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  1. Hey all, I'm gonig over to my first event today and I was wondering - It's located at a restaurant - Is there anything I should do/expect/not do, etc. Just curious as to what's up with these things and if there's anything I sohuld know going in?


    Thanks in advance!



  2. I just noticed the last log on this cache says the last finder left a bottle of rum. Glass bottles are dangerous, a kid playing in the area might accidentally find it, foodstuffs are forbidden, and it might freeze and break, ruining the cache. It's the finder's only find, so it's probably an honest mistake.


    If anyone is in the area, would you mind doing a quick park-and-grab to remove the rum? That'd be great!






    NE 7386mi from your home coordinates


    ummm yeah..that won't be me...:)




    Edit: P.S. I didn't know ammo cans were Lava Proof...Cool

  3. Hi we started caching about two weeks ago after being introduced to the hobby by my sister. When I went out with her we seemed to find the cache quite easily. We have been out and tried to find six different caches and found none. We are in no doubt that we have been at the correct locations it is just the clues are so vague and the GPS seems to take us almost to the point then seems to want to send us in all directions. One cache today said by the railway bridge 10 paces between the sappling and the pipe. Well we were in the woods surrounded by sapplings, there were two bits of bridge and two bits of pipe. The GPS would say 6 feet then when we walked the six feet in the correct direction it would point somewhere else. We have found this a problem on all the boxes so far. We have spent nearly an hour today looking through leaves etc and nothing. We have foudn nothing yet. I used to do letterboxing on the moors the old way and found hundreds yet I can't find any of these. What am I doing wrong? Why are the clues not clearer. Can anyone help? from the Sonatellas


    Trust me, you're not the worst. On my first cache hunt, I crossed the same river twice and stil lended up on the wrong side! On my second, I had given up and was walking back to the car when I spotted it which demonstrates how far off I was.


    ONe thing not mentioned in posts here is triangulation. If you've searched for a long time, walk aobut 50 feet away, break out the compass and take a bearing after standing still (best case, set your unit on the ground) for a few minutes. Walk 50 feet away from there and take another bearing. The intersecting lines will give you a good ballpark of where to look.


    Watch for obvious places - UPS's (unusual piles of sticks) are a good giveaway. Holes in trees, and fallen trees are good to. You'll be amazed how many trees with holes you'll see one you get into this sport - even when not caching.


    The best advice of all is this - You're the hider. Where would you put it? It's probably there.


    This is a whopping 30 caches of experience talking here so...listen up...<_<:(<_<




    Edit: One last thing - You've come to the forums for help which means, by definition, you're not the worst. The worst would still be standing there scratching their head...

  4. Ive been looking at a new gps unit for quite some time now and throughout my searches, it seems that ebay turns up some of the cheapest "new" units. however, a gps being a somewhat large investment for a senior in highschool, is it reccomended to buy one of ebay. a lot say "new" but i was wondering if there were any special tricks that one would have to look for in order to insure a safe buy? thanks a lot on any input.


    Got a used Rino 110 off ebay - no problems yet. the until had a scratch ont he screen, but i knew that going in. I figureds "Heck, if _I_ own it it won't stay nice for very long anyway..."



  5. Try to mentally fast forward a couple years to a completely hypothetical future....

    It's 2008. George W has been voted out of office.

    Hypothetical is right. :D


    What kind of chances do you think George W will have in the non-hypothetical 2008 presidential election? :D


    A great chance as long as they decide to trim a little fat off the constitution...But my answer still stands...



  6. Borrowing an idea from Snoogans.....

    Try to mentally fast forward a couple years to a completely hypothetical future....

    It's 2008. George W has been voted out of office. The new political power needs lots of $$$ to either,

    finance their Socialized Medicine plan,

    or, (depending on your party preference)

    finance their war with Canada. (Sorry Canada! Had to pick on somebody. Nuttin' but love!) :D


    In the infinite wisdom of politicians everywhere, they construct a means to make money off of our favorite hobby. Loading caches would then be akin to downloading music. Pay X amount of $$$ for X amount of .gpx files, with the proceeds taxed heavily. You could browse the site, and read basic cache info, but to view the coords or even see a map would cost you $$$. How much would you pay to hunt for a cache described as a film canister hidden in a Wally World lamp post?

    1. Micro? What Micro? Those are all in my "Ignore" file.
    2. I would only pay for finding caches that seemed interesting to me. That one doesn't.
    3. If I could only hunt 1/1 caches due to a disability or transportation issues, I would.
    4. I would pay the going rate. Gotta have my fix!
    5. I love all caches, even the lame ones. No problem! Where do I send the check?
    6. None of the above. I'd wait for CYBrett to develop a hacker program & do it for free.

    Yeah, I know there are a zillion reasons this could never happen. It's strictly a hypothetical debate.

    (man, I wish that black helicopter would stop hovering over my house!) :D:D


    Not a dime for any cache ever, except possibly members only caches, which i may or may not sign up for...



  7. ok, first I am a noob geocacher, only having logged my first finds this past weekend. Being a bit of a web programmer also, I had an idea I wanted to run by the community before I pursued it at all.


    The idea pertains to puzzle caches. I was thinking of creating a website for "Virtual Cryptexs" and similar things for puzzle caches. The listing would give you all the info you needed to figure out the code to "open" the Cryptex. And a link to the website where you could "unlock and open" it. When you submit the correct code, it would give you whatever the cache owner wanted, ie: coordinates, another piece of the puzzle, etc. The site would be non-profit and free, and would be self contained, with instant results.


    I have read the guidelines, and they say you can have people do a general search to find information to solve the puzzle, but you should not require that someone have to wait on a email from the cache owner for the results. I can see where that would not be wanted (having to wait unless someone got around to reading and replying to the email). This seems to fall inbetween those two extremes.


    Would it fall into acceptable for cache submission?


    There is a website available that someone created that checks the coordinates for puzzle caches, so once you have solved the riddle, you can enter the coords as a check and it will tell you if you are right. Not exactly what you're looking for, but there is precendent... Perhaps you could ge together with the creator of that site and put your heads together. I don't remember the forum that listed the site, but a quick search should find it.



  8. A local cacher has deleted a number of my logs due to my "negativity." (Said "negativity" consisting of waypoints showing my coordinates at the cache site and a distance from the listed coordinates.) (There may be more to the story, likely not much more, but I won't go into that here.) I eventually decided to log his caches with "." -- no more, no less.


    His latest cache contains this language, obviously directed at me:

    Logs that are only symbols, icons, or punctuation marks are not acceptable logs and will be deleted. The Cache Owner reserves the right to delete Any log for Any reason due to the way some cachers have chosen to play this game.


    I will find the cache and log it with something, but am interested in your collective wisdom on the practice of a cache owner requiring specific language or prohibiting certain words/symbols/icons in a Find log. Is a dot more offensive than TNLNSL? (I actually plan on logging the cache with the First Amendment to the Bill of Rights. B))


    I see your point, bur one thing that always bugs me is this I have freedom of speech sdo I can say anything I want to my boss, or whoever."


    Freedom of speech the the right to publicly say what you want without fear of repraisal from THE GOVERNMENT. You do have the right to say what you want to your boss, or post what you want in the cache. But, they have the right to fire you or delete your log as well. Freedom of speech is a precious right that can't be found in a lot of countries. You can say that you think George Bush is doing a horrible job, and others can say that they think he's the greatest thing since sliced bread, but you can't be put in jail for it. That's where the Constitution stops.


    Please PLEASE stop using "Freedom of speech" as an excuse to say or do things to people who have control over your situation - your boss, the cache owner, etc. You won't wind up in jail, but you probably won't get promoted either....



  9. As a relatively new cacher, I have a question. In a recently found cache, I found an item which I

    really would have liked to keep, but I had forgotten to bring any trade items. Therefore I

    felt wrong in taking the item I wanted, so I only signed the log.

    Would it have been OK to take the trinket I wanted?


    I'd say you did the right thing. Head on back out there tomorrow and trade. I keep my GPSr in my "Swag Bag" filled with little toys and whatnot, for just such an occasion. I ususlly leave something w/o taking tho because I have a lot of crap from over the years...So, anyway. you did the right thing. Happy caching!



  10. This thread is dedicated to bragging about those caches you were the very last to find, before they got archived. Never mind this FTF nonsense... it takes special talent to be the LTF on a cache. B) I, myself, got co-LTF, and LTL on an earthcache just the other day... what are your favorite ones? :) (Caches archived because they were muggled after you were there are a whole separate category!)




    My LTF. It's fortunate I found it when I did, but it WAS my note to the owner that got it archived... B)




    Edit: Forgot my sig...

  11. patronize a small shop dedicated to geocaching if it were in your local area? In my hometown we have urbans, day hikes and all other types amounting to well over 1000 caches in the city limits. I have and idea but wonder with the sport so young and small would it work....


    thanx for any or all input.




    As stated several times in this thread, I don't see it happening. Honestly, I got into this sprot because it was cheap and you didn't have to buy a lot of stuff. If you were to put together a lot o custom rigs - vests with a lot of pockets, a universal wrist strap to hold GPSr's, and the like, you might have a chance, but only until Walmart started selling them cheaper and faster.


    I've always wanted to see a walking stick that unfolds into a tripod with a laser pointer on it. I'd buy two so I could trangulate a cache's position...but then, I'm a geek, so....



  12. I wan't to add water transportation to my Christmas wish list but don't know what to ask for. I have Boy Scout experience with canoes but have never been in a kayak. Which one do I want and why? Pros and cons of each? I will be cacheing streams and lakes with a 9 year old. This means I'll need a two man kayak but can one pilot a two man kayak alone? All advice welcome.


    I'm a boy scout myself, and I enjoy both. For a pair of adults, a canoe makes the most sense, with stability and capacity being pluses. A tandem kayak would probably be better for a small child tho admittedly, I have little experience with a tandem. Kayaks by far out do canoes in terms of maneuverability, but lack quite a bit of stability. Canoes tend to be heavier, so solo moving is an issue until the tyke grows up.


    For lake water tansport -canoe, hands down. For river, I'd probably recommend the Kayak. I kayak myself on the White River near Whitehall/Montague often and you can't beat a kayak's maneuverability. Canoes, as least the type I'm used to, can be piloted solo, but you generally have to kneel in the middle and can be trying on the knees.


    As your tyke grows tho, a canoe will turn out to be the better investment - just make sure he doesn't lose interest in canoing! A properly paddled canoe, by two experienced rowers can be just as maneuverable as a kayak, and hold more weight as well.


    Be prepared - and keep that kid in scouts!


    Interesting side note - Once at Owasippe on the White River, a new scouting regulation rerquired one CPR certified person and one Life gaurd who were not the same person. My enterprising father found that my brother and I were the only ones in camp that had each. We went of 10 canoe trips that week, for free, two or three a day - between 25-50 scouts in canoes and us in kayaks. Good times... Tiring...but good times...



    Eagle, 1994.


    Edited for content

  13. So if you own a bug in your area, and you see the bug dropped into a cache that you just don't like for one reason or another...Rarely visited, been reported as muggled too many times, etc. can you/should you/would you go move it to another cache? It would sem to disrupt the "Into the Wild it goes" theory, but at the same time...


    Ok, for those doing some research, it won't be hard to figure out which bug I'm "hypothetically" (ahem! Cough cough) referring to. The cache is reported as being on a flood plain and that makes me uneasy. I don't blame the placer - far from it. I myself have placed a TB which in retrospect seems irresponsible, but I think I wod feel better if it just wasn't there....


    I dunno....It's Prolly just me...



  14. Found this log in a local cache:


    "In town to get married but took a few hours to cache while she got ready...thanx"


    On a slightly unrelated note, I did use my cell phone to check the score for the Cubs game 2 minutes before I got married. I still have the cell phone bill as proof!


    As for caching.....I placed a TB in a new cache the day my son was born...That's about as good as I get...



  15. I searched some old topics, but peoples opinions change over time.


    What would you do, if tomorrow you woke up and geocaching was no more. If for some reason we just had to stop. The website shut down, and so did the forums. (heaven forbid)

    And there was nobody around to get answers from.


    It really is awesome to see just how big a part of everybody's lives geocaching is. I find myself looking forward more and more to the weekends, to have enough time to get out there and do some caching. I'm sure other people do to, but I also find myself neglecting other things because i'm busy thinking about something caching-related.


    Would everybody drift over to Waymarking? Or go out and buy bigger TV's? Or just take longer folding the laundry...


    I don't know what i'd do. Work some overtime i guess, save for a nice house.


    In keeping with what I interpret the OP's intent - I'd prolly watch a whole lot more TV. The whole reason I started GC'ing was b/c it was hiking with a destination. If there's no longer a destination, I won't be hiking.



  16. Well, if you were facing NE, then you were looking in the direction of Groom Lake (Area 51, Dreamland etc), but it is over 50 air miles from your location. The road you are looking at ends in those mountains ahead. If you were looking to the SW, then no, Area 51 would be behind you.<BR><BR>Cache On<BR>Filby Dude


    Actually those mountains are an illusion put there to hide their secret nefarious gather site, in kahootz with the military and the government. Jeez...Don't you people know anything?






    or so I would lead you to believe....

  17. And so far appear to be the only exception - as when the issue comes up, nobody seems to have any other counterexamples.


    Did you miss the Jeeps? Sounds kind of commercial to me, and closer to the mark as they are travel bugs.


    Bottom line is that this is Groundspeak's site and Groundspeak has the right to do what they want on the Groundspeak site. That doesn't mean that ANYONE has the right to do what they want on the Groundspeak site.


    Right, but we do reserve the right to voice our opinions. Again, I'm not saying this is a "bad" agenda or anything. I say go for it. But I do, like others, notice an inconsistency...



  18. It is that time of year again and I was wondering how we all here at the geocaching community can assist with those less fortunate. During my quest for good inexpensive swag I am now starting to think ahead and have purchased two of everything, one for geocaching and one for the toys for tots barrel. I was wondering if the geocaching community was planning anything special or if Im way off the mark here and should not even be posting... :huh:

    I think we should all assist as best/if we can as humans, not geocachers.


    You might also wanna read this, to get a little more guidance on geocaching for charity:

    First, we do not want to have to admit/deny caches based upon our perceived merits of the specific agenda, position, organization or charitable cause. Most opinions vary when it comes to issues like these and we have no interest in hosting the battleground or becoming an arbiter.


    Second, this web site is about geocaching and we do not wish to see it converted to a platform for issues, whether good, bad or otherwise.


    There are plenty of ways to donate to charity and plenty of ways to help out. We encourage you to find them and participate to the extent you believe it is right. We certainly do.


    Now, I realize that this post and action will most likely cause another uproar. Personally, I am sorry that we did not enforce this guideline sooner. The blame for this lies solely with Groundspeak and not the volunteers. As far as this web site is concerned, we plan to do our best to keep it related to geocaching and we hope you like it.








    I understand where the OP is coming from, and I understand where GS is coming from, but aren't the new Unite for Diabetes TB's promoting an agenda? Not to split hairs but...


    Long story short, you can put together an event, but not place it here. There are lots of places on the internet to post stuff like that.



  19. found a cache who's hint was something to the effect of:


    "Cache is hidden at the base of a fallen tree"


    My log notes read:

    "Saying this cache is as the base of a fallen tree is like saying this cache is hidden under the Chevy in a Hertz Parking Lot..."



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