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  1. Yes.


    I was caching with the family on State Route 43 headed toward the California coast. We stopped for a cache that had been hidden on a wide vista-point type turnout along the side of the highway. There was one other car parked in the turnout and it just happened that the GPSr was pointing right at it. I parked our car about 60 feet away and the wife and I focused on the task at hand - how to search for the cache in front of the car without being seen by the occupants. We just assumed they were looking at the view.


    I decided to just get out and 'walk around' and see what I could see. I saw a lot more than I expected. When I came around to the front of the other car (and I was literally within three feet of the front bumper) I saw the back side of a girl wearing nothing but bright pink thong, and a guy whose eyes were rolled back in his head. They were completely oblivious to me standing there. What I thought was most odd was that they were less that 100 feet off the highway and it was 4:00 in the afternoon!


    When I got back in the car, my wife asks 'Did you see anything?', and Kids (ages 6 & 3) piped in 'Yeah, Dad! What did you see?' I just smiled a stupid smile and was thankful they weren't with me..


    Along with that, that very first cache I found was in a reasonably remote area of BLM land. About an hour hike from the parking spot. The two cache logs prior to mine were from the day before and by a guy & girl who found the cache together. She signed her log with something like 'Found the cache then had sex on the rocks. They were sharp on my behind.' I didn't see anything, but I read the log.


    That's a heck of a way to celebrate a FTF. Me, I just take a nap....Guess I'm old...



  2. http://www.usatoday.com/tech/news/techpoli...r-disable_x.htm


    All i have to say if that becomes a reality i will become furious. This hobby is the greatest one i ever started, and i dont want to have to follow directions to a cache if they take away GPS satalite availability.


    First of all, you use an explorist, so there's not much more to be lost... :D


    Seriously, I'm not sure I understnad how GPS systems would effectively aid an enemy. I suppose if there wasw evidence that an enemy was using GPS technology as an effective aid for their attacks, i'll take the hit for a few weeks/months in the interest of national security.


    "Bush also said the government will make the network signals more resistant to deliberate or inadvertent jamming."


    Like those pesky leaves on a cloudy day?



  3. Well, I am pretty darn newbie, but I am a quick study :ph34r: I have not seen anyone write about interfacing the two, but I have heard it referred to. Typically, and I use a Handspring PDA with Cachmate (and GSAK on the PC) the PC is the common link between the two worlds of PDA and GPSr.


    Oh, I'm a HUGE proponent of the Treo. I have a 650 myself. The treo supports Bluetooth and Delorme makes a niftly bluetooth powerpack bundled with Streetatlas software that's handy for GCing and for travel in general - used it on my trip to MN last summer.


    http://www.mytreo.net - Which is btw the ultimate resorce for anything Treo - Has a few bluetooth GPSr's for the treo - palm and Windows.


    I also use my Treo for checking cache pages. I don't have any cache software o there, I just download and save the cache pages themselves in the Blazer Browser. I'd load cachemate or something similar, but I'm all out of internal memory... :ph34r:


    Any questions aobut chaching with a treo, or treos in general, I LOVE to talk treos. Post or PM.



  4. I have a cache, the outside container is quite large, and it is filled with film canisters. Only one has the log book in it. The others all say "Not this one" There also isnt a pencil in any of the containers, therefore none rattle, so you have to physically search through all the canisters till you find the correct one.


    But that means you have to physically search through all the containers to find out I didn't sign the log, but logged online anyway.....muhhahahahaha! :)


    J/K I don't even know what cache you're talking aobut...



  5. :)-->

    QUOTE(R.O.B @ Dec 24 2006, 07:22 PM) 2626151[/snapback]

    Ok everybody, let's hear what you got for Christmas that was geocaching related.


    - Premium Membership

    - Garmin Foretrex 101

    - Folding stool to carry with me for those pesky caches w/o a place to sit while signing the log.

    - Light sticks

    - Poncho

    - Flashlight


    It was a very caching Xmas.


    Plus and Alfonso Soriano and Derrek Lee Jeresy! Not GC related, but AWESOME!!!


    Jersey and Garmin pictured below w/ TB


  6. I'm having the samew problem. Also nwhat's wierd - No PQ emails sent. No PQ's listed in My Account (recent Prem member, os I may not know where to look. I've tried my yahoo.com email and gmail. no joy. any thoughts?



  7. First, a CD is a bit large even for most regulars (save a large ammo box or lock&lock


    Second, a CD is easily scratched!


    Two good points,. I could compensate for the size by using a business card cd - holds aobut 5-7 minutes of audio. THe scratching is another thing altogether. Tho the point of not sending the Tag would be so it could be easily replaced by burning another CD. The business card couldn't be played in a car stereo, but it has potential. I could also post the song on the web so if the CD does become scratched, it could be downloaded...hmm....many things to think about...much obliged...




    Any other thoughts or ideas?

  8. My main concern is that certain items don't travel well, that is even with a tag people sometimes still think 'swag item'. (I can give examples)


    Without a tag really, really make sure you advertise that it is a Travel Bug, as loud as you can make. I can just see researching the lost TB and finding an cache log entry of 'Took cd, left golfball'.


    Other than that I think it sounds grerat.


    You think there'd be a golf ball????





  9. I weas thinking about releasing a CD of a song I wrote (instrumental, kinda orchestral) with no tag (tracking number on the CD and instructions in the liner notes) with instructions saying something to the effect of -


    This is a musical impressions TB. The goal of this bug is reach reach as many people as possbile and have them listen to the song. Then, instead of writing about the adventures or movements of the CD, rather write aobut what the song makes you think/feel/etc. It's not looking for "I liked it" or "I didn't like it" but more of overall impressions it creates.


    To "discover" the Bug, it asks for a log entry of the same. It'd rather you just write the number down and post, but if this were to travel to an event, and played for the entire group, feel free to discover it."


    Any thoughts on


    A) The idea itself.

    :o The requirements/text






    I should add that this is a song I wrote for fun and it's not to promote anything or any cd sales or anything. This song remains and will always remain on my hard drive (TB notwithstanding), and will probably be played throught Germany once they get their hands on it, but that's it...:o

  10. I wanna know the answer to the flipside: I went to an event yesterday and kept getting pestered by some newb named mgbmusic. :o


    What should I have done to avoid the harrasment? :)



    I was wondering how long it'd take for someone there to read this... :o


    Personally to avoid harrassment I perfer the "chicken whisperer" approach.


    Maybe I'll explain at the next event now that I'm a grizzled old vet...:D

  11. Not like it's an EPIC amount of time to think of that one mgbmusic!


    I have FAITH NO MORE in your ability to choose obscure songs!!!




    It wasn't supposed to be obscure, and I think the band would kick your booty for saying that...


    Oh and uh...I did find this cache, but chose to ignore it. I award myself no smileys, and may God have mercy on my soul....



  12. I think you hit the issue. It's one of perception. The people calling in things as suspicious are everyday people. They don't know what a bomb looks like but they do know what they think is odd. When the press gets the story it helps a lot of the object is not a stereotypical bomb look alike.


    I've never understood high traffic area caches to begin with, let alone making them out of some containers. There is no reason to make things harder on ourselves as cachers by effectivly guranteeing increased numbers of incidents.


    The first rule. Hide them so muggles won't find them.

    The second rule, don't use a stereotypical bomb looking container.

    The second rule, use a container appropriate for the location.

    The third rule, paint over the military markings and mark the container as a cache.


    Only the first rule prevents incidents. The rest help make them less severe.

    Ummm, this cache didn't really violate any of those rules.


    Some would say that it violated #2 (the first #2), but it looked no more like a bomb than any other item that we would hide.


    It might have violated #3, I don't know. It might not have said 'geocache' on the side for all I know. I also don't know if that would have saved it.


    I guess we could all switch to hide-a-keys, fake rocks, and film cans...


    How do you blow up a rock??



  13. I think it might well be a violation of the terms of use of the website. If you took a picture of me unawares at a cache, as part of the cache set up - and I became awares, I'd report it as such.


    (j) "Stalk," harass, or otherwise harm another Site user.


    (k) Collect or store personal data about other Site users.


    It strikes me as both a form of stalking, and certainly collecting personal data.


    I don't like it, can you tell? <_<


    I think it's a breach of ettiquette, but not necesarily of law.


    Like stars that can't leave their home wihout being beseiged by paparazzi (who are only one small step above muggers in my opinion!) you lose your expectation of privacy when you play a public game like this.


    A friend of mine takes pictures to make into postcards for retail sales. He tells me that's why he doesn't need a release from the individuals depicted on a public beach or crowd shots at a park.




    Aside from the practical standpoint, you coul certainly put one out. DEFINITELY post notice on the cache page tho. In Large bold print. Just in case...



  14. Upon arriving around 2 p.m., sheriff's personnel discovered a 3-inch piece of PVC pipe wrapped in camouflage duct tape with caps and a thick wire protruding from one end, the Monterey County sheriff's office reported.


    Um, you make it LOOK like a bomb and you are surprised that it's TREATED like a bomb?


    I think the hider on this one should have to pay the bomd-squad costs!


    Did you see the last line??? He/she may have to!!


    BTW: A wire sticking out of the end of a pipe bomb needs to be ATTACHED to something to make it blow up.


    And also:


    Does anyone here see anything worth blowing up???




    No, a wire sticking out of a pipe bomb need only be touched to activate the battery-operated detonator inside, and the hand of a random tree-trimmer might be worth blwing up to the psychopath that plants bombs!


    Making the assumption that something out of the ordinary is NOT a bomb wins you the Darwin Award!


    Hmm...I see your point...I guess you're just more devious than I. Or more explosively inclined in which case...eeek...



  15. Your subtitle (adopt a newbie) is an awesome idea for us to include officially into event agendas!


    It'd be even more fun to attach a travel bug to the newbie and then hide him in a cache...


    ...Said the girl with three posts....Nothing to do with events I realize, but you have to see the irony...<_<



  16. Upon arriving around 2 p.m., sheriff's personnel discovered a 3-inch piece of PVC pipe wrapped in camouflage duct tape with caps and a thick wire protruding from one end, the Monterey County sheriff's office reported.


    Um, you make it LOOK like a bomb and you are surprised that it's TREATED like a bomb?


    I think the hider on this one should have to pay the bomd-squad costs!


    Did you see the last line??? He/she may have to!!


    BTW: A wire sticking out of the end of a pipe bomb needs to be ATTACHED to something to make it blow up.


    And also:




    Does anyone here see anything worth blowing up???



  17. Hey all, I'm gonig over to my first event today and I was wondering - It's located at a restaurant - Is there anything I should do/expect/not do, etc. Just curious as to what's up with these things and if there's anything I sohuld know going in?


    Thanks in advance!




    Thanks everyone. I had a great time. Eyeseeit showed me the ropes when I got there - about 20 min before everyone else! It was fun discussing chaching and Treo's (pocket PC vs. Palm) techy stuff, non-techie stuff. Some mini cachers came and had a ball. Eyeseeit and GBFI had a nice Icebreaker - Geocacher bingo. I didn't really fill out the card, but it was fun all the same.


    TAR - no worries. I'm always surprised when any thread goes beyond 10 posts w/o drifting off topic <_<


    Nothin' but love for ya'll!



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