponsorship, and yes it's a contest, and yes....<sigh> anyway...If they want to give away a few GPSr's and a new car, goodie. Why are so many so dadgum vehement about the "purity" of the sport/hobby? One thing I've learned from reading these forums is that many of us are reasonably intelligent human beings who won't be taken in by silly promos like this. So, take their crap and go buy a Honda. Whatever. I watched every Superbowl commercial I could find, but I don't register my domain names at GoDaddy.com, I didn't save a bundle on my car insurance by switching to Geico, and I don't drink Budweiser, or any other beer for that matter, no matter how cute those horses are.


    Commercialism is everywhere, and yes, even here. So, just do what I do, move the bugs, scan through commercials (or read during them if they're live), and just tell this poor what PERSON won the monthy giveaway contest this month (I know it's answered later in the thread, but that's not the point).


    BTW: Jeeps are gas guzzlers, and I have to stop myself from LMAO whenever I see one of these poor schleps pull into a gas station...

    Just my 2 cents.



  14. My wife and I had the our first day of caching today. Found all three we looked for and got a few miles of hiking done while we were at it. We did a bit of zig zagging around while trying to learn how to use the GPS. Does everyone walk around like idiot when they first use GPS or was that just us..?


    Not just you, and not just when we first start using a GPSr....I've heard stories of cachers with 100+ find who still do that. I know I do!

  15. If you are going to take a pain med, naproxen sodium (Aleve) is what you want. It is the best for muscle and tendon problems. No other non-prescription is as good. You might need 2-3 in the morning, and one in the afternoon, or follow your doctors suggestion.


    Isn't Aleve supposed to be a 24 hour med? I personally don't believe in those. I've never encoutered a medicine (prescribed or otherwise) advertised as 24 hr that actually WORKS for 24 hrs. No room for error IMHO.


    Sorry off-topic....Just let us know how you're healing. then whichever one of me....er...us was right can gloat!

  16. Yesterday I got off work a little early, grabbed my youngest from her mom's, and we went after a new cache with 3 star terrain... It recommended 4x4 so we took the truck my kids call "Truckzilla" and found this cache. Got our first GJTB and we were quite pleased.


    On the way home, saw an unfound 1/1 roadside micro listed and decided to snag it right quick. ALyssa and I looked for it, got it, and took it back to the truck to log it. When no one was coming, I ran back to the fencerow to replace it. Just as I got it put back, ALyssa yells, "Someone's coming" so I turned and ran back to the truck...


    EXCEPT... When I came to the bottom of the little rise I was on, something went wrong in my left calf (I caught my boot or something-IDK-happened too fast), and after another step or 2, I fell to the ground.... HMmmmm am I ok? Don't feel any pain, what's going on.???


    I get up and I cannot put my left foot down flat. I can only walk on the toes on that foot. If I put that foot down flat, I get this horrible violent spasm in the rear calf muscle about halfway up my L calf. Forget putting any weight on it....


    I don't have insurance, and can't go to the DR right now.... any ideas what I did? Hurts less today, but STILL can't put the foot down flat.


    Ain't that the way it goes? I go on 3 and 4 star terrain hides regurlarly, but hurt myself on a dadgum 1/1 micro. :laughing:


    About 3 1/2 years ago (2 months before my wedding, my wife was thrilled!) I popped a tendon in my knee. I couldn't walk for 4 days, and after that had to walk with a cane for several months (I walked with virtually no limp down the aisle tho!). At the time, I too had no insurance, and with a weddding on the way, no $$ for doctor. Several months after the wedding, I popped it again, in a much more stupid and embarrassing way. This time, I had to put most of my weight on a cane, again for several months, but again, it heald with time. I've done it a few times since then, and each time it hurt less and less, and healed quicker each time.


    My advice - use a cane. Don't try to explain the injury to friends or coworkers - Just tell them you messed up your leg "somehow" It saves a lot of explaining.


    Use the cane as long as you feel even the slightest twinge in the sore area. I'll take comfort over pride any day. Also, Ibuprofen (advil) is a pain reliever and anti-inflamtory (sp?) which will be the best of both world. Vicodin (if you can get it aqnd aren't alergic) is better, but I had some left over from an entirely different injury and that helped considerably for the first few days. The fact that I have all-hardwood floors and a chair with wheels is gravy ;).


    Hope you feel better. Remember - don't push yourself. Your body injures quickly and takes a long time to heal, but heal it will.



  17. So I just found my first Virtual cache and multi cache today.. yippee! anyway. THe description says "You will not get credit for this until you tell me XX info about the site". ok fine, so I emailed. When do I log the cache? Now? or do I wait until I hear back? Just curious...


    Happy Trails.



  18. Ok all, what do we think? Can we let this one in on the most precious secrets of all geocaching? Are we sure? Really Sure? Ok here it is...


    Wait for it.....


    This is so exciting....




    There is no one person on the face of this earth that is more annonymous and virtually unnoticable than a person carrying a clipboard. I Always carry a clipboard when caching in a park or someplace where there could be muggles nearby. I usually wear a button down collar shirt as well. When was the last time you remember seeing a city worker gonig about his daily routine?


    Some folks here will tell you to have a good lie prepared - Arboreal Enumerator - from another thread comes to mind. Others will tell you to carry a few geocaching brochures around with you and show them if anybody asks. I say play to the situation. Assuming the person even bothers asking you what you're doing, if they have a glazed over look in their eye and seem to be asking because they have nothing in life better to do - lie. At least you'll give them a fun story to tell over dinner at the McDonlads tonight. If they seem reasonably intelligent and seem to have a reason to ask (the'yre a parent with children there, or a resident, or a uniformed official) by all means - espeically if they are law enforcement, tell them exactly what you are doing and why.


    Otherwise, you get to take a ride in the special vroom-vroom with lights all the way "downtown" as they say on TV. Ever try to ride in a car with your hands behind your back? Neither have I but I'd imagine it's not too comfortable. Uhh.....where was I....uh?


    Oh right! Clipboards. Just carry a clipboard and ignore the rest of this sleep deprived, longer-than-it-had-to-be post.






    Edit: Horrible horrible spelling..

  19. Again, I can only speak for myself and somewhat limited experience. I like to chach in bunches if possbile, and I always do my best to re-hide as I found it. I get a kick out of the lap post covers - heck, I'm new, but mostly I'll go for the forest caches b/c there tend to be more of them in a group, and I can hit 5-6 in an outing. I also like hiking in the woods. I hate spider webs and burrs, but I like hiking.


    But that's me..

  20. I'm not expecting the MLBTB to make it's circuit in less than a year. I'm fully expecting 1.5 - 2 years. But I'd like to read about the experiences.

    That time-frame might be a little optimistic, too. We once picked up a bug with a similar mission: D. Baxter Jr., who wants to visit every major league park. At the time we found him, he had been traveling for a year and had only visited three MLB parks -- the Phillies' old stadium and their new one, and the Cardinals' stadium -- plus a couple of spring-training parks. (We brought him to Fenway.) Since then he has also visited the parks of the Atlanta Braves, SF Giants, and Seattle Mariners.


    So, he was released three years ago, and has been consistently traveling since then -- but he has only actually been to a handful of parks. It'll take him lots more years to get to them all, I would imagine.


    Not that it's a bad goal at all -- just that it might take longer than you're envisioning :o


    Well Jeez, right now he's in Orgegon....closest thing to baseball there is the Mariners - if you count that... ;)


    I'm sure he'll move on soon. If he comes to Chicago, I'll definitely make sure he gets to Wrigley and Comiski...or cell...or watever before I release him again.

  21. not being a boring sod but she should have asked fist so that the manager and boss could have got enjoyment as well. this could so easily have been a "be carefull to always get permission" story about your girlfriend loosing her job! :D:D

    That's right, because companies are really picky about film canisters. ;)


    no but some people are really anal about that sort of thing and the manager could have had a major sense of humour failure and come up with some BS bringing the company into disrepute or something.


    or are you saying that film canasters don't need the land owners permission? :D:D:D:D:D:o


    I'm not sure about film canisters, but depedning on a few things, there might have been some issues playiung frisbee there... :D

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