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  1. these do-it-all devices usually all fall into this cliche - "Jack of all trades, master of none"


    That I can certainly agree with. My treo - which is better than a blackberry, but that's a whole other Forum post :laughing: - definitely falls into that category. The camera is bad by today's standards, the screen is small, by PDA standards, the keyboard is too small, etc. But overall, it's a good device that does a lot. I love my phone...I need....my phone...




    I may be in the minority but when I buy a cell phone that is all I want it to do, make and receive phone calls. My PDA is just a PDA, doesn’t take pictures or play videos. My MP3 player just plays music, doesn’t play videos or store pictures and my digital camera only takes pictures (well okay it could do a few minutes of video buy I have never used it for that).


    Right, and in the meantime, you lok like Batman with your utility belt walking through the forest. Yes eggs, basket, but that's what backups are for. And I don't mean a backup ipod, camera, etc. I'm talking back GPS and (maybe) cell phone. All the rest is just gravy and won't get you out of a life threatening situation.


    Trust me, If I lost my Treo, I'd be lost...and probably cry. But at the end of the day, I do pretty much what the OP wanted and I only carry 2 devices.


    P.S. Takeing notes, while on a call? Talk on the phone, and open mome pad or other Word Processor, and type on the built in qwerty keyboard. Go on speak if you must, but I'll use my bluetooth.


    It's true therte are no devices with EVERYTHING the OP wants, but IMHO the treo is the closest. Biggere screen would make the phone to clunky to use, HDTV is just not necessary from a stricly caching perspective, I could go on...



  3. I tested this on my own cell phone and was able to enter a log. check it out at




    This will be the permanent location for the WAP interface. You can also log caches with a web browser if you want to bypass all the web pages on geocaching.com


    Let me know if your phone doesn't work with it. We tried it with a multitude of mobile phone simulators, but I'm sure we missed a couple.


    I love you guys....uhh..i mean....Cingular treo 650 works great!



  4. Today's cacher had a series they ran, I guess overall it would qualify as a short story, or maybe novella?


    Here is the first chapter that appeared in Feb 2005 Serial Finder. You can find the other chapters in our archives. I'll see if we can get all the chapters combined in on place for easier reading.


    El Diablo


    Thanks E.D. That's hat I'm looking for. I'll have to read the whole series. It's fun combining my two favorite hobbies- reading and caching. I have most of the plot points worked out in my head. Now I just have to deal with that pesky copy :laughing:


    Who knows, maybe I'll have to fight with my (not yet existent) publisher to get GC.com the rights to sell the book first...



  5. Great posts everyone! Snoogans -with that much thought put into a forum post, I can only imagine what your logs are like!


    I'll definitely check out busse woods. I'ts right on my way home from work, but with a new baby, that'll have to wait a while.


    I can't wait until I can take my whole family with me, and I'd love to so some events/group caching. they all just happen to be on the weekends when my unfortunate work schedule has me other wise occupied... :)


    Let's keep these posts coming!



  6. I don't know about anyone else, but I really took up the hobby b/c at the end of the day, there's not much money that goes into it - except the GPS and the gas. But mostly, I enjoy caching, not for the numbers - a quick look at my profile will dispell that notion - and not fort he unique places it takes me. I cache becaue I enjoy hiking, but not for the sake of hiking itself. It's like hiking with a destination.


    Part of that, is the thrill of the hunt too. Can I find this cache? I have been known to return 3 or 4 times to find a pesky DNF, and I get slightly irritated when it doesn't show up. But mostly, I enjoy the hunt. The SWAG, the logs, the "cleverness of the hide", the location, etc. doesn't really matter to me. I just enjoy getting out and exploring the places I've driven past daily and never gave a second thought to. I also enjoy the nature, which is why most of my finds are woods - urban forests, b/c that's all we really have around here, but nature.


    Just curious to see what everyone else is into, be it unique hides, drive by caches, shopping mall micros, whatver. This is a ripping free topic.


    Be nice, kids.




    I guess we should stop argueing about issues like that - it is getting too philosophical for this forum.



    Whew! Agreed. It's been a while since I took philosophy...I completely understand where you're coming from and, from the reactions of this forum, I'll concede. I would just hate to have the OP go through all the trouble of collecting the themed SWAG, placing the cache, and submitting it, only to have it turned down for what might be perceived as an "Agenda" (which it really is, but we're not going there...j/k).


    Anywho, that's my 2 cents, and it prolly doesn't mean all that much.



  8. Hmmm.... I'd take up all of the server's memory if I listed everything, so I'll limit it to... two of everything that everyone else wants.... you guys have good ideas...


    Sniff sniff.....what's that I smell? I little Edward Norton thing goin' on here.... :)



  9. I am sorry, but I do not manage to follow your argument.

    It appears that no one here is offended by the fact that the hideout is planned to be close to a church. The discussion seems to be concerned just with the trading items.


    In my opinion, most cachers either choose trading items that they do not need any longer and want to get rid of the stuff (certainly not the case in the case described by the OP) or that they regard as nice.

    Why is it any better if someone regards some electronic gadgets, such as resistors etc as nice and interesting stuff to be put into a cache as if someone put rosaries, cooking books prepared by a religious order etc into a cache? I do not hope that the person who puts resistors and the like into his/her cache or a certain selection of books or McToy items wants to convey any sort of message to me. Human beings do have a brain and the ability to decide on their own what items they want to own and which not.


    It appears quite ridiculous to me if one has to come up with an explanation why one puts certain trading items (non-dangerous ones!) into a cache. Hopefully no one would come up with the idea that McToys are put into caches to either encourage or discourage (depending on one's personal attitude) the visit of fastfood restaurants.




    Right, if you look at it that way, that McToys encourage visitng fast food restaurants, then your argument is valid. Let's not forget a few things tho:


    A) McToys, while common, are not the only things you find in caches.

    :laughing: Nobody worships or creates a culture or society based around microchips - or at least nobody I'd want to meet....ever.



  10. I was quite amazed that people believe that such items do exist. Actually, most items in the real world are not neutral at all.


    -Snip -


    Someone who believes that, for example, a leather wallet produced in Asia by poor exploited children is something superior to a rosary, is in my opinion acting in a quite hypocritical manner. The only solution to achieve real neutrality would be forbid trade items in caches at all.


    Who's more hypocritical. The person who owns "negative" items, or the person who owns them, and knows it?



  11. I am considering placing a cache on the grounds of a historical local Catholic Church. I know that there has been much debate about religion and caches....but I'm being very clear about the contents of this cache. Is this appropriate?


    The cache, an ammo can, is located in the woods just south of the cemetery. The cache contains some rosaries, prayer cards, Saint Medallions, and other Catholic oriented swag. Trade these items with anything you wish, so we can get some regular swag in this box too. The FTF prize is a cookbook compiled by the Ladies of St. Boniface (full of good southern dishes and deserts that you would find on the table at any of the Church’s many potluck dinners.)


    Heck, I'm never offended when I find religious tracts and other religious items in a cache. They are no threat to me.


    Being Agnostic, (whatever floats your boat is just fine by me and also having been born Catholic) I wouldn't/couldn't be offended by that cache. A Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, Wicca, or Pagan cache couldn’t offend me either. I think a Church of Satan cache would cross the line with me though. (Is that an Agnostic double standard?) Ask yourself if you would be offended by any of those in your neighborhood.


    Now, would you be offended if I hid a really clever puzzle cache (Let's call it HMS Beagle) that was based on Darwin and the theory of evolution? It would take hours of research to find the clues to the puzzle. You would have to become totally immersed in the theory of evolution. What if your child tried to solve the puzzle when you weren't watching?


    It's early yet, I could see this becoming a heated debate. Please let us know if the cache is approved. I'm sorry to say that I doubt that it will:


    Solicitations are also off-limits. For example, caches perceived to be posted for religious, political, charitable or social agendas are not permitted. Geocaching is supposed to be a light, fun activity, not a platform for an agenda.


    Well golly gee, maybe spoke too soon. Having seen some forum topics regarding 9/11 caches, etc. I'll stand by my original statement that:


    a) It prolly won't get approved

    :laughing: It's not worth the potential sh&&storm you may be bringing down on yourself.



  12. I can partially answer the "who are the 2006 winners"... WE WON the September - Freedom contest...with this picture:




    We received the GPS today. Thanks to everyone that voted for us, the judges, and Jeep. I'm still in shock!


    Congrats on the win, but the OP's (and mine) question still hasn't been answered except to say there is no answer. That frustrates me that Jeep would go thru the trouble of setting up the contest and managing it, but won't follow through with posting the winners or at elast the freakin' winning pics anywhere on the site. I stil lhave to post my Nov pic. Some day...



  13. Looks like a really cool idea!!

    Sending a TB by snailmail from Norway to god-knows-where, enter a contest, and get a heck lot of miles!

    Neat! :laughing:


    I can foresee many types of races (total distance, closest to a point, furthest from a point, all 50 US states, x number of countries, etc).


    However, to start there will only be one type of race: the most miles traveled after the race starts. The miles start when the race starts (miles before that do not count), or when the TB joins the race if the race has already started.


    Therefore, there is no need to snailmail the TB to anywhere. (That idea could be used for a type of race to be added later. Good idea.)


    I see your suggestions, and raise you. This spring I plan to release 2 TB's called the MLBTBs. Basically, the TB's - One American League, and one National League would, theoretically, travel to all the ballparks for the current teams and see which one could complete the cycle first. I think a site like this would be very cool for tracking something like that. I'd also put some thought into who would be tracking the race. Would it be entered by the TB owner, entered by the cachers who move the TB's, automatically updated by a feed from GS? The last option would be the most convenient, but probably the hardest to pull off.


    Good luck with the development!



  14. So my parents want me to include a BTI on my list so they can get me one thing for Xmas, and not worry about going here and there and everywhere to get DVD's etc for me. My first thought - GPS (Yes, I'm addicted). So, knowing my parents are looking around $100 retail, and are not avaid ebay/internet users, what would be some suggestions for a good GPS unit for around $100 in, say, Best Buy or a sporting good store?


    My first thought was Etrex, but I'm open to suggestions...


    Any help is appreciated.



  15. Peace on earth.


    Oh, you mean seriously? I wouldn't mind finding a 60CSX under the tree.


    I'd like a 60CSX too, or maybe just a permanent fix for the dang rubber gasket on my Legend.


    Me three on the 60CSX and I second the motion on the rubber gasket.


    Funny thing - I was just wondering this myself. I have most everything i need to cache, but was considering a second unit for the list. The 60CSX is a bit pricey for my family. I'm thinking I'm gonna head off to the GPS Forum and get some opinions on decent units for > $100.


    Only thing on my list thus far for caching is a folding tripod seat. I hate when I get to a cache and there's nowhere to sit whiel I sign the log, etc. I have some straps on my cache bag that'll hold a nice little seat.


    As for the cellphone - may I recommend the Treo 650? Great for paperless (I use it), internet capable, and the OS is not Microsoft!




    Edit: added cellphone suggestion

  16. I am considering placing a cache on the grounds of a historical local Catholic Church. I know that there has been much debate about religion and caches....but I'm being very clear about the contents of this cache. Is this appropriate?


    The cache, an ammo can, is located in the woods just south of the cemetery. The cache contains some rosaries, prayer cards, Saint Medallions, and other Catholic oriented swag. Trade these items with anything you wish, so we can get some regular swag in this box too. The FTF prize is a cookbook compiled by the Ladies of St. Boniface (full of good southern dishes and deserts that you would find on the table at any of the Church’s many potluck dinners.)


    I'd have to agree. I am a religious person myself, and I think sharing God's word with others is an important aspect of the faith.


    having said that, however, there are those who would take offense at this type of cache, and I'd be surprised if it got published in the first place. If I were a local reviewer (and please don't take that as an offer!) I would have to say no. Location is great, and interesting, but the SWAG would have to be neutral. Above all things, caches must remain neutral lest others think they are being excluded. I personally would visit the cache as you posted, but others would ignore it, and still others would complain to Groundspeak, the forums, their neigbhbors, and anyone else woh would listen about the opressive, blah blah blah, SWAG. Caches have been turned down for less. You might be able to get it through, but at what cost?


    Bottom line - stay neutral. You can post as many disclaimers on the cache page as you want, but at the end of the fay, there will still be people who visit and take offense, just as there will be people who complain that their coffee was served hot, they idn't know you shouldn't drive with the windshield screen in place, and how were they supposed to know they shouldn't pump gas while smoking...



  17. You haven't offended me so my forgiveness is unneeded. To earn the forgiveness of the ones you have offended will take a total makeover, everything you post from today forward must be impeccable in their eyes, if you are sincere and persevere you will earn it in time.

    I've been in your shoes and theirs both and I've learned alot, that's why I post very little. :laughing:

    Remember, life is unpredictable, the one you maligne today maybe the only one who can help you tomorrow, keep your best side forward at all times.


    Agreed on all points. I think the key is not conformity. Heck, my views have been severely disagreed upon in the past, but i never took it personally, and I never attacked anyone personally, so no harm, no foul. IMHO, feel free to disagree, and heck even post non-conformist issues. But don't make it personal, and don't direct posts towards one's personality or shortcomings.


    Keep it neutral. Pretend you're at a family party and phrase your responses accordingly. I always do, and if everyone and their mother disagrees with my views, I ignore the thread and move on...





  18. WOW!!! Better inspiration not to be had. I LOVE David Morrell! I got hooked on Brotherhood and Fraternity and have since read ever book he's published. He recently wrote Creepers - about those who go into old abandoned buildings that was pretty good. Morrell + Geocaching...I can't friggin' wait. Of course that kinda raises the bar for me.... :huh:




    P.S. - Any chance you could share that advance copy? :(


    I just started it today, but had a very difficult time putting it down. It's got a definite DaVinci Code feel to it so far, but I'm early into it.


    This is the first time I've read any of Morrell's stuff. From what I've seen so far I'd really like to go back and give his first book a shot...I hear it's much better than the movie. :(


    As for sharing the advanced copy...hmmmm...I'm not sure I'm allowed to do that. I'll be sure to write a good book report, though. :(




    Ok, Now that I'm over my insane jealousy knowing that there's a book from a favorite author of mine about a favorite hobby of mine less than 300 miles away...Anyone else ever seen/read/heard about anything. Of course I am well versed in the works of shakespeare and the bible and their numerous geocaching references, but I was hoping for something a bit more contemporary...




    Edit: Spelling...If I say "I can't spell today" every day, does that mean I just can't spell?

  19. Ok. I don't want to dump on virtual reality here. In fact I do dabble in a little World of Warcraft. However I tend to cringe when I think of an online version of geocaching. It's definitely fun and novel but the goal of the site is to use technology to go outdoors, not to simulate it! :huh:


    Here here! I was Painfully reminded of this fact the other day when my son and I were playing a new Xbox game of a father and son playing catch...


    Stolen from Dennis Miller...



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