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  1. Hi all, I'm nearing my 300th find and wanted to get a milestone coin for it. I've seen in the US geocaching stores there's a 300 finds coin, but in the UK stores it seems to go from 250 finds to 500 finds. Anyone know if there's a store in the UK that sells the 300 finds coin? Here is the US one I have seen: https://shop.geocaching.com/default/trackable-items/milestone-geocoin-and-tag-set-300-finds.html Thanks in advance!
  2. Hi everyone, thank you all for your messages with advice and help about this, I really appreciate it. Having considered it all, we've gone for the Garmin Oregon 450 - we're not too bothered about having super detailed maps, just so long as it points us in the right direction, and having seen a few youtube reviews of it, it really looks very decent. I have also read that you can download Open Street Maps for free onto it if you wanted to, which is something for us to look at once we're used to the GPS. Thanks again to everyone, very useful of you all, it's much appreciated.
  3. Through our research, we seem to keep looking at the Garmin eTrex 30 and the Garmin Oregon 450 - any suggestions? Are either of these suitable for me?
  4. Hi everyone. Me and my fiancé have taken up geocaching and we're really enjoying it, so have decided to look into buying a gps. At the moment, we're using the free iphone app on my phone, which is fine but not great if you want to find more than one cache in a day with no internet in the middle the UK countryside (since the app needs an internet connection to find nearby geocaches before using the gps). Ok, so.. I have looked online, read amazon reviews, watched youtube videos and been looking through forums for the best part of 5 hours now, and I don't seem to be getting anywhere, so I thought I'd ask you lovely lot for some advice and help. I'm going to summarise what we're after in a gps, and hopefully someone can point us in the direction of a gps that suits our needs. Remember, I haven't really got a clue about all of this, so I may well list something that I want and you'll roll your eyes and say "well, yes, they ALL do that, silly...", so bear with me. What we want is: • a gps that comes with maps of all of the UK (and can be used in more detail/zoom in for hunting caches), preferably without having to pay extra for more maps/more detailed maps in the future. We don't really need the maps to be super detailed, but it would be nice to have something to follow once you've put the coords in, to follow a "as the crow flies" line just to feel like we're going the right way, and to be able to switch over to a compass when we want to. Basically, if you've used the map and compass on the geocaching free app, that's all we really want, but on a gps. • a gps where you put the coords in, or have them downloaded onto it, and simply hit "go" and get going without much faff. • a compass on the gps that works even when you're not moving (I have seen on some youtube videos that some of them don't work until you start walking again, which we feel is no good when looking for a geocache within a meter or so.) • we want to be able to input multiple cache coords before we leave the house, so we can do lots in one day. • decent battery life (and preferably runs on AA or AAA batteries so we can use rechargables, and bung a few spares in the bag just in case we go on an epic weekend long adventure or something, and not need to rely on electricity) • £200ish maximum budget (but would obvs prefer cheaper). Mostly, we are very confused, slightly scared and a bit worried about maps. Having done my 5 hours of trawling the web, the maps bit of having a gps seems to be very confusing. Can anyone REALLY simplify this down for me? I have read about people making their own maps (???), getting free maps from some websites (do these websites work for any make/brand of gps?), is it super important to have topographic maps for geocaching? Do all gps devices need their maps updating every now and then? That's a lot of stuff to help me out with, I know. If anyone can just point me at a gps and summarise why they reckon it's a good one for our needs, that would be marvellous. Thanks in advance! And sorry for being a total noob.
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