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  1. Caching through the snow is the way to go!

    Caching through the snow in a one-horse open sleigh; O'er the fields we go laughing all the way. :huh:B)<_<


    I was thinking more like:


    Caching through the snow in a one-horse open sleigh; First to finds we go laughing all the way. Ha Ha Ha!


    Seriously, with the harsh Chicago weather and the snow, and a new baby, I'll probably be hanging up my GPSr until Spring. MAybe the occasional foray, but nothing serious...



  2. My daughter and her friend have a Save The Orcas site and they were telling me that environmentalists are trying to outlaw Geocaching, especially on publicly owned land and national forests! Is this true or is it another mythunderstanding?


    Are these the same environmentalists that drive home in their gas-guzzling SUV's to their suburban development built on what used to be a budding forest or wetland that was bought out by greedy corporate industrialists for "development"?


    Just curious. Any environmentalist that doesn't live in a cave in the woods is a hypocrite...plain and simple.


    P.S. Never trust a vegetarian with a leather bag....




    In contrast, and along the lines of "Cache in, Trash out," Groundspeak has chosen a single cause with worldwide appeal, in order to present a focused charity campaign that also looks like it will be a lot of fun. I am looking forward to helping the bugs towards their various city goals.


    Thats a leap of logic that I fail to follow - because CITO is an event that provides tangible support to the community where it takes place, and shows Geocachers as enviromentally active and responsible individuals (in contrast to the stereotype). These travel bug tags accomplish niether.


    When did the guidelines on charity caches suddenly become applicable to charity trackables? I am either missing a memo, or missing a leap of logic.


    I did not say they implied - I said that this bug is inconsistent with the philosophy expounded by Groundspeak to date.


    I agree in that this deos seem to promote an agenda which would fall against Groundspeak's guidelines, but the same could be said of CITO - promoting an enviromentally freidnly agenda. and while it is just picking up trash, where do they stand on whales, oil, and the baby seal? How about global warming? Polar ice caps? Whatever. It's a good cause that I think universally most people are going to get behind. Some more than others, but I don't think even "bad" people or countries for that matter want to promote the spread of diabetes - except maybe to "infadels" or whoever, but that doesn't count...



  4. [scold] You all should be in church!! [/scold] ;-)


    I was at work, which means there's a pretty good chance I wa sone of the 305.... :)


    Having said that tho, there's a cache right across the street from my church...does that count???



  5. Marking is always good.

    How about also marking them "This is not a bomb". No bomber would ever write that. Just wouldn't be fair or ethical. :)

    BTW, bombs only tick in the movies.


    The bomb squad supervisor asked us to not put "this is not a bomb" or anything like it on caches because it could be positioned so that the word bomb was the only thing showing or it could be worn off and the word bomb could be the only thing left.


    But how many bombs, actually have the word "Bomb" on them...You'd have to give the potential Bomber some serious stupid points for that...The closest example I can think of is claymores which appropriately read something to the effect of "This side toward enemy"



  6. Not literally pop tarts since this happened I believe in the 1920's or so, but you get my point...He found a shorter path.

    The story you relate is the most famous, but certainly not the only, Carl-Gauss-child-prodigy anectdote, and it's a good illustration of your point. However, I feel duty-bound to point out that it's even less likely that young Carl had a pop tart when he got home--that story likely happened around 1790. However, there is evidence that he used his MacBook to get the answer. :)


    Well, what's a couple hundered years between friends??? At least I cited my source...My English teacher wife would be so proud...


    And really, It doesn't matter whether he ate pop tarts or not....What really matters is how many FTF's he got b/c he got to leave so much earlied than the others.



  7. Don't keep your kids on a leash ....


    Would you have liked a tracking device on your huffy and your own vehicle once you turned 16?! Your parents able to see everything you did...... Taking away childhood / teenagers coming of age is just bogus...


    My house, my car, my money for car insurance, gas, maintenance. My kids are going to be monitored. My daughter hates that her cell phone usage is limited. Right up to the point where I suggest she buy her own phone and find a way to pay for it every month. Then, somehow, it's not such a big deal.


    Agreed. It's just using existing technology. Hey if this were the 50's and kids were hanging out at the Soda shop past when the streetlights came on....that's one thing....But when your kids are heading out drinking, shooting, gambling (what not MY kids.....yes your kids) that's another....


    Better to live in certainty than denial...There's trust, and then there's ignorance...


    When my son grows up, he'll be lucky if he doesn't have a transmitter surgically implanted in his head...preferably with a camera sticking out the side of his head like a Borg Implant....disobediance is futile...


    you can make the argument, "I raise my kids right..." and that may be true, but how about your kid's friend's parents???



  8. Ever since my first caching experience in March 2004, I have apparently been caching the hard way.


    Well, two years, 3 GPS's, 250 smileys and a load of headaches, I finally figured out how to enter in the coords correctly with the GoTo button and the arrow and all that stuff. And it was from a topic in the Getting forums I read tonight that corrected me. Since I started, I had just gone to the page on my Magellan Explorist that showed the coords and matched them to the coords to the ones on the piece of paper. Apparently I could've made it much easier! :laughing:


    Oh Well. Does anybody else use my method?


    In did my first few caches like that and it didn't work out so good. I even brought a compass along so I could have this conversation with myself...


    "Ok, I'm at XX.XXX which is right on, but I need to go XXX minutes West, so here's west....ok off we go...oh crap....river....uhhh...."


    Then I discovered the Find'n'go feature and now I can say..."oh hey 190 feet at 167 degrees....Boy this is a lot easier...."



  9. Do you see any downside to providing the local LEO's my cell phone number in case something comes up?


    6. Liability.



    I see Liability being an issue, but not as much as baloo lays out. It would seem like you're setting yourself up as a "Good Samaritan" in the sport, not the definitive expert on what is and is not a cache or bomb. I think LEO's, especially in a small to med size town having a point of contact in the sport is a good idea. I know I wouldn't want to have the responsibility in Chicago....but...I think dialogue is a key issue here. If they don't call you and say "Can you come see if this is a cache or not" I don't see a problem. If they do make that call, you'd be doing their work for them, so go ahead and decline.



  10. Topic:

    Is it OK to solve a puzzle by any means other than the means the puzzle author intended for it to be solved?


    Initially, I will be on the "pro" side of the issue:


    Technically, "finding" a cache has been defined as physically locating the cache and signing the log book.


    Alternative methods of locating standard caches appear to be acceptable, i.e. locating them without using a GPSr.


    Many puzzles, by design or by "oops", have more than one useable solution.


    Ostensibly, the purpose of puzzles is to exercise the mind and call forth creativity and unique thinking. Such unique thinking is the essence of finding an alternative solution.


    A find is a find. Witness the typical "stashnote", "Congratulations you have found it, intentionally or by accident..."


    Therefore, it should not be considered "cheating" to find a puzzle cache by an alternative method such as number crunching, gleaning clues from logs, or "hacking" to name a few.


    Anecdotal example:

    I was asked to help maintain a multicache where the coordinates were calculated from a plaque. I was given the preliminary cache page and I had to actually find the cache. The owner asked if I thought it could be done without visiting the plaque. From the plaque coordinates, some simple math, and a map showing limits of public land in the area, I was able to get it down to two possible points. One of them was correct.


    I claimed FTF on it after it had been published for two weeks. I did go to the plaque and verify my work.


    (Please feel free to debate ANYTHING relative to the topic- even the merits of jigsaw versus interlocking puzzles. I have learned my lesson.) :laughing:


    Here's my take -

    Puzzels are meant to be solved but many puzzels can have several paths that lead to the same point. IF you place a puzzle cache in a park and there is only one logical place to put the cache, then it's not much of a puzzle. Here's an example taken from history -


    Many years ago, as punishment for misbehavior, a math teacher made a class add up the numbers between 1 and 100, before they could leave for the day. The students all began furiously scribbling on paper, 1+2 = 3 + 3 = 6 + 4 = 10, etc.


    One student, Gauss was his name, wrote a single number on a piece of paper, and left. The number - 5050 and left.


    The formula young Gauss discovered when trying to add the numbers 1-100, goes n(n+1)/2, which is (100*101)/2, or 5050. He found it by discovering that 100+1=101, 99+2=101, 3+98=101...50+51=101. He found out that by wrapping the numbers around, that is adding (100-1) and (1-100) together, he would get the number 100 at every term. He then multiplied 100 times the number of terms, and got his answer, when dividing it by 2, because he had added twice the sum he wanted. Hence the sum of all integers between 1 and 100 is 101*50=5050.


    referenced by: http://everything2.com/index.pl?node_id=51...p;lastnode_id=0

    I remembered the story, they explained it, I corrected the bad math....anyway...


    Obviously Gauss did not follow the expected path. He found a shortcut and was eating pop tarts at home before his classmates had gotten to 435 + 30...Not literally pop tarts since this happened I believe in the 1920's or so, but you get my point...He found a shorter path.


    I would say it's up to the cache hider and puzzle creator to make sure there are no shortcuts, and if (s)he gets outsmarted, then good for the finder. Saying in the requirements "You have to do it the way I do it" is just arrogance - a "my way of the highway" kind of attitude. It's like a job making you fill out redundant forms because that's just the way it's done.



  11. <Guinness ad voice> Brilliant </voice>

    Count me in too. There's a bit of this in my family history as well.


    No history here, but as some may or may not know - diabetes is a serious possible complication due to pregnancy and, since my wife and I just had a baby, it's gotten our attention too. Request sent. I'll be happy to get this guy going around chicago. One thing that wasn't really clear tho - The tag has a bug attached to it right? Or do we/can we still attach one?



  12. I just got an Earthmate LT-20 bundled with Street Atlas USA 2005 for 69 bucks at Fry's. Seems great so far!


    I have the same software for my Treo. Good software. The Bluetooth unit connects fast and locks on sats very fast! Only used it for caching a couple of times before getting my rino. Overall, very satisfactory for caching. Downside is i can't use my phone while caching... :D



  13. I found a match container stuffed inside a rubber frog.

    I was happy with the smiley but my stomach wasn't. The name of the cache was Ribit! and my cache partner and I had our appetites set for BBQ Ribs after a long day of caching.


    Found a micro in a forest preserve that had a rubber spider attached to a bison tube, which was stuck in a knot hole in a tree branch. Scared the drap outta me, and I had to poke it with a stick a couple of times before I'd touch it....




    P.S. I'm still looking for an appropriate place to place my "Snakes on a Plain" cache. Rubber snakes glued to an ammo box...Just gotta find a Plain somewhere....

  14. I have just started caching, and already I am thinking about caching 24-7. Every other word out of my mouth has been something on the lines of caching. I stay up late thinking of the next find, where it is, etc... I forgot to put my daughters socks on this morning because I was looking over a new GPS software. My husband thinks this is all funny, so he joined up just so we could spend more time together. I was wondering has caching caused problems in anyones marriage, or family?


    Everything in moderation. Heck my wife - been on two hunts with me - let me release a travelbug for our son on the day he was born! She's understanding, as long as it doesn't get in the way of practical concerns. Got a new baby boy and 12-16" of snow expected tonight, so I won't be out again for a while, but when I am, she's good with it.



  15. I've cached with my Blackberry a few times. The WAP site worked well. Add that and Google Maps in and it isn't bad. I've only used it while caching in other countries. In the US, who needs those toyes


    I use a simiar method with my Treo (since someone else brought up PDA...), but what I do, and what might be even more ideal for a blackberry (it's what the things were built for) is on a reg web browser (computer) look up cache locations for where I'm gonna be, and email the links to the pages. Then, I load the links into Blazer, and save the pages. Treo provides 5 pages of bookmarks - 5 different cache locations based on where I'm gonig to be, or just my cache wish list, broken down by locations.


    I know the topic is Blackberry specific, but i only brought it up b/c a similar method could be used on a BB.


    Works for me...



  16. <levity_mode>


    From a prvious topic:


    10. Bushwhacking is a polite term for "stumbling blindly through the woods"

    9. If it forms a rash right away, the cache is not that important.

    8. Spiders will always build their webs face high and in the most inconvenient place possible.

    7. If you don't like bugs, take up go-kart driving instead.

    6. Always add a waypoint for your car, or at least bring enough change for the bus.

    5. Long hair and windy environments DO NOT MIX.

    4. When a cache is listed as being 1,000 feet away, plan on walking 4,000.

    3. If you're caching near a river, the cache will always be on the other side - even if you've already crossed it.

    2. You don't know that area as well as your thought.

    1. The average GPSr holds enough battery life for about 4 caches, 2 bottles or water, one sprained ankle, a couple of DNF's, and about 50,000 pickly seeds that stick to every available inch of clothing, hair, etc.






    From the last thread a couple of months ago, I remember this actress who seems to be a very active cacher, and even an FTF hound.


    Heh. Is that a face I should be recognizing?


    Her body of work is listed in her personal website, or her myspace page, both linked to at the bottom of the profile. But I ain't no stalker or nothin' :mad:


    I think the weatherman has a longer resume....



  18. I think Wimseyguy has it nailed with his sig line.

    You're apparently confusing the forums with the geocaching community. That's kind of like confusing society with talk radio and editorial pages.

    I have never experienced the kinds of concerns, angst and impassioned conversations that fill the forums when caching with others or at events.



    Well, tecnically, it sohuld read:

    You're apparently confusing the forums with the geocaching community. That's kind of like confusing talk radio and editorial pages with society.


    But yeah...yuo're right on. Nice disaclaimer AR. I like mine better...:D

  19. COOL!!! i just read through some of the other celebrity stuff and turns out if you google your username it will be there hey im famous!!! hey theres a website its not mine but its called www.flagfinder.com


    sadly, I've only got 71 in google, and i think all of them are from here....Hmmm.... :D


    I was a musician once...I coulda been a contender!



  20. I really haven't drank much since college. I had way more fun in college...


    Houston, we are drifting down and away...


    I personally can't wait till my son gets older and we can go out together....And I can't wait til spring...stupid winter in Chicago....:unsure:. I know, I know....I'm just not as hard-core as some of ya'll...



    Edit: spelling

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