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  1. The North Carolina Geodetic Survey.  Interesting.  In my spare time I will have to look into states that had their own programs.  It makes sense to know these things when you are trying to plan for the development of infrastructure, and you don't want to wait for the Feds.  At the same time though one wonders why a State is dabbling in geodetic observation in 1975.  Most  states and counties had Civil Engineering works by then so the Geodetic aspect seems well, interesting.  And then a DNF by the US Geological Survey to the NGS Database...

    Apparently they take it pretty seriously too, judging from their web site. Could it be because of the coastline?


    The vast majority of the benchmarks I've recovered from the NGS database have originally been set by the NCGS and are stamped as such. Furthermore it appears they are still actively setting benchmarks. I recovered one yesterday (not in the NGS database) that was dated 2000.


    All this makes for a very large selection of benchmarks to hunt. :laughing:

  2. I don't post much but I feel today's hunting is worth a small bit of gloating.


    Of the 15 benchmarks I logged today, three were previously logged "NOT FOUND," including one that was logged not found by the NGS!


    I wish my digital camera wasn't so stupid. It's very sensitive to humidity, and with this being coastal North Carolina during the rainy season, it refuses to work at all outdoors most of the time, so I quit even bothering with pictures.


    On a different note, when you guys go on a hunting run, how long do you usually stay out? I tend to make a day out of it when I do it.

  3. What's the strangest benchmark designation you've found? I recovered one yesterday named 'SHEEP' although I could see no current reason for it to be named thusly. During benchmark research I found another one named 'MOM' but it was named that way because there was once a restaurant adjacent to it named 'Mom's Diner' or something like that.


    Today I also found one named 'DEVIL', a rather new one at that (1999) but could find no reason for it to be named that way.


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