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  1. I have a couple from the Red Cross, one will fit in a jacket pocket, the other a big coat pocket. Good place to start.
  2. Use a benchmark or another GPS (no need to put an"r" after it, geocaching is the only place I have ever heard/seen it. I'll change when I meet someone using a GPSt (transmitter), besides, we don't pronounce the last 'aah' around heah).
  3. I have a GPS 48 I got 10 years ago, works great... Can up/download info, plug into a boat's antenna and never lost a lobster pot and can find my way back to port in the fog (MUCH more important than a box in the woods to me!) using it. Works fine in the woods too. GPS V was the newest thing back then, but I went for the marine database (quite limited, but thats what a chart plotter is for). I'll get a new one when and if it goes "bloop" in deep water.
  4. Too late to vote "Keep It", I'll be the First To Congratulate (FTC?) your decision though
  5. Amazing posts... Readers are welcome to my caches, non readers... "I dont want to look at your stupid view, if I want a view, I'll look at my computer, I have better things to do" was the saddest. A troll or a person missing out on the real world (NOT MTV's version) I didn't place the Cache, nor did I write the description, for me. A couple nice places most tourists don't see. Reading about the cache is part of the deal for me. Not into the PDA, Crackberry, cell phone, laptop, GSAK, mapping GPS on the road. My non-posting alter-ego agrees too. I'll never understand some people...
  6. Thank you so very much. I'll loot at it. Pazhalooysta, Nechego (Cyrillic doesn't work in GC forums)
  7. France = no problem Russia = declare at customs Check out the Embassy of the Russian Federation site http://www.russianembassy.org/ Russian Geocaching site http://www.geocaching.su/
  8. Sailing/boating and 'hiding' lobster pots in '97. It was a tip from the owner of a yacht I used to move. No need for a new one since. Saw J on CCN and hid a cache a week later.
  9. [quote name='TheAlabamaRambler' date='May 15 2007, 03:45 AM' post='2863895' Yup, I just love leadership by example! Pick yourself up by the bootstraps and get on with it! If you need help, I'll help, but I'm not going to hold your hand! Get a spine!!!! PDA cachers miss some of the point, a good trail/walk through the muck and mire. Walk through neighborhoods WHERE THEY ARE NOT WANTED, but find a cache after I ASKED " Do not go". LAT/LON dowloaded with nothing else. (Googa Mapz to the nearest driveway doesn't make you a good Geocacher) Be nice, follow the rules, don't be a jerk, have fun... Pretty simple.... That's what I said
  10. Elitist? Perhaps, I prefer the old-school of caching, but that's me. 'Nice place, be creative, and trade fair'. That's what I STILL think the principals of geocaching are. I've been to 1 (one) event, it was nice, I don't quite get the coin thingy, but it was nice to meet some people (especially the woman that made a good post on finding one of my caches). I DO think everybody has to relax a bit. I don't much care for PDA, paperless caching (you missed the trail and pissed off people walking through yards) . People that say (type) "GPSr", it's a GPS ( Local Capt Quint says " Bunch of ******* Mary-Boy ****** weekend warrior ******with more ******** $$$ than ******** sense that ******** God gave them! *******!"). People that want "Instant Gratificaton" My GPS unit is 11 years old, no problems with trees, and I can find a bouy in the worst conditions. "I bought a GPSr and can't use it?" RTFM!!!! Read The Friggin Manual!! MY GOD!!! HOW STUPID ARE YOU ???? If you are smart enough to use the internet, you SHOULD be smart enough to read directions! RTFM!!!! The problem I had 10 years ago selling GPS was the idiots that wanted "Instant Gratificaction" Elitist? Perhaps "Be nice" goes a long way
  11. What was that movie with Robin Williams as the creepy photo developer?
  12. A water pipe. Usually used to smoke marijuana, and occasionally tobacco or some other substance. VKsnr I just wanted someone to say it !
  13. There is an active Geocaching community in Russia, http://www.geocaching.su/ is their website. If you "ne gavaryesh po rasiyski" use http://babelfish.altavista.com/ to get a general translation. They are a bit more strict in their rules, perhaps you could send a message in the "Other Nations" forum. Schastlevee Geocachke po rasiya "Gdye Geocache?" = Where is the geocache? Years ago there used to be a game of finding radio transmitters hidden in the countryside. Local chapters of "Scouts" would make a Radio Direction Finder and set off looking. I forget where I left the plans/schematic, they're classic Soviet. DANG IT!!! no Cyrillic in Geocaching !!!!
  14. AYUP, Fine unit, I have a 48 and still use the coordinate method. You actually have to think a bit!!!
  15. Search for the town/nearest city.... "Lat/Lon Berlin" for example wonderground.com is a quick reference
  16. Names are like tatoos.... Think hard before you permanently mark your self...
  17. What happens in Caching, Stays in Caching...
  18. Lobster type buoy ($3 if you can find a single) can be put anywhere. My advice is put it some place it won't interfere with commercial fishing as they tend to get testy. Also, if someone snags it in their prop, you've got a VERY angry Anti-Cacher. Local fishing-types (not Bassmasters-Bubba) could give you area specific answers. A quiet cove is a good bet.
  19. http://babelfish.altavista.com/ will translate just write "Merci Beaucoup"
  20. Distilled version from Boston news: Two stoner art-school grads got a contract to place "intallment art" advertizements. They have no clue about sign laws. The hiring ad company uses spray paint at times and "street prophets" on soap boxes blah, blah, blah to be hip, trendy, cutting edge, whatever, to create a product "buzz". Turner Co was dumb to hire Inference Inc, who in turn was stupid enough not to clue the bozos in about basic legalities / common sense / responsible behavior while playing "guerilla marketing". Botton line, Turner / Inference should pony up the $$$. I would hope Turner Co would start shoveling $$$ ASAP and toss some free ads for the Boston Arts Council (maybe marketing 101 for stoner artists too). As a side note, only one was placed where the target market might "get it"... I don't see too many people arguing here from the area. I doubt you have ever been stuck in Boston when traffic is shut down or had the pleasure of sitting on the T for a couple hours. If I was stuck on 93, I'd be P-O'd, and just as upset with some of the Bevis & Butthead Generation's replies I've seen on some news forums.
  21. Pencil with a sharpener. Bring your own. (You're HOW old and don't carry something to write with? )
  22. '0ccam' Sez: My name's "Mark"... Ya beat me to it
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