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  1. Keeps the post # low for the time involved.... Insured by PENN reels and Sandwich Boat Supply lobster traps
  2. Especially considering how much $$$ that gets spent on all the electronic $%!^ we HAVE to buy, and how alot of people here exhibit 'type A' personalities (get there first, most finds, newest equipment etc...). IT COULD BE YOU on the receiving end some day. Years ago I walked 2 miles and rode a bus 1 hour each way to a minimum wage job. Read left over newspapers and had credit with the hot dog vendor till payday. Granted I also lived on a 40 foot sailboat, but alot (read all) of the gang on the bus didn't. Opened my eyes. Now that I can afford it, I clear out my freezer and donate 10-15 gallons of lobster bisque each T-Day.
  3. Find the cache, then walk about a while. Pack a lunch. You're NOT at work... I placed my caches in some nice areas worth a look about. A couple hours at a cache in an old quarry near the coast got me to deal with my new found acrophobia/vertigo. I had a blast sending imaginary cannon fire at an invading fleet at another cache. I had a school group play along. When I was thanked by the teacher, I had to tell her I had been looking for a box of trinkets, and no, didn't work there but had read history of the area before I visited. Have fun
  4. I placed my caches in places that I hold dear to me. " Bass Hole CAche" is hidden in some old orchards, Crab Creek Cache is hidden in an old area used to be a salt mill and a bog, and sand pit. DO NOT DIG is for new areas, not the old places I cache in. " be polite" is the best thing to say
  5. I have a cache in a place that is an old cranberry bog and the adjacent sand pits... Hiding something under ground isn't a problem to me, as the locale ( not a ) vegitation will suck up in a year. or 50, or 100... I remember the 'BAD' old days when finding bottle dumps was a good thing, and an arrow head was a great find.
  6. I've had re-visits to caches, a note in the book or a note is nice, but not a find. Finders have brought newbies there; cool, but not to the original finders. A find after a no find is another thing entirely. Virtuals and this 'locationless' thing is another matter I'd rather not get into, since they aren't caches.
  7. Make a link to a page of your own that describes your cache in the media show you wish. KISS, Keep It Simple Stupid is best way to go. Not all of us have big-band-high-end stuff... and some get sick of computers after work and just like to go easy for an easy printout. my $0.02
  8. Couldn't help but think of National Lampoon's Vegas Vacation...... and Eddy hiding caches around his yard. 40 in 18 months !
  9. Keep It Simple Stupid... Make a link to a page of your own to show how cool/smart you are, just say something to the effect of: "to my expanded page for this cache". Some of the overkill is nice, but not needed to get to point 'B'. 'nuff said... I posted this on another area tonight. I have some nice pix of my places uploaded, and the best are from finders. They are links. If you HAVE to show your abilities, make a page. (and keep the anoying music to yourself too !)
  10. Keep It Simple Stupid... Make a link to a page of your own to show how cool/smart you are, just say something to the effect of: "to my expanded page for this cache". Some of the overkill is nice, but not needed to get to point 'B'. 'nuff said...
  11. quote:Originally posted by Smitherington:Beach whistles? New one on me. Beach whistles = plastic tampon applicators....
  12. just stuffed a bag into a film container, I must have missed that thought/thread..... I get bags of crap when I go to maintain my 'Crab Creek' cache, pisses me off no end to drag a bag of ICK to the roadside and call the hiway dept. ( I ride bike there, so no backseat) I go to the shore after storms and find all sorts of neat stuff, Like lures and a pound of scallops last week ! But tons of crap too, like 'beach whistles'.
  13. town government in America still works, so does being polite.
  14. "LOL. The Blazer guy is so confused. He needs to contact the Ventura County Sheriff. He has the WRONG number for the LAPD If HE thinks it is Ventura he needs to notify their sheriff's also. Just an observation.... Poor guy !!! It is probably in Tijuana by now anyway !!!:-<" I felt so bad,(not really) I had to drive to the local mahket and get smokes, the guy in front of me left $100 on his front seat and had to go back to his cah, so I had to wait... I was just happy my cah was still running in the lot. Moral of the story : You drive a cah to be stolen and you live in a high crime area. DUH!!!!
  15. The 'Big W' http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?ID=2831 Has been found plenty of times, quite honestly it's hidden in an area prone to kids climbing around. A local kid brought it home and his DAD made him bring it back and e-mailed me. The volunteers at the Big W it's self watched people looking all summer. Some other locals know about it and leave the area until they see the leaving cachers and ask if they found it in good shape. Best was when a fellow cacher saw it (out of place) recognized what it was and brought it over to his wife, and his GPS was left at home many miles away.
  16. on Cape Cod ? I'll just place this in the "yeah-right" file
  17. An historical marker from the old 'Boston Post Road' was recently STOLEN, It was placed in 1700's as part of the first Postmaster General's (Ben Franklin) mile markers... I have a couple similar markers that I have found, but yet to log. I lost the dang story's link. I have the Lat/Lon for the marks on 'Old King's Hiway' (6A) in Yarmouth MA, postal and stage marks. heres a link to the Historical Society, (caches are there) http://www.hsoy.org/ CCC
  18. I have quite a few finds, not logged yet so don't spook when they all show at once. I carry a firberglass rod (aka a leftover trafic/home refector marker) As non-intrussive as I can get
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