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  1. You're right. I am currently located in San Diego County, California, but I also have some property in Elko County, Nevada that I hope to be occupying in the near future. I was hoping to follow the goings-on in Nevada through this thread. I know there are forums for GBES and NGA but one forum is about all I have time for and right now Groundspeak is it. I plan on being back in Elko this summer and I hope to hit either 10,000 or Slick-50 while I'm there. 10,000 is still waiting for its first find. I agree, I frequent this forum a lot more than the GBES or NGA! (Not that there is anything wrong with either forum, I just think for a lot of people it is just easier coming here) Not much going on up here other than the frigid temps! So what are everyones Fav Nv caches so far? I haven't cached out near Elko yet, hoping to cover Carson City this upcoming weekend.
  2. I think I know what your trying to do, I have a 210, but have recently aquired an XL which runs basically the same way. First off I bought the Topo 3D maps which is so worth the money, that will help a lot. Also try your "preferences" button, then go to active setup scroll down to My POI's, press enter and that will give you your files, if it runs the same as the XL, which I am pretty sure it does. Hope this helps!
  3. Thanks for the input, we went on thegba.net, got some good ideas. "Green Thumb" and "Sounds of the Bay" (have always wanted to go check the tubes out anyways) are the two I really want to find. Don't know if we will make it down to SJ this trip.
  4. We are going to be in the Bay Area next week, just wondering if anybody out there has any "Must Do" caches that they have been to around there?
  5. Well if you hit Reno before you get to Vegas, I will definately buy a pint or two or three, heck, lets go for the pitcher! You don't even have to give up the rock! LOL! We are always up for meeting fellow cachers (so far I have only run into two (Big Geek Jimbeaux and Nexus-Wanderer) in my travels but met a bunch at the GBES Halloween Hunt, that was a blast!) and when there is beer involved, all the better! My baby sister graduates from UW in the spring, hoping to pass through the Portland area then! Jeepstr and Altered, looking forward to meeting you at the 4th anniversary thing! If you want to get together before then but after the 1st, let me know!
  6. Hey Altered, sounds like a great idea of getting together, maybe meet up at a pizza joint/Bully's or something of the like! My husband is starting to come around as far as getting into it, actually it was his idea to go to SF to do some cachin! And it gets him off the couch! Yeah, I'd say Portland and Vegas are polar opposites, you won't ever get the rainy weeks on end, that's for sure! However when it does rain in Vegas PEOPLE DIE! OMG!, just really watch out for other drivers, the yellow light runners, (this seems to be a big sport down there!)oh, and low lying roads, you should be OK! I haven't yet cached in Portland (really want to hit the "original" cache!) but I have in Vegas, awesome GPS reception and a lot of great big urban caches! Compared to Reno, Vegas urban caches are the best! Actually that was probably the most fun I have ever had in Vegas since I'm not much of a gambler or fan of the strip but I go there occasionally because work sends me there
  7. I'm planning on coming. I haven't bought my ticket yet as there's still a possibility I may have to go out of town that weekend, although slim. It'd be nice to meet everyone and maybe meet some new people to cache with! We haven't bought our tickets yet either! Probably get the check off in the mail sometime before the week is over. We just started caching in June so we are relatively new to this too, so far everybody we have met have been really cool!. If you ever want to meet up, we are in! Bummed that I haven't been able to cache much these past couple of weeks I will be so glad when next Monday is over, (Xmas takes up way too much time!) then we are headed over the hill to Sac/SF on our first cache-centric vacation! LOL! I have a lot of SF mapped out, can't wait!
  8. To Altered 7151 and Jeepstr and MooseMob for that fact! , there is a GBES event on January 20th at the Silver Club in Sparks (see geocaching.com events calendar). I went to the Halloween Event and it was a lot of fun, you guys should go! Its cool putting the faces to the names.
  9. I have noticed a lack of "Nevada" posters on here, I am a member of GBES, but hardly go on the site because Yahoo spams the crap out of me when I do. Haven't really had the time or have the patience to figure out how to make it stop so unfortunately I don't go on there much.
  10. Deleted the big copy, kind of new to posting in general, see next post.
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