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  1. I tried also... I guess it has to do with the maps orientation and scale... in the homepage we have an horizontal view of the map with 16km ratio; while in the app we have a vertical view with part of the same map. Zoom down the map in the app and you will see much more caches. Got it! Thanks all!!
  2. Simply no. I advice to log-off and login again with your profile. PS: I tested with my app and all's fine. Thanks. I logged out and logged back in. I am now getting caches of different ratings, but only getting a few caches. I put in Charleston, SC and got 12 caches. When I do it on the website, I get 208 caches. How do I get more on the app?
  3. I just downloaded the new app and like others, I am very confused . I am a premium member. It appears that when I look at caches from my current location, I get all terrain/difficulty levels. However, if I search for another city, I'm only getting caches that are at the low levels for terrain and difficulty. My understanding from reading other posts it that if I want all caches, I need to pay for the subscription (in-app purchase) (and this has nothing to do with my Premium membership). If I want to do this, I can't even figure out how to get to in-app purchases. Hope someone can help with this!
  4. Just wanted to thank all the cachers who helped us with caches for our recent trip to the Netherlands and Belgium. A special thanks to GeoWELF who not only translated some caches for us, but took us out caching and seeing more of Gent. We appreciated all the help and enjoyed seeing two beautiful countries. Thanks!
  5. Thanks so much for your response. I'll check out the caches you listed. Now I'm hoping someone will respond about a few caches in Amsterdam!! I will post on the forum when I return. Thanks again.
  6. I will be taking a river barge cruise next month. I will have free time in Amsterdam, Antwerp and Ghent. Would love to do some caches there, but need English translations. Are there any caches listed in English? I was going to post this in the Belgium forum, but even under international, it is not in English. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  7. Going to be staying at the Peppermill Reno Hotel next weekend. Won't have time for many caches, but would like to do at least a few. Anyone know of any right near the hotel? Also, will be driving to Lake Tahoe for a day. Any suggestion for a quick cache? Thanks
  8. I have heard so many great things about Cachemate, but I use a blackberry. Can Cachemate be used with a blackberry? I haven't seen anything that leads me to believe it can, but I'm hoping I'm missing something!
  9. Thanks, GeoCalc worked great. What do you mean I need to select a new location to read the satellites? thanks
  10. Leaving for Canada on Friday and I just looked up waypoints for all the places I will be staying. 2 of the places, I am unable to convert the waypoints to a format I understand. One of them is N52.53.28168 W118 4.68228 The other is N51 7.8432 W114 0.50136 Can anyone tell me how to convert this? Also, I am using the Garmin 60CSx. Do I have to change any settings on it while I am in Canada? Thanks!!
  11. Thanks for the info You've obviously never been to Canada. Let me assure you, we are much worst than that. Our witch hunts usually involve flaming hockey sticks to melt the accused's igloo and afterward set the guilty on fire. Why don't you run a pocket query along a route? Try Calgary to Lake Louise? No point looking for caches between Lake Louise and Jasper, Parks Canada doesn't allow caches in the national parks. However, I believe there might be a few caches in Banff and Lake Louise that are grandfathered that you may like to check out. The staff at in Jasper NP cleaned out the park of caches, where as the staff at Banff NP didn't really bother. As for caching in Calgary, drop a line in these forums: http://forums.calgarycachers.net , but make sure you spell the name of the city properly, or the illiterates might get irate edit: correction for my illiteracy
  12. Going to the Canadian Rockies in a few weeks. Specifically will be going to Banff, Jasper, Lake Louise, and Calagry. Can anyone tell me how I can get a pocket query for those areas? When I search for caches and put Canada as the Country, I am then able to select Alberta. However, there are almost 3500 caches listed and I don't know what is near the places I will be going. Any advice? Thanks
  13. Just got my new GPS and am waiting for my 2 gig card. Once I get it, how do I load all maps onto the card? I've selected 3 maps and loaded them on my current card, but when I want to put them all on the 2 gig card, do I have to manually select every area on the map? Also, will City Navigator work okay on Windows Vista? Thanks
  14. Thanks for the info. I'm a little confused because some of the forums say that as of May 1I can only unlock it once. Does that mean I can only put it on one computer?
  15. I'm thinking of getting the Garmin 60CSX. I've been told I should get City Navigator. I have one computer that has Windows XP and one that has VISTA. Will City Navigator run on both VISTA and XP?
  16. Just got a Blackberry. Got an EBook pocket query and loaded using mobipocket. Seems to work okay, but a bit cumbersome. Has anyone found a way to load HTML files to A blackberry from GSAK. I know how to export the html files, but then I don't know what to use to get them into the Blackberry. Would appreciate any help Thanks
  17. Oops... I'm going to Helen, Georgia - not Athens!
  18. I've used this new query with Google Earth and think it is great. However, this weekend I am going from Asheville, NC to Athens Georgia. When I look up the directions on Mapquest, it is about 45 minutes shorter than the directions using Google Earth. Is there a way to get a route using mapquest? I tried doing the route option in Mapsource - but it was too difficult for me. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks
  19. I am using Google Earth to create a route. I understand how to do this if I go from one city to the next. But how do I do this if I want a stop in a specific city? Thanks for any help
  20. Tried SunriseXP- I entered all the info and then when I clicked OK, I got a message that SunriseXP encountered a problem and would now close. Got the same message 3 times. Uninstalled, installed again, and got the same message. Then tried Spinner. All worked well. Just seems like if I am using GSAK also, it is a few more steps. First I have to do GSAK, then Spinner, Then Plucker and then Hotsync to the PDA. Guess I shouldn't complain - much better than printing pages. Any suggestions on why SunriseXP kept encountering a problem? I did notice it is a Beta version. Thanks!!
  21. Thanks for both of your suggestions. I used to use Spinner - not sure now why I switched to Plucker. I'll look at both.
  22. I have been using Plucker for a few years now along with GSAK and love it. A while back I noticed I had to select DOC compression under Output options for it to work. I don't know what this means, but everything came out okay on my Palm. Yesterday I tried to hot sync another Pocket Query, and I can't get anything!! If I select DOC compression, it locks up when retrieving files (I have tried different querys). If I select ZLIB compression, it looks like it has worked, but when I select a cache, I get the message EXTERNAL LINK- The link you selected was not downloaded by Plucker... it was probably an external site, or exceeded the maximum depth that the referring page was asked to retrieve. I have not changed anything that I had been doing when it worked. Any suggestions? I'm leaving for Savannah in the morning and want to get my pocket query!! Thanks
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