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  1. I can understand paying a premium membership fees for being able to do pocket queries or to setup caches on a given route, but to be able to find a cache in the area. I mean given how much some of the GPSr's cost. I can fully understand someone being upset at being asked to pay a fee on top of that initial layout, just to go out and find caches in their area.




    Yes, but it's close to the same thing as - going to a sporting event, or watching it on TV. It's the same experience, but enhanced. Similarly, if you attend a sporting event, you can see some of the things that TV's don't air such as - In between action entertainment, what's happeneing on the field where the action isn't centered (which is sometimes just as important as the action itself), no commercials (at least none that you're forced to watch dring timeouts, between innings, etc.).


    I enjoy attending baseball games during the summer because there's nothing (to me) like going to a game at the ballpark. However, as much as I'd love to, I can't afford to get season tickets. Therefore, similar to the month-to-month option here, I pick a choose what games to go to watch the Cubs lose...er, I mean play...:lol:



  2. I was checking the local cache listings recently and keep coming across three caches nearby (series) that seem to have been abandoned, muggled, stolen, etc. and nobody seems to do anything about it, except keep on logging the DNF's.


    I was thinking it might not be a bad idea to set up a sort of DNF task force, a group of volunteer cachers who could go out and look for these caches that seem to have disappeared, scour the area for potential hiding spots, etc, and report back to the reviewer/owner and set a more definitive word that -yes this cache is either missing, or it's hidden so well God can't find it.


    I'd volunteer for such a group, but with my whopping 34 finds (or more importantly my 10 DNF's) - I might just suck at it.


    I dunno. Just a thought. Don't know if it's been discussed before, but..



  3. I got the notion that, for a fun cache, one might send cachers to a spot mugglefree and, for instance, set up a fake campsite containing the cache with the clue hidden in "the coffee pot". The "hint" decrypted going something like "look in the coffee pot. Then the cache might be in a y shaped tree there. I know this example would be high maintainence but would something like with props this be accepted upon review?


    It's a sad thing to say, but I'd think very few spots are "Muggle free". Never under estimate the power of a teeneager who wants to get drunk w/o being caught. I'd also be hesitant to enter a campsite in the middle of nowhere to look for a cache. that could just be me tho...


    If you'd commit to the maintenance and keep it up and you don't mind a eprfectly good kettle being stolen, then I say go for it...



  4. I understand that members can be banned through multiple loggings of caches that they didn't actually find but what else can you be banned for?


    Unfortunately this, like so many other free sites on the Internet falls into the category of an unenforcable policy. It's a free site. You can have 10 accounts with no one the wiser if you're careful. If one get's banned, so what? 9 more bottles of beer on the wall... I myself only have one account, b/c I don't plan on being banned. If I did do something heinous and get banned, like for example, placing a large number of caches underneath lamposts, well then I'd just create a new account and air drop micros into the woods instead. It's a vicious circle...



  5. I really don't appreciate the member's only caches. Geocaching.com was designed as a free website, and I don't like having to pay for the multiplying number of "Member's Only" caches. I think they should make them available to everyone, or they shouldn't be there at all. Even though I'm relatively new, I think I deserve to see all of the caches. What do you guys think?

    So, if nobody pays, how does the site stay running so you can continue to geocache for free?


    I can see both sides of the issue. I am a premium member, but i remember the frustration of MO caches. There are other benefits to being a member, Pocket Queries being the most obvious. MO Caches seem a bit elitist, but in the end it helps pay for the development, improvement, and maintenance of this site, so I'm for membership. There really aren't all that many MO caches that I've run across around here - less than 10% I'd say, so I just ignored the fact that I couldn't search for them...


    The hosting alone for this site - I don't even want to think about it...



  6. Please use the "additional waypoints" tool to report the location of your puzzle cache. If you're unfamiliar with that feature, complete instructions can be found in the FAQ thread over in the "Getting Started" forum.


    Whether or not the method for solution needs to be disclosed will vary on a case by case basis. If the method isn't obvious (Sudoku, for example), or if the idea is novel, then the reviewer may ask a question.


    Thanks...another stupid question - When posting coordinates, when "the cache is not at the posted coordinates!!!" where do the posted coords comes from? What I'm interested in doing is kinda like the barcode puzzle cache, but not really where the coords would have to be determined on the cache page itself. So lets say I have a cache hidden at (completely made up coords) N 47 deg 06.172' W087 deg 65.723' - e.g. that is the actual location, what cords do i post on the main page? Parking maybe? or just something i make up?



  7. This is easy. Call the friends and tell them the you/wife/kid/dog is sick at home and plan for another night. Then go caching.


    Well, considering this happened on NYE, I'd have to plan for Dec 31, 2007. Prolly wouldn't go over too well..:D


    BR - There's so much that can delay a 5-6 hour trip, honestly, I prolly wouldn't have mentioned the caching...:D And besides, baby's first xmas is the perfect xmas to be late for....not like he's gonna remember.




    P.S. Congrats on the new arrival. We just celebrated our first xmas w/ our little one...BTW: here's his TB: http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=650972

  8. (snip)

    I would have had the house clean a couple days before the guests were expected so my wife wouldn't be stressing over it. (/snip)


    Do you have a brother?




    Nope, no brother but looking at how my sister turned out there is no telling what a brother would have been like. My sister runs at about the same speed as my wife. When we have plans with her, my wife always tells me that we do not have to be in a hurry because my sister will not be ready. And what drives me crazy is that she is always right. No matter how late we are my sister is later ;)


    My sister cleans at least twice a year :anitongue: She pull the trash can to the front door and starts filling it up. There is nothing I hate worse then going over there and seeing all the stuff I have given my nephews in the trash??? I have to go through to bag stuff up for the Salvation Army.


    Some times I am amazed that we were raised in the same house ;)


    That's funny. Whenever my wife and I are getting ready to go somewhere, she always complains that we're gonig to be late. My theory towar that is: I don't have to be ready on time, I just have to be ready before she is...:signalviolin:



  9. ...we have one locally like that, they threw a 1/8" brown rop over a limb, hoisted the cache and tied the ground end off to a boat cleat screwed to the tree and painted brown


    Which is a guideline violation. You can't go putting screws in trees (unless you own the tree). If the reviewer knows, he won't publish the cache. If he finds out, he will archive it.


    I'm glad someone brought this up...


    My suggestion -


    Have an ammo can cache suspended in the tree with a line that comes down and attaches to another ammo can secured on the ground in some fashion - wedged or whatever. Inside the can on the ground is a note that says "Let me go". When released, the ammo can (which weighs more with the included swag, log book, maybe a sandbag or two) then lowers to the ground. Trailing the empty can is 25 ft (or however much you need) of excess cord so it can be pulled back down. Just a thought. If I wanted to put that much work into a cache, that's what I'd do...


    An alternative would be the second can is weighed down with sandbags with a note saying "Empty me".


    Please Please be sure to tie the caribiners in place rather than attaching the pulley or what have you in some more damaging way. That's the kind of stuff that gets GC'ing looked down upon. Pulleys can be problematic since they require tension to stay int he track. Caribiners have the flexiblity to not get snagged.



  10. "I think most people use combination locks for that reason. Just hide another cache nearby with the combo in that one."



    Thats a good idea to. I never thought about using a combination lock.




    If you could arrange it, make it a puzzle cache where part of the coords are the combo...Get a lock with a 10 button pad where you can set your own combo and make it the YYY in XX deg XX.YYY min. That'd be fun...




    P.S. I always giggle like a schoolgirl when I see a forum title "New Cache Idea"


    One thing I've learned - New cache ideas aren't. No offense intended, just an observation.

  11. I was going along fine until I saw that there were going to be guests. On a normal day I'd definitely obsessively cache. But I have this *thing* about making sure my house is at least usable for guests. It the house was ok, I'd probably do a few.


    Oh definitely. The guests is the kicker. No guests, I'm running a PQ then and there :anitongue:. I'd even call her to let her know where I'd be (safety net in case I don't come home and I'd lying dead int he woods somewhere).



  12. That was funny!


    She is the procrastinator and would worry about it up until the very last possible second and if anything comes up in the last second then it spins out of control.


    Yeah see that's the problem...we're both procrastinators....And if we had the house clean a couple of days before the guests, there's just no guarantee it'd stay that way....:anitongue:;)



  13. Actually the Complaint Department thread can be found here.


    I think a big key to it is perception...both on the part of the new cachers as well as the older cachers. What is often interpreted as "jumping down their throat and saying 'we've already covered that'" can often simply be a helpful link to information in an already existing discussion.




    LOL! That's funny....Anywho. I'm not as old school as some, but i do see the same topic popup occasionally. I usually just copy/paste my old response into the new. Or re-type it. Depends on how long it is...:ph34r:


    I think in most cases, it's for informational purposes so I wouldn't take it too hard. Worst case, bump it. We love things like that...:anibad:



  14. You're at work. It's slow. Your boss asks you if you want to head home early. You say yes.


    You walk outside, it's high 40's, low 50's, drizzly. Not too bad.


    Your home needs some cleaning. Your wife is at home, presumably doing some of that cleaning. You have house guests coming over tonight.


    You look longingly at your cache bag sitting in the back seat.


    What do you do?


    Me personally, I went home, but mostly because I didn't qualify for the last part (cache bag w/ GPS was at home, D'oh!) but if it had been there....I would've been torn...




    Happy New year, assuming of course you follow the current Gregorian calendar...

  15. I know of a couple caches like that, but I haven't done one. They use those "talking house" transmitters. I was going to set one up once, but didn't feel like dropping $100+ for the transmitter, plus I didn't have anywhere to plug it in other than home, and I wasn't sure at that time if I wanted other geocachers knowing where I lived.


    I was going to call mine the station and make it a mystery. As in "860 AM" or whatever band it ended up on.


    I don't think the ones I know of are set up on a timer though, but I suppose it would be easy enough to use one of those christmas lights timers you can pick up and just plug the transmitter into it.

    I have one Radio Shack used to sell for $20. Everything else will be scrapped together. It will run off of 12volts and recharge by solar...That is, if it works.

    It is interesting there are others out there. I knew it was a good idea...


    That's funny. I was thinking aobut using a cache like that as a plot-point in a geocaching novel i might someday write....Let me know how it turns out.



  16. deleted duplicate post


    Funny you sohuld mention. I resolve to delete all my duplicate posts....


    Seriously. I've thought about it. I don't really do resolutions. I'd like to get out more and that's about it. Maybe sometime this year, I'll give myself one full day of caching....That'd be nice...



  17. Happy Christmas to me!!

    I got a pocket PC-the HP IPAQ. Whoo hoooo. Now I just need to learn how to use it for caching. I also got hiking boots, a box of swag from American Science Surplus, some travel bugs and some geo pins. Sweet!


    Yes, but have you ever been to the store (to my knowledge there're only 3 locations 2 in Chicago, and one in milwaukee). I love just walking in that store and looking aorund. I could spend hours in there....Got my "swag bag" from there. An old gas mask pouch...Awesome...



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