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  1. Why don't you just change the "Units of Measurement" to metric on your GPS? Perhaps it's your particular model, my GPS-48 has Statute, Metric and Nautical. It's under the Nav Setup function. I've learned to check it as part of the warm up, Nautical charts don't work well when I'm st for USGS maps and vice-versa...
  2. I still have a crappy part-time (now a second) job making plaques and other USPS trinkets. I've asked a few of my regular customers about benchmarking. Most know about using them to practice navigation/orienteering/looking at a map-chart exercises. A couple have looked at the geocaching benchmark site and were amused or think I'm more of a lunatic than they previously did. I MIGHT (might) have 1 convert! A early retiree, he thinks it might be a cool reason to putter around in his dinghy when he cruises the Intra Coastal Waterway. I haven't looked into it, but I'd imagine the "Ditch" has a slew of them around. (Hmmmm... sounds like a good topic to post) Still, most of the members I meet in person can't climb the stairs to the workshop and are out of breath just walking to the office, so I think a jaunt in the woods would be too much
  3. People not taking the time to read the whole thread before posting a comment. Good one. Hey, give him a break. My post about premium members was a whole 2 posts above his. That is an honest mistake. QUOTE(nonaeroterraqueous @ Dec 10 2006, 10:15 AM) QUOTE(Vinny & Sue Team @ Dec 10 2006, 07:59 AM) Two or three more topics to add, and I apologize in advance if someone has already mentioned anyer of these alrady; I did not see them in my scan of the thread: People not taking the time to read the whole thread before posting a comment. Good one. Hey, give him a break. My post about premium members was a whole 2 posts above his. That is an honest mistake. -------------------- People doing MAJOR quotes that are NOT necessary
  4. "How do I use my GPS?" Demographics Questions; age, gender, military, scouts, etc. Ad Nauseum I could think of a few more jockey-whipped subjects, but I don't want a headache
  5. I saw a thingy on the tube about Meth a few days ago, said it hasn't "hit New England yet". Meth labs stink, so they don't show up in heavily settled areas often. I saw the map posted along with another relating to meth busts and one about meth users. I'd wait till the Providence Mafia can make $ before it hits. Nasty stuff, they mentioned cops busting labs in days of old wearing just jeans and t-shirts, and the guys are sick now. Investigative Reports on A&E I think it was...
  6. Thanks for the effort CR, but not even close... PHOTOGRAPHER's RIGHTS A lively debate...
  7. OK, OK, OK, I'm a bit embarassed... I usually do a good search, I'm no Markwell, but I do a good search. There was a topic about "Photographer's Rights" with this in the discussion "www.krages.com/phoright.htm" I ran across the same discussion in "dslreports.com" digital imaging forum. I tried all the words and all the usual tricks, but came up empty or timed-out. Some help please Gang !!!
  8. " this is the fifth year you have seen this thread"
  9. Speaking of seasons, if it's Tourist Season, why can't we shoot em? 75% of the the local economy in 5 months is a good answer. I'll put up with traffic and New York Yankees fans as long as they leave after Columbus Day. After we soak them for 9.7% room tax that plows my street in the winter. I check my 'tourist cache' when I go to the beach, the other one May 2 and November 2
  10. Don't use the arrow when you are close, use the numbers. Write (yes, pencil on a scrap of paper ) the decimals of Lat and Lon, works like a charm.
  11. Blah, blah, blah... Get used to the game as it now stands, there are plenty to find now and get a feel for a good hide. I HAD to hide one before I found one because there weren't any close by. But that was in the Dark Ages. BTW, I shouldn't be allowed to hide under the X- number rule, because I find under an different name. I keep my 2 hides and rants under my first account name.
  12. Back on track gang! Original post seems to have been lost.... Way Too Cool ! I've seen a bouy set, ( a NOAA test thingy) but never a Benchmark! Congratulate yourself with a cheap student priced beer if you are old enough
  13. What he said! A nice place that is much more senic than a Wal Mart should be left alone. I bet the virtual is still a real cool place. Adios, CCC
  14. Pick, Pick, Pick............ Cool picture Shorelander, I sent it to a buddy in Chicago. She's from Belarus; has no real idea about GPS and wonders about the sanity of Americans looking for silly things.
  15. No music. No cute background anything. Keep a listing simple. WinXPnews (or whatever) had this question flamed recently. Not many people like music. I expect it with an e-card, but not a site, nevermind a posting like we havw in GC. IT'S SO 10 YEARS AGO! That being said; I like fife and drum, the best I ever experienced was at the Massachusetts quarter introduction at the Old Mass Statehouse. Rock concert loud, it was cool! I doubt that most computers/music files could deliver the real music or musket fire 'feel'.
  16. First blogs: Woke up, had a great breakfast with my team members... <blah, blah, blah 10 paragraphs later>... and now I'm going to bed! Blog after a year: we went, found some caches and came home. Kind of like posted logs TNLNSL TFTC
  17. If you want an investment, you picked the wrong hobby. I hope your cache is in a nice place, think 'chamber of commerce'. I was going to check on a cache today, but icky weather said no. It's 5 years old today.
  18. You might want to try the New England Forum. Mebbe a moderator switcheroo???
  19. HEY ! NOOBZ! Jeremey said 'cool' .... As close to Word of God as you can get in the game.
  20. I made some brass tags when I worked for an engraver. I used douple face tape to stick them to caches I visited. (My "finding" account name )
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