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  1. Having not read all the posts here, I'm lazy, so I'll just chime in - I don't care about the fence. To me, a hunt is a hunt. Some are hard. Some not. Everything in life is going to have purists, from Lamp-post hating cachers, to male-dominated, well everything, to people who hate Italian restaurants because the sauce is never quite right. I fear change as much as the next guy, but if it doesn't directly affect me, then have fun with it. If someone wants to cheat, just to run up the numbers and look impressive at events, fine. Whatever. If people want to plant 1 micro every 529 feet, just so someone else can rack up 7,000 finds in one day, more power to them. Heck, anyone who complains about drive up micros but goes to the McDonalds drive thru to me is somewhat of a hypocrite. Not that I really give a crap, but... I'll hunt anything that's relatively close to where I am. Some hunts I'll enjoy more than others. But I always enjoy the experience. I enjoy the forums - heated as they may become. I enjoyed the event I attended and hope to enjoy more for the people. So I guess I just hopped the fence, and grabbed the micro hiding in the cap on the way over. --MGb
  2. I think we're looking at the future face of cellphone Geocaching....eerie...I swear if you got one of those composite programs and put in to see if our shadow guy and the Cingular dude had a baby....freaky... --MGb Edit: rats...missed it by 2 hours...Mine's funnier tho...
  3. I'll do sudokus and cryptograms occasionally to kill some time, but that site is exactly why I don't really care for them -- solving them requires simply following a set procedure. That's true, but figuring out the order of the solution numbers to pinpoint the coords could be rough...For example http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...8d-b966add806c1 I solved the sudoku puzzle quickly and actually the order of the digits relatively quickly too. Not every puzzle has to keep people in suspense for days and days trying to figure it out. If it's in my area, I'd prolly go for it, and do a sudoku puzzle along the way...more fun for me... --MGb
  4. Dang it! I missed it by 4 minutes. Well, count that as a vote for gaggle. -Jim Far more than 4 minutes, but gaggle... --MGb
  5. I have a fe comments for this topic: 1. A lamp post skirt is basically window dressing - makes it look pretty. 2. At the cache lig site, I got this one: This cache should be archived so you can save a little face. Nice view of the alley! TNLNSL! - funny. 3. Like another poster, I've found one lampskirt micro and thought it was cool. I'll prolly do a few more as soon as we get some freakin' Walmarts around here! 4. I recently placed a micro in a city park as part of a series but in order to avoid the hum-drum of an urban micro, I made it a puzzle cache which so far has gotten good reviews - both in the logs and emails. For your viewing pleasure - http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...75-f851bbea1108 It is my first hide, and I'm quite proud of it. Not the cache itself, but the puzzle. and the challenge of finding it, not by trekking through the bush in the middle of a forest, but by solving a brain-bender and heading out. Just my 2 cents. -MGb
  6. "Shoot a basket" What kind of crappy hint is that? Great another DNF... --MGb
  7. Edit : trying to get picture to work... I'll be right back... I'm back... I'm the fat one on the right... --MGb
  8. I just get a video saying "please try again"...so i did....no joy... --MGb
  9. My wife and I have our phones together on a family plan through cingular. I believe its 59 a month for like 500 minutes, but we get shared mobile to mobile with anyone on cingular, and most of my friends and family are on cingular so I never go over in minutes. I dont have a data plan yet, but I will probably be getting one soon. Go with the unlimited MediaNet plan for $19, the salesperson will try to tell you that you have to go with the 40 dollar data plan, but just add the media plan online. You'll get unlimited data and 200 free messages a month. I'm glad someone brought up the medianet plan. I was pretty po'ed wheni found out i'd been paying the same price for only 5mb xfer/month. Switched to media net and it's smooth sailing now. Here's my Treo 650 experience - The blue tooth GPS is nice, but you can't use the phone or paperless caching at the same time... I have the delorme street atlas software which connects to the delorme bluetooth powerpack. I use that for navigation. I use Google Maps Mobile for Sat views of the terrain when I'm going to it, or already there. Then, combined with my Foretrex, all my caching is in one hand. and I can multitask. I don't use cachemate or GSAK, but that's mostly because I never really do more than 3-4 caches per day (OK per month, but still). Instead, I email myself links to the cache pages, go to them one by one, and save the page in bookmarks. Right now my main problem is internal mem space - I'm down to like 4MB after clearing out my mailbox. I'm going to get an email program that allows for saving emials to a mem card rather than the internal memory. I also plan to make the many, many games to the mem card as well so that'll clear up some space. In all, I'm very happy w/ the Treo and haven't come close to damaging it yet. Be sure to visit http://www.mytreo.net - It'll change your life.. So much software there it's rather sick. I love talking Treos. Feel free to ask anything or just chat. I'm always willing... --MGb
  10. Feeling nostalgic. wanted to give this one a bump.. --MGb
  11. Sure...happy to help...A quick search of the forums here wil lprobably answer a lot of your questions, but for what it's worth, here's mine: 1. 7 months. first cache found 6-11 I believe. 2. As of yet not too far. I have found a cache in minnesota, approx. 338.5mi from my home, but I was on vacation there, so I don't think that counts...Side note - interesting you chose miles instead of km, but anyway... 3. Best - Prolly the other day. See my log here - http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...76-c2f8268deb6a 3b. worst - I don't know that I've had a necessarily a bad experience, but for my first hunt I mananged to cross a river twice and still be on the wrong side.. Caching is fun, so there really hasn't been a a bad experience. Others here will be able to give you more relevant experiences in this area I'm sure (held at gunpoint by LEOs, etc) 4. http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php...=149417&hl= easiest way to answer that one... 5. Coordinates! Hands down...and no stamps either! I know that's a thing across the pond, but no.... 6. Generally, within 20-35 ft. ballpark. 7. No clue 8. I didn't start geocaching...Some guy in oregon did...Sorry that's the type of smart-alec answer you'll get here, and welcome to the forums BTW. j/k anywho - from what I've seen, It's 50/50 - depends on the person. Some wil lsome won't. I haven't noticed a radical shift in attitudes over the past 7 months... Hope that helps. That's MGB spelled with one M, one G, and one...well...B...nevemind... --MGb
  12. So I placed my first cache today and am getting ready to write it up. Quick question. Used 2 GPSr's sitting on top of the cache for coords. Should I average them? for example: N99 99.999 + N99 99.997 ------------------------------ = N99 99.998 ? 2 Both GPSr's showed accuracy within 20-30 ft after sitting for aobut 5 mins or so (a couple games of solitaire). What say you? --MGb P.S. I may have more questions and if so will post them in here when I think of them..
  13. Hehehehehehehe....I'm an idiot.... Nevermind... --MGb
  14. Does anyone know what kind of puzzle this even is??? http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...02-fe7a2b8b4bb6 I've never even seen something like this...or at least not displayed in this fashion. I only ask b/c w/o even knowing what to look for, I'd have no hope of solving it. I'd understand if you all told me to bugger off tho... --MGb
  15. I always listen to the voice in my head and they don't like anybody....No you don't...oh shut up nobody asked you.... --MGb Edit: content
  16. "Anyone involved with or having information concerning this cache should call Liethen at (920) 906-5555. " Uhh...mrs/ms. reporter person.... www.geocaching.com Now where's my reward? For an extra $1000, I'll send you all the online logs for the cache too! For another 5,000, I'll use my prem membership to run a pocket query for every cache within 100 miles so you can freak out aobut those too. --MGb
  17. And "E" and "J" aren't really critical to have... so you'd really only have to find four of the ten caches. Right but which of the 10 have those numbers in it. Keep the identity of the numbers hidden until one reaches the cache. EG - don't name the cache "F for 5/5" or something. They would have to arrive at the cache as see F=2 or something." I personally don't like the idea of doing 3-4 separate hikes to get all the numbers. As ponited out, a 5/5 will draw numbers of people from all places who might not want to go out 3-4 times, just because it was placed that way. If you could place all the micros or sub caches in a string of a 20 mile hike, I would still consider that a 5/5. That's just me tho. I would find it if it were in my area, but I definitely wouldn't travel to it to blow 1 or 2 days of hiking for one cache, 5/5 notwithstanding. --MGb
  18. So basically, you want to set up a mob of cache police. Will they have to furnish their own pitch forks, or will they be provided? Sir! Step Awaaayy from the mirco....You're under arrest for extreme bad taste in cache placement, section 305 paragraph 4 which specifically relates to dumpsters... Seriously..there are a lot of good points in these logs. Honestly, the last time i looked for the caches was back in October, so I'm not sure what's been done since. I'll have to take another hack at it next time I go out, then if it hasn't been done yet, contact the owner/reviewer etc. We'll have to see what happens then. I just thought it might be an interesting idea is all... --MGb
  19. Oh God....It's gone from and addiction to a career! My poor wife.... --MGb
  20. I believe it has been answered that there is a system in place for banned given 1,000 of log entries, abuse of forums, etc. But I still want to know, what is the average air-speed velocity of a cocunut bearing swallow??? --MGb
  21. I ussually get 1-3. That prolly accounts for my 34 finds...I don't like to "Burn out" an area on one trip. There's also the getting lost factor. The first Time i go to an area, I'll scout it out a little and grab the ones closest to the parking lot. The next time, I'll venture a bit further out. There's a forest preserve within 1 mile of my house that has, I think, 10 or so caches. It took 4 visits for me to get them all with a couple of DNF's along the way. Most of the time, I'm grabbing a quick cache while I'm already out, so it'll ususally be just that one so I can get home and make up a plausible story as to where i've been.... Uh yeah, I was at uh....Home Depot...yeah that's it....looking at the uh...geraniums....yeah that's the ticket....geraniums and uh....fertilizer! Yeah fertilizer for the garden we don't have... --MGb
  22. I guess I should've explained better. The theory is this would be a group of pretty experienced cachers who know a lot of the tricks who would be able to cover as much ground as possbile. This could not be a definitive word that it is gone and that is that, but it would be the closest thing to an "expert opinion" that geocaching could provide. It'd basically be one or more individuals who could go to a site, and decide is it missing, is it on private property, etc and report back to the reviewer so they can have eyes on ground opinions so the reviewer could make the call. The previous cachers may have little or no experience looking and, like me, may just suck at it. --MGb
  23. Excellent setup. I like it. Hope that cache works out for you! But where are you going to find a washing machine in the middle of the woods? --MGb
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