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  1. Try MassGIS http://www.mass.gov/mgis/massgis.htm
  2. Perfect late night compliment to a diet of Cokes and smokes .... ON the clock of course
  3. Balsa planes, free in Chex ceriale < screw up spelling big time> pinball after sunday school
  4. Question is; 1,how many can you be proud of ? 2,What's the best topic you have started? 3,How many times have you resisted (or succumbed to) flaming? Answers: 1, a few: I was drinking for the others or still new 2, "Were you ever a boy scout, military, etc." : Supreme Commander J was one of the first replies and it turned out to be pretty cool. Not sure if it can be searched any more, oh well... 3, Too many. A few.... (a;religion/politics/personal issues in caches, b;How do I use my GPS, c;What should I buy) Answer key for #3 a, Don't, I don't want to hear your whacko ideas and more than you want mine. b, READ THE BOOK! If you can post on-line, you should be able to figure out a GPS, I'll set my MOM's VCR, but not yours... c, GO TO A STORE THAT HAS A CLUE !!! READ!!! TRY ONE OUT AT A STORE WITH A CLUE AFTER YOU HAVE READ ABOUT THE UNITS YOU HAVE IN MIND ! GET A CLUE !!!! All that said, you might slow down posts after a while ( I can't bear to look at some forums now), in the top10, only the J has been posting longer than I. 0.18 post per day, no idea about rank, not a matter. CCC
  5. Don't.... I don't want to hear about your brand of idiocy any more than you want to hear about mine. 'Nuff said.
  6. Do a search for 'railfan, rail fan, or rail-fan' , then narrow it down to your area. National Railroad Historical Association will help too. They will help with quesions regarding access and could probably take you right to a benchmark or two. They hang around railroads alot to photograph trains. There are chapters all over the place. I met a nice man at a model RR show that helped me get permission to poke around the local short-line around here and found a volunteer to show me the yard. Granted, it just takes trash off Cape once a day and runs @ 30 mph, but it's nice to have a letter (especially behind the county jail!). Rail to bike trails are pretty cool too. Ill keep away from mainlines and big yards though... Right now I'm going to try to find my mail / paper boxes under the snow, and I know where they are / were !
  7. Gang, I was channel surfing and saw on Cartoon Network a Benchmark disk ! NO LIE! My computer or ISP doesn't want me to to connect and get an on-line confirmation. I swear this on a stack of bibles on top of Boy Scout books. It looks like a bronze disk with the lettering " CARTOON NETWORK"... Am I the only one to see this ? I know, I know, I know, Benchmarkers are supposed to 'just' watch PBS and History channel, but I swear to God I saw this... Some back up please ?
  8. Just a couple quick thoughts... Take a look at the 'Trains Magazine' site for some of their railfanning tips, they are post 9/11 paranoia. Try looking for a 'tourist train', many have volunteers that used to work on the rail lines when they were commercially used that are more than happy to help you with any part of the rail's history. Rail-trails are a cool place to look, most of the rail here is gone, some converted for biker/hikers, others just cut between streets. The only commercial use around here is a tourist train, and a twice daily train that takes trash off Cape, the crews are pretty friendly and wave. Common sense dictates, I wouldn't run around MBTA tracks (or your local equivalent)
  9. Rather interesting site Tubeman, I went to School @ New England Institute of Technology in Warwick RI on Post Rd., just down the street from TF Green airport. Here on Cape Cod, we have old markers made of granite along the old carriage trail from Boston to Provincetown. There are on Rt 6A, they also denote the town borders. The Yarmouth / Dennis marker is across the street from a Benchmark ( a rather boring pin in a rock). The Yarmouth / Barnstable mark is next to the state sign for towns. I have to get off my *ss and finish the BMs along 6A in Yarmouth Port this summer. Some are steeples of some really cool looking old NE style churches, Yarmouth Port is half way between Boston and Provincetown, 70 miles each way. Exit 7 off rt. 6 is 70 miles to Boston, Providence and Provincetown. CCC
  10. In reverse, I had one bagged by a cacher that HAD to leave his GPS at home while on Vacation, (wife thing, I think). Big-W gets found alot by accident alot, it's painfully easy and prone to little kid's inquizitive minds. It usually gets put back, and the locals know about it. A man was vacationing with his wife, and stumbled across it. He brought it over to his wife on the other end of the beach and declared it's find. He was decent enough to figure out where to put it and hid it well. CCC
  11. The patina actually helps bronze from 'melting' away, such as rust ( another type of oxidation) would do to iron and other ferrous materials. It protects it to a certain degree. The green is a form of cuprous oxide - CuO2. A sculptor friend told me when he was going to RISD, they used to leave bronzes out back of the foundry and pee on them to accelerate the patina. It forms a barrier coat of sorts. There are newer alloys that have aluminium added to help stabilize the bronze now. pardon the mispellings....
  12. Years ago I made molds for a company that specialized in shoe insoles. The prototypes were always size 10. at the time the "average American male" was 5'10", 165 lbs., and wore a size 10c. I'm 6'4" @ 180, size 12 so I had a problem seeing if what I made was a good fit. Trying to get a size 12 so I could start from there and work down was always a pain, except for Nike, I asked for a couple pair to use as my prototype. They sent me 24 pair . As for buying clothing and the like on-line or mail order, I bought a t-shirt (go Pats) and thats it. I rather trying things on for size, fit and feel. When I get clothing cattle-ogs in the mail, they find the trash real fast. For caching pants, I use Battle Dress Uniform ( real or knock-off ) they're made for tromping about in the woods, but jeans are pretty much standard issue uniform for hitting most places, plus you don't look like a suburban warrior. I had a high school buddy whose brother did the 6'7" submarine bit too. Can you say miliyary intelligence?
  13. Hey Gang, I was passing through to see if anyone had posted on the 'Accidental Cliff Diving' post I made and saw this. Alot depends on the kind of plastic you want to paint. Polypropylene and polyethelene dont take paint. They are used for foods because things don't stick to them. They have high amounts of olefin waxes in them. They are used for things like margarine containers. Most plastic containers have a triangle with a number in said triangle and some letters underneath for recycling purposes. Anything with PE or PP wont take paint well (HDPE, means High Density Polyethylene for example). There ARE paints that will adhere, but they are at hobby shops and carry a hobby shop price tag. I use old peanutbutter containers for my multiple, I leave the label on and blast it with flat black. Seems to work, but people don't screw the lids on tightly though. I have to clean up that cache as soon as this Arctic blast leaves. Snow & ice is a nice place to visit, living with it is a drag. CCC
  14. Awright, I looked at hundrededs of sites, looking for a link to this here magazine. Does anyone have it's site addy? I found a few things about "Happy Trails", but not 'Trails' in the UK... Thanks gang, CCC
  15. Greetings from the left side of Lake Atlantic. I just read about a magazine over there "TRAIL", that gave bad directions on how to get off 'Ben Nevis' in the fog/snow. Seems they deleted one of the crucial directions in the editing process. The published rout would have you plummet of a cliff. Just curious, how many cachers read the magazine ? 5 time zomes away, CCC
  16. I ran across this last spring in Camden ME, so I asked the firemen across the street if I was looking at the right smoke/steam stack that was listed. I got lucky and had a firefighter that just got off duty and brought us into the building and roof (it used to be a mill, now office condos)Lat/Lon clicked 100%... I got 2 church steeples and 1 disk out on the rocks /shore and a pin. 1 destroyed. not bad for a 2 hour sweep !
  17. Just a quick aside... Last summer my cruddy part-time summer job was working for a company that sold uniforms etc to the USPS. I can remember making a 56" belt. Some are good boatie-types, some just have the $ for a boat. Their convention will never have the "Wild On" film crew show up either. I passed the "Navigator" test with a 95, so I engraved a plaque for "Joey Ramone, Rockaway Beach USPS"
  18. I swore that I'd never post a reply on the "General Geocaching" forum a few months back. I said so in "I quit" and got flambede, I got tired of the whining and same-old-same-old. I was showing the game to an Eastern European girl when I saw this thread. I keep most of my finds with a different name/number, that should kill the flames. I still use this account for benchmarks, talking to New England and miss the fun of the other old-timers. <big wave> Cache On ! CCC
  19. EG; LW3931 Last Found: 09/27/02, user found 11/14/2002. Stragely it's listed twice on my found list, that may have something to do with it. How to delete the extra one I may have overlooked. I wrote about the history of the building, there are already pictures of it.
  20. I have a couple 'founds' that don't show up on the lists, gives a 'last found' and 'user found', but bumped me off the lists. Any input? The skulls are a drag too...
  21. Political Correctness hits geocaching.com Be polite and considerate of others and when you are dying of the cold, I have matches and a lighter to make a fire. I hope you have good aim, I have a narrow @ss to kiss, and your brats will taste good on a flame.
  22. No more forums but for NE, I don't need headaches. I think I see the reason to quit. I don't like "how do I use my GPS without reading the manual?", you can use a computer and not ask stupid questions, get a grip... "what GPS should I buy?" DUMBASS, what computer to buy ? " I'm stupid, help me be political" I'll miss a few of you that had something worthwhile to say, I've read alot of the same old questions. Night crew... CCC (bye gang) flame away
  23. Don't drop anything including virtuals on Cape Cod unless you live here. 'nuff said CCC
  24. I placed a cache before I found one. A few of the respondants to this thread say the same thing, <paraphrase> "no caches to find, so I started one." Still in place, not plundered, a few changes done, but spring cleaning is due, my first has a nice trip to a less-known area in a tourist town. 1636 caches word-wide made this happen.
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