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  1. OK, so I smoke. I keep the wrappers with me and a film cannister in my pocket. I fish, I keep the wrappers with me. I go to McDonalds some times, that's what the backseat footwells are for. Smoking was outlawed by my town counsel AFTER restaraunts were required to spend thousands of $$$ on 'smoke eaters' (not popular vote, I should have gone into the deck building biz then). No smoking in bars??? Think about it for a moment, people go to bars/clubs to drink poison in mind-numbing quantities and try to have sex with strangers where the noise level can dammage your hearing... But smoking is dangerous... I'm waiting for a 'no-screaming-brats' section in planes, restaraunts and other public places. On a long flight I tear off the end of a cigarrette and put it in my mouth and use a barf bag for spit. Grosses people out, but I used to have a quiet area at the back of the plane that didn't bother other people. Quick aside as to societal changes over the last 30 years. The TV programs "Laugh-In', 'Smothers Brothers' and 'Dean Martin Roasts' were considered risque because of their humor, which is timid by current standards. They wouldn't get aired today because they smoked and drank. Remember when Johnny Carson smoked? or Truth or Consequences gave away cartons of Winstons? A box of cigars or a bottle was an accepted (expected) business gift for XMAS? People dressed for travel or social occaisions? Said please & thank you? Be polite, and better mannered, put ash cans away from front doors (not in Siberia)and 'quitcherbichin'.
  2. I use GPS at sea level, altitude is a joke unless you use big stuff
  3. I celebrated 2 years ago with 'Crab Creek Cache' (GC86C), it coincides with the opening of crabbing season. 2 years, 33 hits, 0 plunders, 1 snotty review. Picked it up on Fri.,04/11/03, for a refit to an ammo can and new crab jigs and regulations. For a vacation area, most tourists wouldn't know of this area. Pardon the pride
  4. As previously stated, I think it's too dynamic a situation to list all the caches. I buy a Eldridge Tide & Pilot book every year, but tides don't quit or get stolen. As far as traveling, when I contract for work, I make sure I have internet access. I stay in 'mom&pop' motels for my own traveling, and they are usually more than happy to let me use a computer for 1/2 hour. I don't use PDAs or a laptop, and I have to look in my wallet for my cell-phone #...
  5. Nice job Dusty, I bookmarked it, once it drys out and warms up (drys up, warms out?) here I'm going to check out a 'tidal' benchmark, curious to see if it's a different physical marker or just designation. Maybe I'll actually finish a roll of film doing it and scan them too.
  6. Went to Chatham, MA CG station today to see if I could see the CORS today. I stumbled onto the CORS site last night, and since I was headed that way, went for a look. Met a Coastie leaving the gate (closed since the 9/11 bit), and he was cool enough to point it out to me and give a fast tour of the station. I should have looked up the neares benchmarks, there are a slew of them in the area. Even though I saw a few (lighthouse,cupola, etc.) I won't claim them because I wasn't really looking for them. But as soon as it gets warmer and drier (August? ) I'll go back and check out the rest around town and beef up this account with some finds. Curious to see what a 'tidal' marker may look like.
  7. I got all the way back to 12/09/00 in the New England forums, alot of the names have fallen off the edge of the planet... Oh well, someone has to work.
  8. quote:Originally posted by EraSeek:I don't see how ANY electronic compass is better than a standard compass. I have a fancy expensive electronic compass and it lives in my dresser drawer. I keep mine on the bottom of the Atlantic ocean off S. Carolina. Ticked me off ONE too many times, so it went overboard...
  9. I r-mailed my 'net pal in Minsk, she said squirrels are still one the notes. Belarus is kinda tight on cash, so they don't favor sending it abroad. They prefer to exchange currency there. She will be working in the States this summer so she'll change to dollars there and bring back $$$. For just a few dollars worth, you might try a coin dealer, or a letter to their consulate in NYC 1(202)986-1805. By the way, they are officially called Belarusian Rubles $1 = 1,590r in 2000, they redoniminated 1 new ruble to 2000 old rubles. (from CIA World Fact Book, 2002)
  10. A couple years ago I decided to go to the local market for the evening's supplies when I ran into a possum...................... Thing was, I was walking I'm not sure who was more scared, it or me... I also learned that possums can jump straight up about 3-4 feet and then run horizontaly, just like a cartoon
  11. WOO HOO! It's back before I kvetched about it !
  12. I did 'Mail Call Marathon' yesterday too... I've seen that episode before (2-3 times). It's a GPS12XL, same as a 12, but takes an external antenna, so one could use a boat's unit. Discontinued
  13. I bought a nice 'not street bike' at the local police auction for $5 +20% = $6... It was a $350 unit. I added headlight, tail light, spare tire, tool holder and lock, total price: $50ish, I ride the trails and hard sand on the beach. There are no mountains on Cape Cod....
  14. When you stop asking dumb-*** questions. If your bright enough to buy a computer and get on-line, why can't you figure out the pocket calculator that a GPS is ? Try reading the manual...
  15. Old joke, man calls police and sys his neighbor is hiding pot in hollow logs in his back yard. Police show up, chop and split logs, don't find anything and leave. Man calls up neighbor and asks if the cops came by and chopped up logs. Neighbor says "Yes", man says " Happy Birthday"... Are you looking for a free way to till your garden?
  16. I just wonder what the Nostradamus, UFO/alien, Numerologist, Kennedy assasination and all the other conspiracy sites have to say? Or supermarket tabloids for that matter? "But I saw it online" brings a smile when someone comes up with some half-baked "news". Now if you'll excuse me, I have to ice down Walt Disney's head and feed the albino aligators in the sewers...
  17. Now I need some incentive to make a quick site for them
  18. I keep a track of lobter bouys and a route back to the dock, or a channel, things I'll use in the dark or nasty fog. Course Deviation Indicator on the hiway map makes sense of wind and current using tracks. I don't use them on land.
  19. I thought that one of the 'free' papers machines would make a good spot, but I doubt it's longevity. People rifiling through machines. People see you. Permission. Go on Ad-Nauseum. But still a good start of a debate RS.
  20. I've been using G's for quite a while, and never had the need, nor desire to transfer data directly between units. We swap info on the docks relating to our lobster pot placement, so we can keep away from each other. We can do that with a chart and then chartplotter, then actual placement. I bring data home from my fixed-mount unit to store in my computer with my handheld in case the boat's unit goofs out. A 'peer to peer' cable is just more $ anyway. I used a 'peer to peer' once, I was working for a 'discount marine supply' place and got really bored during the slow months. Any laptop, nevermind PC is so much more powerfull, with so many more options, I'd rather use a PC anyway. P to P was before 'everyone' had computers, so I think it's use is a waste now. How many times has some one really needed it ? I'd rather swap files indoors with backups. Attach it in an e-mail even. And to swap information between rival charter boats is akin to heracy around here.
  21. There was a show on TLC, I think, 2 teams of PhD's on some God-forsaken island, set up with REAL challenges. Winners got to go home early on a helicopter with champagne. Imagine Gilligan's Island with 8 Professors. I don't know what happened to it though, probably too well thought out. Have a bad feeling next reality show will be Survivor in LA, Osbournes vs Anna Nicole Smith's crew. Judges would be the Real World. Brodcast on E!. Try to sleep THAT idea off...
  22. More credit card bills I'll have to explain...
  23. Call it "cache 'X' version 2" or Release 1.2... Just like a software upgrade. I do that with my first cache (#1636, Bass Hole Cache). I'm not going to give up an early #, and it does evolve a bit. Keep it within reason, don't move it from the side of a road to a top of a mountain miles away fer instance. And put a note out so people know it's moved if they have been keeping an eye on it. As far as second finds, that's up to you...
  24. Someone had left a camera in Patty's Mt. Battie (#3086) in Maine, but didn't leave very good instructions / directions with the camera. The cache owner was a bit upset, thinking someone left a camera for us to take care of. I thought it was a kinda neat idea. It was a bit confusing at first , but I figured it out and I think the camera was sent on it's way.
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