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  1. it is pretty neat, I love the way that its head and tail feathers glows in the dark too
  2. I have a Flying-Eagle Geocoin unactivated to sell Open to Offers I brought online, never been activated. Activation code supplied
  3. I accidentally posted posted a trackable code in a photo, how do I remove the image from the trackable geocoin page?
  4. I got an email today from a member saying "You have posted pictures that clearly show the tracking code. That is supposed to be secret, only known by somebody who actually has the trackable in their possession I am 5000 miles away I could post a log or "virtualy" grab it from you. It doesn't happen alot but that is why on the Travel bug page the TB also has a reference code" I was aware I had taken photos incorrectly I would like to try and understand what I did wrong and why, how could someone grab the trackable from a photo? I am sorry if I made a noob mistake Sarah x
  5. Where can I pirchase a woty 08 geocoin in the uk or a place that ships to the uk?
  6. Thanks everybody. I plan on going caching in the city today and I stocled up with a few items to leave. I find myself obsessed with geocoins, i browse shops, i have two coins ordered and I bid on one from USA Its a eagle with wings. Geocaching has brought happiness and fun in to my life. Every day could be a cache seeking day, I aim to sign several hundred before I go away for surgey in several months time. When I am safely back and recovered I will start again. I really do want to say a great big thank you to the great people of geocaching. I believe it brings a lot of people fun and happiness, great for people of all ages. I will be reccomending geocaching to people I know.
  7. I would love to set one free, have my lucky charm travel the world, but wonder if it would get lost along the way
  8. I am new here and new to geocaching, I have no geocoins of my own yet, I keep coming across Suncompass Geocoin Gold can anyone tell me more about the Suncompass Geocoin Gold geocoin? how hard are they to find in the uk? once you get a geocoin you have purchased, do you hang on to it, travel and log it or do you put in a geocache and watch it travel? also how common is it for a geocoin to make it to its destination and back to owner? sorry for the noob questions. I like the idea of geocoins I plan on getting a geocookie online soon as well as a Suncompass if I can find one
  9. Its good fun. Tomorrow I am off to the city, currently got a few goodies to leave, I am working on my first cache.
  10. Not really, most apps like hotspot shield give you a tolen "code" to redeem on up too 7 devices, you download their app, enter the code they provided you after purchase and then you can use it on your other devices. I have an Iphone for personal use, nokia for business, an android tablet All have gps. Most people these days have several devices.
  11. I have a Iphone 4, a nokia lumia windows phone and an android device, Why do I have to pay £6.99 for the geocache app for each device? should you not be able to buy it, and then get a download link for cross platform like iphone, windows mobile and android? or get 1 copy for each of your devices. Iv paid for the app for my iphone, iv paid for premium membership, I dont really want to pay another two times. 6.99 x 4 is not cheap
  12. Hi my name is Sarah, I am 29 F and I am new to geocaching. I started today by getting the paid app and membership, found my first cache today I managed to find 1 out of 4 which was cool. got some geocoins coming soon the plan is to travel well, cache hard, explore and share and I hope to start my first geocache in the near future. I have 1 Suncompass Geocoin Antique Gold and also a Geocookie Geocoin. The suncompass I aim to leave somewhere in the uk before I go away The cookie will be the most traveled, that will travel to Thailand and back before it gets released in to the wild geocaching I find is a fun way to get in shape, get outdoors, and it brightens up a rainy day Thank you Sarah x x x
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