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  1. I'd say find caches in two other states....Take my son out to get him started (h'es 1 month now)....Prolly won't do either, but hey, what are resolutions for? Edit: Two other things - group caching and use at least 1 vacation/personal day from work to cache and log double digit finds that day. --MGb
  2. WOW!!! Better inspiration not to be had. I LOVE David Morrell! I got hooked on Brotherhood and Fraternity and have since read ever book he's published. He recently wrote Creepers - about those who go into old abandoned buildings that was pretty good. Morrell + Geocaching...I can't friggin' wait. Of course that kinda raises the bar for me.... --MGB P.S. - Any chance you could share that advance copy?
  3. I'll quote the moderator here as I'm sure he knows a thing or two about this geocaching thingy that we all apparently do. No. 3, good we're clear on that now. No. 1 & 2, part of the rules, but apparently not enforced, including the owner of the cache in question (or the owner in question for the cache noted, or...) "Take a breath and leave footprints?" Really? So the real rule is that we follow the rules, as long as they suit the cache owner? I see your point here, I really do, but this is why the good people at Groundspeak invented ignore lists and forums, so that we can make our opinions known. Some may agree, and others might not. I would say that caching is like any other activity - you can participate or not. It's not possible to create conditions where every person everywhere is going to be able to participate. It's true in sports, it's true in recreational activities, it's true everywhere in life. Those with disabilities can adapt. In this case, a person with a disability can enjoy the hike and the experience, and if they don't get to log a find, then they still have that. Numbers people are really the only ones who care about numbers. I have 28 finds over - jeez - 5 or 6 months. I've enjoyed every single one of those finds, and I've enjoyed every DNF i've logged. In this case I would do as the cache owner suggested - come back prepared. I have 2 DNF's that I never intend to go back to, but I enjoyed looking. Consistency in cache owners is like trying to find consistency in people - doesn't exist. Read the forums, post to the forums, share your opinions. You enjoy it and we enjoy it - whether we agree or disagree. IN the meantime, add this cache to your ignore list, and try the next one. JM2C --MGB
  4. Hey all, just wanted to share I logged my first 2 FTF's today. By luck I checked the site last night for new caches in the area, even though I wasn't planning on going out - it's just what I do - and lo and behlold - two brand new caches within 1 mile of the house. Can't pass that up, so I got up nice and early and headed out. See my logs here http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...be-9c59cd4fa81b and here http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...38-322162504fac I'm very excited, but moire tired, so I'm going back to bed... --MGB
  5. I would not count that as a find. It's interesting you mention that one, b/c a previous log entry (or maybe one after wards) reads: May 15, 2004 We found this one after the southern one...however, I would not stick my hand in there...and Tom's hand was a bit too large so he put just his fingers in, swished around a bit of water (which was brown) and felt it...but then it slipped away...he used a stick and after prodding for ten minutes in the brown water and trying with his fingers again, he was afraid he had pushed it a bit further down and to the side...since he didn't want it to be forever lost, he stopped short of signing the log...it's still there...sitting in the brown water...oh, and did I mention the water was brown? Thanks for two caches after the fair. So who's right? My vote goes to the cache owner. Possession is 9/10's and the owner, by definition possesses it. Just my 2 cents. On a side note I logged a FTF today, but as I was hiking back from the cache, I realized that I don't remember ACTUALLY signing my name. I wrote in the log, so by any standard it seems I passed that requirement. I'll stop by sometime in the future and double check that my name's still there, but I still get the FTF. --MGB
  6. Thanks for the laugh, Mushtang. I always suspected that this game attracted people who are as geeky as I am! (Not that there's anything wrong with that!) That's awesome! And I like the complete lack of explanation....anyone who doesn't get it, just walk away...
  7. Ya know, I really don't care. I think I'll have to take my wife and baby on a field trip downtown on Monday. --MGB
  8. I swear I've read this before....eh well...Here's my updated list - On my belt - the sad part is, this is every day not just caching - - Palm Treo 650 - In geocaching terms, that's a cell phone, PDA for paperless, web (in case you just NEED that hint) clock, and the thing's so bright, emergency flashlight! You can also connect a bluetooth GPSr, but I haven't used that much. It also plays movies, but that's not really relevant here...ANYWAY! - Bluetooth earpiece for caching ont he go! - Flashlight (AA Maglight) - Multi tool (gerber) - Pen - Pen-like probe thing with a scalpel attachemnt, plus other goodies. - Spare keys to both cars For specifically geocaching - I've got my "cache bag" and old WWII Gas mask pouch I bought a the coolest store in the world - American Science Surplus. In there I keep - - Rino 110 GPS - Compass - SWAG - Extra notebooks (logs) - Ziploc bags - Extra pencils - Bottle of H2O Other than that, nothing much --MGB
  9. I watch "It takes a theif" on the Discovery channel, and they're always installing those in people's higher end cars. Cool idea. If the theives don't find it and plant it on a 79 Yugo... --MGB
  10. I was wondering if there are any fiction books out there with Geocaching as the subject matter. and i'm not talking about the GPSthemovie wannabe film which may or may not ever see the silver screen... The reason I ask is because I've been thinking about writing one. I've never written a book before (one attempt about 15 years ago got me 200 pages before I hit a brick wall. ) but I thought this could potentially make an interesting adventure novel. I' m thinking about some kind of competition for a prize slighter more valuable than Mctoys, but I just wanted to get an idea if something like this had been done before. I might even tap into the forums for some ideas once I get the frame work fleshed out, but writing is all about research research research. My first question (second if you include the fiction question) is - What are some of the most unbelievable caches you've come across. Either scenic, clever, puzzlers, etc that will stay with you for the rest of your lives? I'd love to write about the 26 I've found, but golly gee, I'm thinknig there are some others out there. And of course, the names will be changed to protect the innocent. Thanks in advance all --MGB
  11. Hey all, I saw a Magellan explorist 200 in a catalog recently and I was wondering, for the price, $70, to buy or not to buy. I currently have a Rino 110 which works pretty well, but i was thinking about a nice backup unit. PLus with my wife no longer incapacitated with another life growing inside her, she may want to join the occasional hunt. Thoughts? --MGB
  12. Don't just write, grab a GPS and join the fun!! Seriously, there are people at Groundpeak who work with the media when contacted regarding the sport/hobby. Might not be a bad idea to shhot them an email. they'd probably have accurate statisics for things like LEO interventions (police investigating suspicious packages, etc.) I'd drop them a line. And thanx in advance for the publicity. --MGB
  13. Well, just remember that Reviewers are kind folks who donate their time to GC.com. They don't sit at a desk and wait for emails to come in and they might not even have blackberrys (or my treo of choice). Give it some time. Heck, I loged a virtual once and waited 3 weeks for the placer to write back and say I found the wrong thing...They'll get back to you. Maybe they'd rather investigate and reply when they have something definitive to say... Just my 2 cents. --MGB
  14. Congrats on 100. I can only aspire to such a lofty goal... As for my response.... "Ma'am. We're leaving. Have a nice day." If she refuses to let up.... "Ma'am. I've already told you were are leaving. We have concluded our business and will be on our way. And it would be wise of me to warn you that you should not, in all good practice, make it a habit to rudely approach what could be a potentially dangerous fellow who is, at present, causing no trouble but might, at the slightest provocation, decide that tonight's dinner would include some fava beans and a nice KEE-AN-TEE, and decide that some days, in order to avoid public attention, it is a good idea to not become violent and this is quickly becoming NOT ONE OF THOSE DAYS!!!!" --MGB
  15. Is there any software or preferably web interface (google maps, etc) that can, on a click of the map display the GPS coordinates of the indicated position?
  16. Witch is not yet published. Edit: GCZB77 is published though Well soh everyone's using their birtday....Dec 30th 1:20pm
  17. Eagle Scout here. And Asst Scoutmaster for a few years. Good times...Hoepfully my son'll get into scouting, but at 1 month old, it's a little early for recruitment.... --MGB
  18. which cache? I'll go take a look! If you're talking about Skokie lagoon - dude.... I'd be PO'ed If I got there and got a DNF - that'd be a heck of a trek!
  19. ...you've had these thoughts between the months of September - December.... "Well 60's not too bad, but definitely not colder the 50." "50's ok, but definitely not colder than 40." "40's a little chilly, but I just can't go when it's colder than 30." "30's that absolute bottom. No going when it's lower than 20." "Hi, I'd like to order one of your down filled, over stuffed coats please....ohh! and the glow in the dark compass of page 5..." --MGB
  20. Jeez - I have 24 whopping finds. And I think it's because from the beginning I don't really have time to run out for a day of caching or whatnot. I definitely prefer regular caches in the woods. I'm coming up on not even looking for another micro in the woods - that's just goofy crazy. I enjoy the hike, getting back to the woods. I have always viewed this game as hiking with a destination. I never really went just hiking before, because, being the pragmatic soul I am, never really saw the point unless I was camping in a new area. I've hiked around lakes, and along paths, but always with a destination in mind. I never really did hike just for the sake of hiking. Geocaching combined the "hike with a destination" with the desire to go to woods I would probably not visit otherwise. I like urban micros in parks because there are only so many places they could be hidden. Same with urban micros - there's really only so many placesthey could be hidden. Much as I understand the "lameness" I don't think I'm quite ready for some of the challenges awaitng me out there. Maybe finding lame micros will help with other caches. Besides it's nice visitng new places. I understnad the frustration and can only offer this advice - have fun. If micros don't do it for you, just ignore them... I do. --MGB
  21. Ummm..... uhhhh... oh yeah! Of COURSE I knew that...uhh.... I knew that...y eah....two placers....right.... --MGB
  22. I checked a sampling of about 25 on the northmost and southmost end. They all seem to be placed by the same cacher. I could very well be wrong, but... --MGB
  23. "Bushwhacking - a polite term for stumbling around blindly in the woods." --MGB
  24. Age/Sex/Location....not wait this isn't a dating site....I'm guessing Above Sea Level.
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